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short term construction management courses

Short Term Construction Management Courses


1. What Kinds of Short Term Construction Management Courses Can You Take?


2. What Are the Benefits?



There are many different short term construction management courses that you can take either face-to-face or online. They are a great option for those who are construction enquirers and do not have much time to spare and want to learn whilst full time working. Construction Management is a job role for those who are experienced working with construction projects. Therefore, any chance to learn and expand upon their skills is a great investment for future career development. This article will explain the kinds of short term courses you can take as well as their benefits.


What Kinds of Short Term Construction Management Courses Can You Take? 



Diplomas and NVQs



NVQ Level 6 in Construction Site Management


This course is offered by the College of Contract Management and takes 2-6 months. This is an online course. Its duration will depend on the candidates ability and dedication to the course. This is listed as a short term construction management course as it qualifies individuals to become Site Managers. It allows individuals to reach eligibility to gain the CSCS Black Card. Moreover, it is a fairly straightforward course to take because it does not involve learning new content, it is simply an assessment of your professional experience.

Additionally, as part of this NVQ, an assessor will visit your construction site in-person to see whether you meet the required standards. Your skills are assessed with a combination of 3-4 site visits and a portfolio of your managerial experience.

Additionally, the NVQ is a level-6 qualification which is the equivalent level of a degree.



Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Project Management


Another of the short term construction management courses that you can obtain is the Project Management course. There are many skilled individuals working in Project Management in the construction industry. This course is a post-graduate qualification and can take between 6 and 9 months to complete. For an advanced diploma, this is a relatively short term course. Advanced diplomas can take a couple of years to complete.

Within this course, you will learn how to complete projects from beginning to end and the managerial responsibilities. Additionally, you will learn about construction planning and scheduling and resource management among many other topics.



Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Contract Management


The College of Contract Management also offers a live online Advanced Diploma in Contract Management. This short term construction management course takes between 6-9 months. As it is live online candidates can manage their own time. Lectures are recorded if you miss a session and the part-time nature makes it easy to fit around your full-time schedule.

This course is designed for those in managerial positions within the construction industry. This course will give candidates essential information to manage the contracts within a construction project. Moreover, the course content includes construction dispute resolution, construction law and financial management amongst other topics.



CPD Courses 

CPD courses (continuing professional development) are short term courses which aim to update and advance skills. They can be as short as a couple of hours. There are many CPDs that you can take that would advance your skills in construction management. Here is a list of a few of the CPD online courses that the College of Contract Management offers.


Claims Preparation

This course provides 4 hours of lectures and 6 hours of independent learning. Moreover, it gives candidates 10 formal CPD hours. These hours are vital for some construction memberships such as the CIOB to they are beneficial in a multitude of different ways. This is a particularly useful CPD course for those who are in construction managerial positions as they have to deal with disputes and learn how to prepare effective claims. In addition, candidates will learn how to make claims which ensure that their project losses are decreased and maximise income.


Health, Safety and CDM Regulations 

This CPD course also offers 10 CPD hours. Being trained in health and safety is essential for construction managers. It ensures that staff are protected and safe and that the company is safe from claims and risks. Candidates will also learn the rules and regulations which are bound on construction sites by law.


Risk Management

It is the role of managers and other construction professionals to manage risk within construction projects. This short term CPD is therefore one of the best choices for construction managers. This course will teach you how to recognise risks and mitigate them. In turn, this will help you to keep the likelihood of claims to a minimum. Risk management is an essential element in construction projects. Potential risks include damage to persons or property, loss of money, shortage of materials, and so on.





What Are the Benefits? 



Short Term Construction Management Courses are Usually Affordable


One of the differences between short term and long term courses is their price difference. This is usually due to the decreased number of hours that you have to be taught. Short courses are therefore more affordable. For individuals who do not have a lot of money to spend on education and want to advance their career in construction management, the above courses would be a great choice for them.


Specific Areas of Focus 


In addition, short term construction management courses are usually focused. This means that you can choose a specific subject area of construction management and only learn relevant information. The difference between short and long courses is that, often, longer courses spend lots of time on many different topics. Many of these areas will not be an area you are particularly interested in which leads to a lack of motivation and learning satisfaction.

Moreover, one example is taking a law degree because you like criminal law. You will only learn criminal law for one module of your degree and the rest may be in areas you are not interested in. This can waste time and money.


Increased Productivity 


Short term courses are also known to increase productivity. For those wanting to gain some construction management experience, taking a long course could be tiresome especially if the individual is also working full time. Short courses can boost an individual’s confidence and focus which will, in turn, reflect in their professional working life. Furthermore, many companies frequently hold short training courses which ensure that their employees maintain their standards and remain engaged. This is important because, for those who are carrying out the same tasks day by day, a change in scenery can really help boost business productivity.


Allows You To Learn Part-time 


In addition, short term construction management courses can be learnt in your spare time. CPD courses are usually over a couple of hours on the weekend and online diplomas are also flexible. This means you can work full time and study in the evenings. This is far more beneficial because most individuals taking a construction management course are full-time workers with a number of years in the industry.

Here at the College of Contract Management, we create our courses to advance professionals skills. We keep in mind all of the ways that we can make learning more accessible. That is why we offer all our courses online and on evenings and weekends so that anyone in the world can take the courses.


Boosts Employability 


Another benefit is that all of the courses listed in this article will help to increase your employability. The more experience that you can display on your CV the better. You will also gain certificates for all of the above courses. Additionally, CPDs indicate to employers that you are committed to continual learning throughout your career.


Short Term Construction Management Courses Can Help With Memberships 


For those who wish to become members of associations or chartered institutions, short courses can be a great way to maintain it. Many organisations require candidates to complete a number of CPD hours a year. Our construction management CPDs can help you maintain membership to the CIOB, Chartered Institute of Building as well as other associations.