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Admission Opens for 2019

Admission Opens

Admission opens for 2019 from 7th Sepetmebr 2019.

Thinking about applying for our programmes? The College of Contract Management offers year-round admissions to applicants who meet our admission requirements.

Read the details of our programmes and other useful information. Also, make sure to sign up and enrol on a course. As usual, the college’s admission opens for a year on 7th September, however you can enrol to the course anytime immediately as we run the modules continuously. Our live online courses will give you the classroom environment without you having to be in an actual class. What’s more, you can safely leave the task of scheduling your live lectures up to us so that you can follow the course during your time off work. Things get even better: if you happen to miss any of your live lectures, you have the opportunity of catching up with them through College of Contract Management’s Moodle, a virtual study platform. If you have any doubts about quality, you can rest assured that you will be getting nothing but the best because this course is conducted by first-class British lecturers through live online weekend or weekday evening sessions. The cherry on top of this cake would definitely be the fact that you do not have to leave your family and home to travel overseas for this qualification; you can get your UK qualifications in your country of residence and what’s more, at times that are convenient to you!

You can manage and track your application through your account in the College’s Study Portal at Login Page.

We recommend that you go to your account in the College’s Study Portal and check regularly for notifications and published schedules by the College.

How do offers work?

We released offers for courses in 2019 and most offers for first semester courses are released. You may contact the College’s administration at to find available offers.