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Professional Diploma in Expert Witness


Overview of Professional Diploma in Expert Witness

This Professional Diploma in Expert Witness offered by the College of Contract Management is an RICS and ICE Accredited qualification recognised globally as a gold-standard for professionals working within construction. Most importantly, with great construction projects and builds comes the possibility for damage claims, injury, delays or other issues that may lead to legal action being needed. Therefore, an Expert Witness is needed to provide evidence in order to help courts make an informed decision regarding the incident or claim. Additionally, since these problems can cause harm to the construction company’s finances and their reputation, being an Expert Witness is an important position. In short, Expert Witnesses allow for the efficient functioning of the judicial practices used in Court, Arbitrations or Mediations, among other important jurisdictions.

Who Can Study an Expert Witness Course?

Firstly, the Professional Diploma in Expert Witness is a highly-praised award which will set you apart from other experts. For example, our course is suitable for those seeking to develop new skills or refresh and update old ones. Furthermore, it’s great for those already working in a construction law environment. The College of Contract Management offers this training through a flexible online course with a specialist online learning environment. Most importantly, you can study in your own time around your commitments. We also offer a flexible payment plan option to help spread the cost.

Expert Skills You’ll Learn

Focus and Confidence

Firstly, in order to become an Expert Witness, you must have a keen and critical focus. Often with Courtroom cases comes high-pressure situations which you will need to be prepared for. Everything you learn in the Professional Diploma in Expert Witness will provide you with both theoretical knowledge and a practical context in which to apply them. Key skills will be taught throughout the course to prepare you for life as an Expert Witness.

Expert Witness Report

An important task of an Expert Witness is writing ‘The Expert’s Report’, a key piece of evidence which will lay the foundations of your argument. Additionally, this course will assist you in effectively structuring a report and how to confidently present your case in the courtroom. Furthermore, you will be taught by industry professionals to understand the procedural rules, legal obligations and other important skills. Furthermore, this course will also give you the tools to address any conflicts you may receive in cross-examinations of your report. As a result of this, you’ll learn how to respond to these; an invaluable skill that many look for in an Expert Witness.

Your Expert Witness Pathway

The Professional Diploma in Expert Witness is a fundamental tool in demonstrating your competency to study detailed Expert Witness training. It shows that you have undergone assessments as well as demonstrating core skills as an expert.  From here you can choose your final module on this course from a selection of three options, based on which career pathway you decide to pursue. You can choose from Construction & Engineering, Civil Expert and Medical Expert. In addition, more details of these individual choices can be found in the Course Content section.

Key Benefits

Industry Recognised Expert Witness Qualification

With our course accredited by the RICS and ICE, it puts you in a highly-favourable position as an Expert Witness. By gaining practical and theoretical knowledge, you will also subsequently improve the ability and confidence to deliver an Expert Witness Report to a top standard. Also, you will gain invaluable and transferrable skills throughout the course that can be used in a variety of disciplines. After this qualification, you can apply for an online membership to the National Expert Witness Agency (NEWA) which is a respectable professional directory that will make you look impressive on your CV.

A Flexible Course that Works Around You

By delivering this course online through live real-time lectures once every week, you won’t have to sacrifice your full-time job or other commitments by studying the traditional way. Furthermore, all lectures are recorded online should you ever miss one. This takes away the stress of fitting studying around your commitments and allows you to freely study at your leisure.

Technology Brings the Expert Witness Course Wherever You Are

Above all, the main advantage of our course being offered online is that you can study with us wherever you are in the world. Whether you work full-time or reside overseas. Our UK based expert lecturers offer industry expertise and knowledge available at any time online with an internet connection. If you are residing overseas and are considering our course, the UK accreditations you will receive will be an excellent addition to your CV.

Real University Lecturers – High Standard of Teaching

Our university lecturers from the UK are industry experts in Expert Witness training and will offer you the highest standard of teaching. During the online lectures you will be able to ask questions through voice or text-chat, as well as talk with other students on the course. Consequently, you get the classroom atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

Economically Favourable Courses

By providing online courses here at the College of Contract Management, it means that you also save money on transport since you don’t have to travel to a university or college to study. Therefore, you can learn all about becoming an Expert Witness from wherever you are in the world during your own time.

Vast Employment & Salary Opportunities

Most importantly, the course skills offered are so highly sought-after and refined, you will vastly improve your employment opportunities and thus increase your salary potential by earning our Professional Diploma. In addition, it will increase your confidence and ability in the workplace. Subsequently, it will also show your current employer your determination and work ethic.

Course Structure

Expert Witness Course Structure

Our course structure contains a total of three modules; the first two are core, compulsory modules and the final module contains three option choices based on the pathway you wish to take.

The two core modules are as follows:

Module ExW 510 – Expert Report Writing


  1. Requirement of an expert’s report and Report writing style to meet court compliant and can withstand cross examination.

– Understand the litigation process

– Roles and duties of the expert witness and fees

– Code of practice for expert witnesses

– What expert needs to know

  • Identifying and addressing issues
  • Plan the structure and contents
  • Identifying strengths and weakness in facts
  • Clear and Concise presentation with an independent and impartial opinion and conclusion
  • Supporting information
  • Techniques to protect your report against cross examination
  • The expert’s declaration and other procedures
  • Writing a comprehensive and effective report


  1. Evaluating expert report whether it meets the standard what lawyers and courts expect

– How to use impartial criteria to assess the report

– Strongly presented evidences

– Fact finding and pre-trial advice

– How the document valid for a difficult cross examination

– Amending and altering the reports


  1. Case Studies and Practical Examples

– Understand legislations and practices and the latest developments

– Understand the judiciary required from the expert’s report

– Identify complex and difficult issues and how to face



Module ExW 520 – Courtroom and Cross Examination


  1. Expert Evidences

– Roles and Responsibilities as an expert witness in the court

– Effectively presenting evidences with photographs, plans, supporting documents, etc.

– Best practice in evidence gathering and proper record keeping

– Evaluate strengths and weakness in the evidence

– Concurrent evidence and hot-tubbing


  1. In the Courtroom

– Understand course procedures, processes and practices (what steps and when)

– Introducing your expertise and case presentation

– Examine the theory, best practice and rules compliance of giving evidence.

– Communication skills with the judge

– Challenges in the court

– How to build relationship of trust in the court.


  1. Cross Examination

– Deal with cross-examination on a case study you prepared.

– Handle lawyers’ techniques during the difficult cross examination.

– Build confidence, credibility and clarity under cross examination.


  1. Expert Witness Meetings

– CPR and CrPR guidance regarding expert witness meetings

– Roles and duties of expert witness at the meeting

– Discussion with experts including creating agenda

– Prepare minutes of meeting with issues, facts and opinions including agreements and disagreements


  1. Mock Cross Examination with feedback

– Mock cross examination on a full report.

You will then need to choose one of the following three options in accordance with your pathway:

Pathway – Construction and Engineering Expert:

Module ExW 530 – Construction Law, Judicial System and Legal Procedure


  • Roles and responsibilities of an expert witness, solicitor and the court
  • Differences between statements of truth, statements of compliance and statements of conflict
  • Understand the contractual entitlements under the contract and tort law with real case studies
  • How to apply Civil Procedures Rules, and Protocols
  • Understand recent changes in legislation, procedures and practices



Pathway – Civil Expert:

Module ExW 540 – Civil Law, Judicial System and Legal Procedure 



Pathway – Medical Expert:

Module ExW 540 – Medical Law, Judicial System and Legal Medicine Procedure


  • Modules
  • Assessment

Course Delivery

Course Delivery

How You’ll Study

Upon payment, you will be granted access to Moodle. This is our online learning environment which will become your course hub; from here you can access your lectures, lecture recordings, timetable, course materials and messages from lecturers or other members of your course. We will send you a link every week to the latest online lecture. During the lecture you can discuss topics and ask any questions you may have. Lecturers will deliver interactive presentations using shared-screen software. If you miss any lectures you have the ability to re-watch these on the Moodle platform.

How Often You’ll Study

In addition to your online resources, once a week you’ll receive a link to a real-time lecture. Usually, this lecture usually lasts between 1-2 hours. Additionally, it is strongly advised, however, that you spend several hours a week doing some independent study and relevant research.

How You’ll Be Assessed

After you have finished your modules for this course you will be assessed to prove your efficiency and understanding of being an Expert Witness. You will need to submit an export business report to your examiner. Your examiner will schedule an online cross-examination day. Furthermore, you need to perform during your cross-examination as an expert who complies with their duties to the court. Afterwards, the examiner will conduct an interview to confirm your understanding and knowledge on relevant law based on your chosen pathway.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

To gain the qualification of Professional Diploma of Expert Witness you will especially need past experience in a relevant field, such as claims preparation, delay analysis, dispute resolution or law and practice. Or similarly, you should hold a title such as Contract Manager, Commercial Manager, Planning Manager, Forensic Delay Analyst, Forensic Quantum Analyst, Solicitor, Claims Consultants or any others in a similar profession who wish to progress their knowledge in becoming an Expert Witness. Of course, if you have any queries or are unsure of your eligibility, feel free to contact [email protected] for more details.

Period of Study

Period of Study

Specifically, each module of study will take 2 months of weekly lectures and independent study to complete. With 3 modules, this course will take a total of 6 months from start to completion.

Course Fees

Course Fees


What Our Past Learners Think

How to Apply

How to Apply

To apply to study for your Professional Diploma of Expert Witness, simply follow this step-by-step guide to the application process.

  1. Call or email our UK team to ask any questions and discuss your eligibility for the course.

Telephone: 01420 481 681

Telephone (International): +44 1420 481 681

Email: [email protected]

  1. As a result, you will receive an application form via email. Please fill it in thoroughly and return it. Also, we recommend you keep a copy.
  2. Furthermore, you will be asked to send photos or copies of your documents, such as a CV and ID. These documents must be valid. Additionally, we then carry out a webcam identity and validity check before we release your diploma.
  3. Please let us know which payment method you would like to use. We will generate an invoice and send it to you.
  4. Once we have received your payment, we will enrol you on course and give you access to your Moodle account so you can prepare and begin.

Additional Information

Additional Information

The start date of your course is dependent on the date of your enrolment. As a result, your enrolment date is the date we receive your agreed payment. For full payment we accept most credit and debit cards, cheques or bank transfer.

Furthermore, if you fail to submit an assignment, you will be offered a maximum Pass grade rather than Merit or Distinction. Sometimes we do allow extensions if you have a valid and provable reason. Additionally, you will have a chance to revise or retake your exams if you fail. We offer you a second attempt free of charge. Further attempts will incur a charge. It is also worth noting that you will not be awarded for any partial module completion.

Likewise, if you have any further enquiries, feel free to email our team at: [email protected] or contact us by telephone.

Telephone: 01420 481 681

Telephone (International): +44 1420 481 681.

Course Administrator

Chris Munns
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681
Email: [email protected]