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About Us

About Us

If you wish to know more about us and what we do, you have come to the right place. The College of Contract Management in the United Kingdom is a leading online attendance college for Engineering, Construction, Management, English, and Training and CPD courses. The College also offers courses in subjects such as Business and IT. These are provided live online across the world.

The college offers advanced diplomas, professional practice courses, CPD and Training Courses. In addition, they offer an effective English language program called NESOL that delivers English for those across the world.

Due to the nature of our online courses (distance learning), this means it does not have to interrupt your working life. Additionally, many choose to take these courses from home in their free time. Individuals will study on the weekends and evenings and still attend their full-time jobs.

The nature of the online courses does not mean that students have anything less than a fantastic experience. Many students state that the interactions are similar to that of face to face teaching. Of course, since the Coronavirus, our online courses have been life-changing for students who need to continue to learn and keep safe.

Furthermore, the college offers individuals a high standard of English education at an affordable price. Working with many Chartered Institutions, we also help students to gain memberships and coach them through each stage.

The college is proud of the establishment of the Contract and Commercial Management

From its achievements through value-added courses. The quality and the value of the courses are reflected in the success of its graduates who have become reputed professionals in the job market. The College of Contract Management offers accredited and globally recognised qualifications to develop your set of skills. This development can offer vast career opportunities.


Local Career Advisors 


You may have challenges in choosing the right course that meets your needs and interests. To help with this, we have our local career advisors placed in centres located in South and East Asia and the Middle East. Furthermore, the college also plans to extend its career counselling services to Russia and South America in the future. Our career advisors are here to guide you and help you choose the course that best suits your interests and career aspirations.


About Our Teaching and Learning


Collaborative Online Attendance teaching methods are used to achieve program objectives. These include live online lectures, course notes and tutorials. This also includes exercises, group discussions, feedback on students’ submissions, and online presentations.

Various online learning resources have been developed to support independent learning. Lecture notes, reading lists, assignments and tutorials briefings underpin independent online learning. Additionally, students will be expected to read extensively. Reading may be used to explore specific topics in-depth. Additionally, it may be to explore a range of points of view, to develop questions and to identify possible answers. Furthermore, group work is designed so that students learn the important skills of co-operation.

Students are encouraged to attend online live lectures. These facilitate audio and video interaction. The college has introduced the most effective strategy of online attendance and learning centres to facilitate online lectures, tutorials and discussions. These take place with the lecturers and the mentor to increase the amount of interaction between the fellow learners and lecturers. This is one key factor about us that increases the students ability to learn effectively.

If you wish to discuss with us more about what we do and how we can potentially aid in your development, contact us. You can also keep up to date with what we are doing and our topics of conversation by visiting our blog. We discuss topics within the industries of construction, business, and many more.



About Us