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CIOB Level 3 Diploma in Site Supervisory Studies | Live Online Course

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CIOB Level 3 Diploma in Site Supervisory

CIOB Diploma in Site Supervisory

Construction Site Supervisory Live Online CourseSite Supervisory
Start Date: Enroll Now
Course Period:  1 Year (Part-Time)
Cost: £1080

Subscription Fee: First payment is £270 and £90 x 11 months (from 2nd month)Site Supervisory




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A Site Supervisor is responsible for the health and safety of everybody on a construction site at any time. The College of Contract Management is offering a Level 3 Diploma in Site Supervisory Studies live online course that is awarded by the prestigious Chartered Institute of Builders (CIOB). As well as enabling you to work as a Site Supervisor, having this Diploma will also qualify you for the CSCS White Card.

The course will teach you the roles and responsibilities of a Site Supervisor, essential skills in clear communication and the health and safety information you need in order to protect your colleagues. The CIOB sets the requirements and assignments, then we hire British university lecturers to write and deliver the course. It is regulated by the UK Government’s Regulatory Qualifications Framework (RQF). It is an RQF Level 3 course, therefore is an academic equivalent to the vocational Level 3 NVQ.

The live online Site Supervisory course is designed for experienced construction professionals. If you are looking to become a Site Supervisor and want to continue working while you qualify then this is an ideal option for you.

Key Benefits

  • Qualify for Site Supervisory positions.
  • Take advantage of a global skills shortage in the industry.
  • Have more employment opportunities.
  • Improve your salary.
  • Be qualified by the CIOB.
  • Continue to the CIOB Level 4 Certificate and Diploma which will qualify you for the CSCS Black Manager Card.
  • Progress to becoming a Site Supervisor.

Why choose us?

  • Manageable timetable that doesn’t interfere with your work life.
  • All lectures are delivered live in order to provide you with an interactive, classroom-like experience. Therefore, you can ask your lecturer questions in real-time and discuss topics with your classmates.
  • We record all our lectures so that even if you miss one you can catch up. We usually schedule the live online lectures at weekends in order to minimise disruption to your work schedule.
  • The College uses a virtual study platform called Moodle to help you organise your studies.
  • Real lecturers from British universities teach you. Your lecturer will be an experienced expert in Site Supervisory Studies,  thus giving you the highest quality of education an online course can offer.
  • The College of Contract Management is accredited by the CIOB, CMI, CICES, CIArb and Pearson Education, among others.
  • We have a great reputation and excellent relationships with many employers in the construction sector.

Course Content

The Site Supervisory course takes 1 year of part-time study to complete. The module units you will study are:

  1.  Planning
  2.  Organising and Controlling Operations
  3.  Supervising Health, Safety, Welfare and Environment and any other five units from the following six units. There will be a formal evaluation at the end of two specified units for the award of the Diploma. The qualifications are based on completion of assignments. The RQF credit value of each unit is 7 and the unit guided learning hours is 30 hours.
  4.  Managing Dimensional Accuracy of the works
  5.  Working with People
  6.  Supervising Construction Works to Existing Buildings and Structures
  7.  Supervising the Construction of New Buildings and Structures

Entry Requirements

In order to be eligible for this course, you will need 1 of the following:

  • UCAS tariff Score 60-120 (pre-2017) / 24-48 (2017 onwards), or
  • Level 2 S/NVQ, or equivalent, in a related subject, or
  • 2 years’ relevant construction experience

Course Delivery

  • Upon payment, we will give you access to Moodle. This will be your course hub, from here you can access your lectures, lecture recordings, timetable, course materials and messages.
  • We will send you a link every week to the latest live online lecture.
  • Lecturers will deliver interactive presentations using shared-screen software.
  • You can speak to your classmates during the lecture and add them as Friends on Moodle.
  • Towards the end each module you will complete a written assignment.
  • You must join the CIOB as a student member.

Period of Study

  • The total period of the course is 1 year (part-time). However, this can vary per the College timetable so completion timescales may be less than stated.
  • We hold 1-2 live online lectures a week for this course, each one is 2 hours long.
  • You should spend a few hours a week on independent study.
  • Additionally, around exam time the College will organise revision sessions.
  • The CIOB will offer a certificate for individual units, which you can use at a later date to then complete your full award.


The full payment is £980 for the Diploma course + £100 for the CIOB registration fee. While you pay the £980 to the College, you must pay the £100 CIOB fee directly to the CIOB.

All students aged 19 years or over on 7th April in the first year of their course are expected to pay tuition, registration fees and all other course-related costs. Some assistance with these costs may be available depending on your circumstances and the latest government funding position.

Additional Information:
If you need to discuss anything about the CIOB Level 3 in Site Supervisory Studies course, please email the College at or contact our international centres/career advisers directly. The enrolment date will be the date of your full payment or unit payment.

Flexible Payment Plan

Monthly Direct Debit

£170 upfront fee + £100 for the CIOB registration fee.

Then a £90 monthly direct debit for 11 consecutive months.

Be aware, however, paying in full comes to a discounted total compared to the monthly payment option.

Course Administrator

Kirsten Weissenberg
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681