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MCIOB opportunity through Chartered Membership Programme or PR

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CIOB Chartered Membership Programme


MCIOB opportunity – CMP or PR route

MCIOB opportunity through Live Online Programme

Total Course Fee £ 1,199 MCIOB

Subscription Fee £ 184 per 8 Months MCIOB

You can learn and whilst you are working

The Chartered Membership Programme gives you the rewarding opportunity of becoming a MCIOB for individuals with relevant experience who have non-recognised qualifications. This course will provide you with competent skills enabling you to achieve a career as a Construction Manager or Project Manager. The course has been designed for professionals who are working at a significant level of experience in the industry.

Once you become a MCIOB, it can lead to a fantastic professional career for men and women in the real estate and construction industries.

The course content provides you with a thorough knowledge, and the essential skills and talents to work as a successful Construction or Project Management professional who will play a key role in multi-million dollar projects to mitigate loss and maximise profit of the project.

The course provides a clear understanding of the fundamental knowledge needed in each subject to become a leader of construction. Therefore this course is the right choice if you wish to achieve a higher salary and position of high responsibility.

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Key Benefits

  • A supported route to become MCIOB (chartered membership).
  • A structured learning programme.
  • The programme provides competent skills to start your career into a middle and senior management roles.
  • A wide range of knowledge in Project Management to improve your chances of success.
  • Learn whilst you are working.
  • Assessment is through a practical project scenario that allows you to demonstrate your understanding, knowledge and skills to work as a successful manager.
  • Access to the College’s Moodle (Study Portal) allows you access to learning resources and course materials easily.
  • A tailored, distance-learning course structure.
  • Guidance and support with your Professional Review application.

Entry Requirements

Minimum five years management experience in construction, however following candidates can be considered:

  • A wide range of technical and specialist professionals working in the construction industry.
  • Candidates who have completed the CIOB Site Management Programmes (forms a progression route).

Course Structure

The course is made up of four modules. Each module includes a wide range of subjects and question tutorials
to evaluate the progress of study.

The subjects of each module are:
Construction Technology
  • Ground Engineering Techniques and Substructure Technology
  • Design and Installation of Building Services
  • Superstructure for Commercial and Multi-Storey Buildings
  • Principles Relating to Work on Existing Structures and Fabric
  • Design Process in Relation to the Built Environment
  • Process Management
  • Management of Resources
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Performance Management
Contract and Commercial Practice
  • Construction Law
  • Construction Cost Management
  • Pre and Post Contract Administration
  • Commercial Risks Management
  • Construction Procurement
  • Construction Dispute Resolution
Health, Safety and Environment
  • Legal Framework of Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety Environmental Risks
  • Substantial Development and Legislation to the Built Environment
  • Environmental Problems and Solutions
  • Environmental Concepts, Strategies and Policies Formation


Period of Study

The course follows over a nine months programme. Each module will be taught within 10 weeks so total four modules will be taken total 40 weeks (equivalent to 9 months).

There will be submission of assessments and revisions or re-submissions of any unsatisfactory work allowed within the deadline set, which should be allocated for an additional period at the end of the semesters.

The College provides live online lectures and revision sessions for each module. In addition, each student is required to carry out independent study on the subject in each module. The course provides a clear understanding of the fundamental knowledge needed in each subject to become a leader of construction.

Method of Delivery
  1. This is a level 6 live online course so you can take it from wherever you are in the world.
  2. Course material will be delivered through College’s Moodle (Study Portal).
  3. We will schedule all live online lectures for when you aren’t working so you can follow the course while continuing to work.
  4. If you have missed any lectures, you can refer them from the recordings which will be available in the Moodle.
  5. Lectures by first class British lecturers.
  6. Live online communication for any assistance.
  7. Course Administrators/tutors will be available to help you with additional information about course materials, your queries related to submissions and technical difficulties.
  8. You can interact with your fellow course students and will feel as a classroom environment.

The tutorials are directly related to your course contents and learning outcomes. The submission of tutorials will help you to learn and pass the subjects.

Application Process

Prior to registering this programme, you may send an email to with your updated full CV including education history and work experience. Our Programme Coordinator will take an assessment of your experience and will advise you in three working days.

Registration fees for the membership is £52.00 and the annual subscription fee is £37 that can be made payable to the CIOB directly. All Candidates must be in membership prior to starting their Chartered Membership Programme. When you have paid fees, you will receive the login details to access the CMP virtual learning site (Moodle).


Total course fee £ 1,199

You may choose a monthly direct debit payment plan;

The Monthly payment will be £184 for consecutive 8 months.

However, the full payment plan is discounted than the monthly payment plan.

Please find following fees of working towards the chartered membership. There are various fees payable throughout the duration of the CMP, the CIOB Registration, the Exam and the Professional Review to both College of Contract Management and CIOB direct. The table below illustrates what fees are due, when and who they are payable to.

Course Enrolment£1,199/£184CollegeOn enrolment
CMP Registration£52CIOBOn enrolment
CIOB Employed Student Membership£37CIOBOn enrolment
Exam Fee£362CIOBOct 2019 (TBC)
Professional Review£400CollegeJan 2020 (TBC)

Additional Information:
The start dates of the course are on 25th January and 7th September of each year.


The Examination is part of the CMP to become MCIOB. There is one examination which will be held in June or November. It is an Open Book examination that means you can work at home using all available resources. As a member of the CIOB you will also have access to the Moodle (Virtual Learning Site) making it possible to receive and answer exam questions and get results through Moodle.

The fee for the examination is only £362 and must be directly paid to the CIOB 4 weeks prior to the examination taking place. The results will be issued in September (for June Test) and January (for November Test).

On successful completion of your CMP, you will be qualified for progressing your Professional Review application.

Professional Review Coaching Service

The Professional Review is a paper based assessment of your submission of a report that should be included competence report, job description, action plan, presentation, company organisation chart, CV along with CPD record. As an approved provider of the CIOB, the College of Contract Management offers a complete coaching service including advice and support on the completion of your Professional Review application. We also provide an initial assessment of your submission, which is undertaken by our CIOB recognised Assessors.

We work with more than 100 PR candidates per year. All of our candidates have passed the PR and became MCIOB. We therefore have a 100% pass rate for our Professional Review Coaching Service. The fee for the Professional Review Coaching Service is only £400 which is included the CIOB fee for Professional Review application.

Course Administrator

Kirsten Weissenberg
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681