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Advanced Diploma in Structural Engineering | HND Level Online Courses

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Advanced Diploma in Structural Engineering


Structural Engineering Online Programme

Professional Diploma in Digital MarketingAdvanced Diploma in Structural Engineering
Learn while you work
Easy payment plan available
Become an Engineering Technician (EngTech) member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)


Structural Engineering is essentially the science of anticipating how structures such as buildings and bridges will stay standing. Structural Engineers use maths, geometry and physics to make sure structures will cope with their shape, weight and materials as well as environmental factors like the weather and the ground they’re built on.

The College of Contract Management has developed a live online Structural Engineering course in line with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). We are the only UK provider of an Advanced Diploma in Structural Engineering. Above all, this award fully satisfies the educational requirements you need to apply to become an Engineering Technician (EngTech) member of the ICE. The Advanced Diploma alone could land you a position in industry or you may wish to top up your qualification to a full degree. Whatever you choose, this qualification is your first step on the path to a rewarding career.

If you’re interested in Structural Engineering but don’t have the right A-Levels or other qualifications to get straight into university, this is an excellent option for you. This is a Level 5 qualification worth 240 credits. A-Levels are Level 3, thus many universities will accept this as an alternative. Meanwhile, some will even consider it as equal to one or two years of a degree course and allow you entry straight into the second or third year. This is dependent on the university so it is well worth doing some research if this is what you’d like to do.

This well-respected qualification is set at an intermediate, undergraduate level. It places academic theory within a practical context which will then prepare you for undergraduate study in the UK or at overseas university. You will receive Advanced Certificate in Year 1 and the Advanced Diploma at the end of Year 2.

Future Career Prospects

Structural Engineering is a highly responsible job that requires great skill. Consequently, Structural Engineers can make and upwards of £40,000 with a few years’ experience.

There are many different structures that you might choose to specialise in. Everything we build on land or to travel through the air, sea or space needs to be structurally sound in order to stay safe and operational.

Accreditation and Chartered Institutes

The College of Contract Management is fully accredited with the Joint Board of Moderators (JBM). JBM is a group that the following bodies form, who together strive to maintain high standards of education in the field of engineering:

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

The Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE)

The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT)

The Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE)

Key Benefits

  • Skills shortages in the industry.
  • Easy to find employment.
  • Possible step to successfully starting a degree programme.
  • This course content will fit employers’ needs.
  • Become an Eng Tech member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).
  • Gain a wide range of knowledge in Structural Engineering to improve your chances of success.
  • Learn alongside your job.
  • Attend live online lectures by first class British lecturers.
  • Your lecturer conducts all your lectures live online. Therefore you can ask questions during lectures and discuss topics with your classmates, bringing a real classroom feel to you.

Course Content

The entire course consists of two years. Each year-long programme contains 6 core modules. We will assess your performance using open-book online exams (assignments).

Year 1:

  • Fundamentals of Engineering Drawings
  • Construction and Civil Engineering Technology
  • Structural Fundamentals
  • Soils and Foundations
  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics
  • Engineering Mathematics and Modelling

Year 2:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Design and Computing
  • Structural Design of Concrete
  • Structural Design of Steel
  • Advanced Structural Design
  • Structural Engineering Design Project

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum 18 years old, and
  • Minimum Grade C in GCSE in Maths and English (or equivalent), or
  • Level 3 qualification in Engineering/Science including Mathematics, or
  • If you have the relevant experience please contact us on [email protected] with your updated CV

Course Delivery

  • Course materials will be delivered through Moodle
  • All of our lectures are live online lectures, therefore offering you an interactive, classroom experience.
  • Interaction with your fellow course students
  • Learn from your home whilst having all the benefits and feel of a classroom study
  • Lecturer’s computer screen will be shared with video conferencing through a special software

Period of Study

The live online course is a 2-year programme.  Each Module will take approximately 8 weeks to complete. The College will invite you to attend 1-2 live online lectures per week, each of which will be 2 hours long. Additionally, you will need to do a few hours of independent study per week.

Around exam time we will hold some extra revision and group study sessions. As well as revision, these will also help you to brush up your writing and presentation skills.


Total course fee per year is £2,736 or alternatively, you may choose the monthly payment plan.

Full Payment

Year 1 – £2,736

Year 2 – £2,736

Monthly Direct Debit Payment Plan

Alternatively, you may pay an upfront fee of £270 then £270 per month through monthly direct debit for a total of 23 months.

However, paying in full offers a discounted fee compared to the monthly payment plan.

Additional Information

If you need to discuss anything, please contact the college or our international centres/career advisers directly. The start date of your course is dependent on the enrolment date of your module. The enrolment date is effective from the date of your full payment or first-month payment. Once you successfully complete your first year you will be awarded Advanced Certificate in Structural Engineering and at the completion of the two-year programme, you will be awarded Advanced Diploma in Structural Engineering.

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