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In-house Training Programmes | Ultimate Guide to Tailored Company Training

In-house training is a big focus of ours here at the College of Contract Management. We can tailor-make bespoke and custom in-house training programmes for individuals or businesses. This is our ultimate guide that tells you everything you need to know about our training programmes.


What is In-House Training?

Firstly, In-House training is important to train your employees within your business. In-house training can act as refresher courses or in-depth academic training for new skills. Most importantly, in-house training is always beneficial. The Business Dictionary identifies that training is great because it gives a chance to develop interpersonal skills and helps to bond teams together to become a motivated workforce. Similarly, by investing time and money into your team’s development you can ensure that your business will run as efficiently as possible by promoting refined and expert skills.


Tailored to You

All our in-house training programmes are tailor-made, meaning that we can construct a course specifically for your needs in a training programme. Whether you need to focus on perfecting your team-building skills or honing your knowledge on FIDIC contracts, you’ll find a perfect course here at the College of Contract Management. Furthermore, we can help you create a course that is the best possible solution for your business. Throughout the training course, we will guide you to make sure you meet your learning objectives and make the most of your training.

Furthermore, we can also help you tackle any real-time issues you may have in your business by creating strategies within your learning objectives. This helps by making sure whenever you choose a bespoke course with us you will get the most out of it because we take your needs into consideration. If your business is lacking in aspects of management, budgeting, scheduling, or collaboration, we can tailor your training to focus on these areas. Moreover, our main goal is to provide you with the best service for your business needs. If this is something that interests you, you can contact us here.


Benefits of In-House Training

Benefits For Employers:

  • Maximises potential revenue and be able to mitigate issues within the company by having appropriate knowledge for these situations.
  • Increase the employee knowledge bank and therefore a better understanding throughout your company.
  • Promotes team bonding and working together – it will boost morale and switch things up a bit from normal meetings or briefings.
  • Enables consistent understanding throughout the workforce. Everybody will be educated to the same level and will be able to help others that need guidance.
  • By putting your team through a training programme you are showing your employees you value their development both personally and professionally.
  • Increases your business’ potential to succeed because all team members have a clear and mutual goal they are working towards.
  • Promotes internal development within your business.


Benefits For Participants:

  • You will gain hands-on education in a professional environment, a very exciting experience and provides a change from your usual office or work-site environment.
  • Develop your personal confidence in the workplace by being able to ask questions and discuss with industry-leading lecturers in your field.
  • Interact professionally with your team with exciting experience days and bond with your work colleagues.
  • Liaise with industry professionals and gain contacts. Ask questions and learn from experts along the way.
  • Helps individuals identify their own leadership goals and helps people recognise new career goals.

Above all, there are many benefits to in-house training. As well as the dedicated learning outcomes, the expert knowledge bank and the team bonding experience, you’ll be saving your firm or yourself money. It is much more cost-effective to organise an in-house training session with your team: it will cost less per person and travel expenses will be greatly reduced. Moreover, travel to the training will only happen over one or two consecutive weekends or days, rather than an ongoing training programme that takes longer and requires more travel.

Furthermore, this short training means the overall cost will be lower than an extended programme.

In addition, our tailored courses mean that we can also take into account a timeframe, location and schedule that suits your needs depending on where you are in the world. We know that businesses need to maximise their time and by choosing days that fit around you will make sure you get the most out of the experience. If you have any questions about availability or any of our locations, feel free to contact our team at


Team Building Processes

One of the best advantages of in-house training courses for large groups is the awareness your team will have once completing the programme. Your team will interact better with one another as they gain more insight as to their colleagues’ roles. Moreover, this sense of unity and collaboration will help your team’s productivity flow.  In addition, working as a part of a team is the best way to maximise your business’ potential productivity and increase mutual respect throughout the workplace. If a workplace team doesn’t function efficiently, it will not provide the best possible results. Therefore, throughout our in-house training programmes, we can tailor courses to focus on team building activities.


in-house training


Dedicated Learning Outcomes

All our tailored courses will vary depending on your learning outcomes. Whatever you choose to focus your course around, we will make sure your team is given thorough and structured objectives throughout the course to keep learning outcomes streamlined and relevant. We will deliver dedicated training to the level and depth of knowledge you require. Similarly, you can also pick one of our preconstructed courses which you will find on our website which have been accredited by professional awarding bodies in the construction industry.


Who Can Use Our Services?

Because our fleet of expert lecturers is so diverse, we can offer training to companies in so many different sectors. This includes companies in hospitality, aviation, health and safety, and many others. We don’t just offer construction and management-based courses. Moreover, many of the skills we teach are interchangeable throughout different industries so any work-place team can benefit. You can even take one of our training programmes if you aren’t sure what programme to choose from. We can evaluate your team’s needs and decide what activities and courses will benefit you or your team the most.


Where Do We Offer In-House Training?

We can offer in-house training in venues across the world. Our team is dedicated to bringing your team together to be as efficient and dynamic as possible. We have a list of worldwide courses below that outline our existing programmes in various departments. If there is something specific you are looking for let us know of your requirements, specific learning outcomes or availability and we can start planning your bespoke programme.


“What If We Don’t Have a Venue?”

Not to worry, here at the College of Contract Management, we will sort that all out for you. We can arrange hotel and conference room arrangements for your team, no matter how big or small. We do this to take the worry out of planning training courses and you will be in a safe and professional environment because we want to maximise your experience. Contact us if you have any queries regarding venues and locations.


Our Training Courses

Our courses here at the College of Contract Management are made bespoke and custom to you. The courses we currently offer are mainly construction industry based with a strong pathway to chartered memberships such as the CIOB, RICS and the CIArb. If you are interested in a custom training programme for an individual or a team, contact us at to get a discussion started.


Courses We Currently Offer

In the UK:

NVQ Level 6 Diploma (Pearson) – CSCS Black Card

CIOB Chartered Membership Programme – Progress to MCIOB

CIOB Professional Review coaching – Final step to becoming MCIOB

Level 4 Diploma in Site Management CIOB – CSCS Black Card

Forensic Schedule Analysis

Claims Preparation and Dispute Management – Direct entry to ACIArb

Site Contract Management and Change Management

JCT and NEC Contract Management

Forensic Quantum Analysis

Risk Management

RICS APC coaching


For instance, these are the courses we currently offer in the construction industry in the United Kingdom. This face-to-face training is delivered in a professional environment with industry accredited lecturers. The venues used will be provided by the College of Contract Management if you feel you don’t have a suitable space. Also, the hotels we work with provide excellent facilities and refreshments to make sure you and your team will feel comfortable and well looked after during your training courses.


Forensic Schedule Analysis

Claims Preparation and Dispute Management

Site Contract Management and Change Management

FIDIC Contract Management

Risk Management

RICS APC coaching

CIOB Professional Review coaching


The courses offered worldwide by the College of Contract Management are listed above. Previously, the countries we have previously held training in include Qatar, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. However, this does not include our bespoke courses made to your requirements which will vary from company to company and can be held anywhere in the world with very few exceptions.


Teaching Methods

Most importantly, throughout your programme with us, you and your team will learn through numerous different methods of teaching. You’ll receive practical hands-on examples, real-life case studies and sample documents. Participation in group exercises and activities is also a method we use to promote engagement and initiate useful discussions. Additionally, whichever programme you choose, you should know that you will receive expert help and guidance throughout.

Henceforth, you will also be provided with all the relevant reading materials, papers and exercises you will need at the beginning of the training programme. We hope this puts your mind at ease as we take care of all the important and stressful parts of running training programmes, all you have to do is turn up and be motivated to learn.


An Example of One of Our Programmes

An example of an in-house training programme we provide is on Site Contract Management and Change Management. This programme takes place over two consecutive days and will provide thorough knowledge in FIDIC contract management, site management practices and engineering procedures. It is geared towards those already in a contractual administrative role and therefore helps refine the knowledge of contracts through each phase of the management process. Moreover, this course will give you formal CPD hours in your profession.


Why Choose the College of Contract Management?

The College of Contract Management is an online college that specialises in online and face-to-face training courses in the construction, business and IT sectors. Furthermore, our courses are accredited by numerous professional bodies such as the CIOB, CIArb and RICS which shows our dedication to educational success and personal development. In addition, we have industry-leading UK lecturers in our fleet of academic experts and they are happy to help you throughout your time with us. No query is too much trouble. Additionally, some of our courses will require formal assessments, some will require completion of exercises and some will require a demonstration of adequate knowledge.


About Us

We are an online college based in Farnham, Surrey in the United Kingdom. We are known for providing accredited live online courses which are brought to you by industry-leading lecturers based in the UK. Furthermore, not only do we provide live online courses, but we also provide face-to-face training and in-house training programmes. These can be customised to suit individual or entire business needs.


How to Apply

In conclusion, if you’re considering some in-house training from our established online college, you can send us an email at You can asl for a detailed proposal of your tailor-made course. This may include the scope of the project course, course fees, the schedule and structure of the course and any other queries you have regarding your bespoke training courses. Similarly, if you aren’t sure what training courses are best for you, send us an email and we can discuss the best course of action for your team.




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