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CIOB Professional Review Coaching Service | 100% Pass Rate

CIOB Professional Review

CIOB Professional Review Coaching Service

Why is it important?

The CIOB is a highly respected body within the building and construction industry, with a long history of excellence among its members stretching back to 1834. We at the College of Contract Management are fortunate enough to have close links with the CIOB and this is particularly reflected in our CIOB Professional Review service.

This service allows those who possess suitable qualifications to receive help with their application to become a member of the CIOB (or MCIOB). Membership of an organisation like this is highly prestigious and can make all the difference in acquiring a more senior role or in being awarded a significant contract.

Part of the reason for the prestige is that MCIOB status demonstrates that you have real skill in your profession, as the admissions process requires that you demonstrate significant competence. This is where the CIOB Professional Review Service comes in. The service helps you to best showcase your skill and bring out the qualities that best showcase you. Many people have the skills and experience to reach MCIOB status but aren’t able to articulate and showcase this in an application setting, especially if, for example, English is not their first language.

What does it consist of?

The CIOB Professional Review service begins with some online meetings with experienced professionals in the field, who will go through the application process and what is required. From there, assistance will be given in filling out the PR Application itself. This is a quite lengthy document, where as well as all of your details, you will need to provide examples not only of what qualities make you fit for MCIOB status but give examples of when you put these into practice. There are a number of different competencies that you need to display, and you need to go into quite a lot of depth about how you have shown the qualities that make a good candidate. Sometimes it can take several attempts to produce an application that will be accepted by the CIOB and we do our best to ensure this process is as painless as possible.

In addition to the main Application form, there are a number of supporting documents that are required, including elements like job descriptions, organisation charts and your plans for upcoming CPD. The CIOB Professional Review service will help guide you through this process too, making sure that you submit all the necessary documents.

Finally, the service will cover the submission of both the application and supporting documents to the CIOB, allowing you to simply sit back and let us handle the passing around of documents and resolving details of membership.

What do you need to enrol?

Becoming MCIOB requires both practical and academic knowledge, meaning that both your work and academic experience is relevant. If you have a relevant BSc, you will need to also have 3 years of relevant experience to qualify for the CIOB Professional Review. If you do not possess a relevant degree, then you will need both 5 years of relevant experience and to first complete our Chartered Membership Programme (CMP), which is designed to supplement the PR. These are quite demanding requirements, but that is part of the point – MCIOB is a designation that demonstrates skill and knowledge and so should not be easy to obtain.

The online sessions take place over a weekend, with two sessions of approximately two hours each. They are given live over the internet, using the College’s meeting software, so all you need to participate is somewhere reasonably quiet, a computer, headphones or speakers, and a good internet connection.

Once the sessions are done, in order to fill out the application you will need a computer and a significant amount of time, as the questions you will need to answer are very in-depth and require detailed examples from your own career. The process does also require somebody who can verify your identity and competence – preferably either our line manager or somebody who is already a member of the CIOB or a similar body.

Course details

The College runs one pair of sessions every month, so there is never too long a waiting time for enrolment. You can make the enrolment at any time by contacting and asking for an enrolment form.

The cost of the service is broken up into two parts – an initial payment of £425 + VAT followed by a payment of £200 + VAT when submitting the application (although you can also pay this beforehand or even at the same time as the initial payment). If you have completed the College’s CMP, this is discounted to £300 + VAT and £100 + VAT.

In addition to MCIOB, the CIOB does also have other bands of membership that are available to others – most notably the Applicant grade of membership, which confers no special status and is intended for those who will go on to full membership. Those undergoing the CIOB Professional Review should be Applicant members of the CIOB already, so it is a good idea to ensure that this is done as soon as possible.