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MRICS opportunity – APC Coaching Service

MRICS Opportunity through Live Online Coaching ServiceMRICS


Our APC assessor (Assessment of Professional Competence) will be your personal mentor to help you through the process. The most appropriate route to becoming MRICS depends upon an individual’s qualifications and experience. Therefore we would begin by assessing your CV and advising on the best route for you to become an MRICS. This assessment will be free of charge and comes without obligation.

Our service is enormously successful and has an incredibly high success rate. We would like to use our expertise to aid you, or your company, to achieve more success in the future. The APC coaching that our expert professionals provide will save you time and money as they work with you to avoid pitfalls and guide you on the most efficient route to achieving your aims.

We understand that you will be extremely busy in your workplace, with tight schedules and many commitments. We also know it can be difficult to maintain an organised and clear focus on the many and varied processes and documents you need to complete to progress and achieve chartered status. Therefore your supervisor and counsellor will be working alongside you to ensure you are successful.

You will successfully gain the knowledge you need using a combination of academic study and practical project experience. We are currently working for the following pathways and the routes.

RICS Pathways:

  1. Quantity Surveying and Construction



  1. Student
  2. Graduate 1
  3. Graduate 2
  4. Graduate 3
  5. Adaption 1
  6. Professional Experience Route (PER)
  7. Senior Professional


Our coaching services are designed to deliver live online or face to face sessions that are flexible and fit around working schedules. We are able to provide either of these methods of delivery to match your preferences.


1. Induction meetings

Following your enrolment you, your supervisor and counselor will be invited to attend a series of induction meetings that will give details about the following topics and which help you understand what you need to do to become MRICS.

  • The APC Process
  • Competencies
  • Levels
  • Documentation including diary and records
  • CPD recording
  • Case study topic selection


2. CPD on RICS competencies

You will be invited to fifteen regular CPD lessons with the objective of filling any gaps in your knowledge about RICS competencies. This includes the mandatory, technical and also optional RICS competencies. Your learning will be evaluated during meetings with your supervisor and counsellor. This ensures that you will have gained the required level of knowledge and the required level of competence via the experience and projects in which you are involved.

You need to achieve a minimum of 48 hours CPD for Graduate routes 1 and 2, or 20 hours for Graduate route 3 and Professional Experience in every 12 months of recorded experience.


3. Review of your submissions (including case study report)

All documents you submit for the preliminary review, including your case study report, must be written to the required standard and otherwise impress the reader. This is because once they are submitted to RICS there is no option to get them back for correction.

The Case Study must include all the components of the case study and the key criteria you should use for selecting the right project. On behalf of the supervisor and counsellor we will assess the likely outcome of the RICS assessment and provide feedback on what needs to change if improvement is needed for the preliminary review.


4. Preparation for final assessment

We will help you prepare for your final assessment. This will include a basic assessment of your readiness, a step-by-step walkthrough of the APC interview and key tips that will make your experience more positive.

Once you are ready to proceed to the final assessment you will be invited to sessions that will help you with the details about the following items. Including practical examples:

  • A checklist of submission documents
  • The application form
  • Candidate and counsellor/supervisor declaration
  • Qualification and employment information
  • CPD records
  • Supervisor and counsellor progress report
  • Feedback from the preliminary review
  • Summary of experience including mandatory and technical competencies
  • Case study
  • Logbook and referral report (if applicable)

These sessions ensure that all the documents needed for submissions are produced and checked so you can be sure that they meet the requirements of the APC.


5. Preparation for final interview

This is the final stage in working towards chartered membership and, together, we will follow the following two-step process:

I. Case study presentation

At the beginning of the final assessment interview you will be required to deliver a ten-minute presentation about your case study.

We will help you produce a presentation that is attractive and well-polished. We will help you practice your presentation and offer guidance and tips on how to make it even better. We will offer you sessions about presentation skills and the need to tailor your presentation to the needs of your audience.

II. Interview Preparation

We will invite you to a series of sessions, including mock interviews, that prepare you sufficiently for the technical and competence based questioning you will receive.

These mock interviews will help you with clear, concise questions relating to your knowledge of the competencies and experience.


The fee will vary depending on your chosen route and the processes above. For further advice send your CV to with a subject line “RICS APC”.
The enrolment date is effective from the date of your payment.


Please find the following estimated schedule in accordance with the route:

Professional Experience Route (PER)6+months
Senior Professional6+months


APC Final Assessment Dates 

Please click this link  for the RICS New Assessment Clander (Source: RICS website)

Key Contacts

You can find the following documents through

  • APC Candidate Guide (PDF)
  • APC Counsellor (& Supervisor) Guide (PDF)
  • APC Requirements and Competencies Guide (PDF)
  • Pathway Guide (PDF)
  • APC Candidate diary template (Word)
  • APC Log Book (Excel)
  • APC Final Assessment Template (Word)
  • APC Enrolment Guide
  • APC Final Assessment guide


The RICS contact

Tel: 0207 222 7000

For Professional Experience Route candidates: 0247 686 8433