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RICS CPD – Frequently Asked Questions


Who are RICS?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) were formed with the intention of promoting and enforcing industry standards. They have an underlying focus on professional qualifications and the impact they have on development and management of construction projects. RICS offer two types of membership, Associate (AssocRICS) and Chartered (MRICS). Each membership requires a certain amount of experience and also has its own application process. One similarity both membership tiers share is the requirement for a submission of RICS CPD hours.


What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. This is the act of continued focus on furthering your skills to improve both yourself and your career. The loose definition for CPD is any learning undertaken to increase your knowledge and experience. These are often role specific, and the role can vary per individual. Listing any further development, you have undertaken on your is a sure fire way of increasing your job prospects. Furthermore, continuing professional development can help far beyond employability. CPD can also be very good for your mental health, well-being, and confidence.


What counts as RICS CPD hours?

In order to uphold the values and core beliefs of the association, there is an expectation that each member must meet a certain number of RICS CPD hours. To ensure continuity between members, there are specifications as to what kind of CPD must be completed. RICS refers to two kinds of continuing professional development. Formal and Informal CPD.


Formal CPD

In order for submission to count towards your formal hours, they need to follow a certain structure. The sessions of learning need to be structured learning and contain clear learning objectives and outcomes. For example, you could study a professionally delivered course or take part in online learning. Alternatively, Formal RICS CPD also includes learning that includes some form of assessment measure.


Informal CPD

As an alternative to formal study, you can also submit informal CPD, provided you get the right balance. This is classed as self-managed learning that is relative to your professional role.  This includes, but is not limited to; private study, on the job learning or seminar attendance. However, the seminars, or events, need to be focused on knowledge sharing, again focused on the members profession.


Minimum requirements for RICS CPD

Each year, members are required to submit a total of 20 CPD hours to RICS. This 20 hour acts as a demonstration as your personal effort to uphold their values. One of the primary focus for RICS is the promotion of standards within the industry through the highest professional qualifications. By completing and submitting RICS CPD hours, you are helping improve the industry through continued development of individual skill.


This 20 hours needs to be a split between both formal and informal hours. RICS ask that each member completes no less than 10 formal and 10 informal CPD hours per year. These hours are submitted via the portal on their website. Additionally, they offer clear and simple guidance on how to submit the hours to show your progress throughout the year.


Is there a submission deadline?

These hours are not set to put people off membership with RICS and they make sure that reaching this 20 hours is achievable. Luckily, there is a full calendar year to complete these hours and then further time to submit them. All CPD hours must be completed between January 1st and December 31st. Giving you a full year to access and utilise continued learning opportunities. In addition to the year allowed to complete your continuing professional development, you have until January 31st of the following year to submit your recordings.


For example, you will have from January 1st 2023 to December 31st 2023 to complete the hours. Then you will have until January 31st 2024 to submit your hours.


What happens if I don’t meet the RICS CPD hours?

Unfortunately, for some, meeting the required hours isn’t as easy as it is for others. Although RICS do accept appeals for extenuating circumstances, there are penalties if you don’t submit your annual RICS CPD hours. In total, there are 3 separate stages on penalty depending on the number of offence.


First offence

  • Fixed Penalty. The penalty lasts for a total of 10 years. If you miss a further submission within this 10 year period, it then counts as your second offence.

Second offence

  • Upon your second offence you are given a fixed penalty fine. In addition to this, your name will be listed on the website along with fellow members that have failed to submit their CPD hours.

Third offence

  • If you fail to submit your CPD hours for a third time within the 10 year period you then face disciplinary action. This can also result in potential expulsion or dismissal.


Therefore, it is important to continue to commit to furthering your understanding and completing your RICS hours.


How can I get formal RICS CPD?

The College of Contract Management offers courses that can add towards your approved CPD hours.

RICS APC Coaching

RICS CPD hours: 28

Type: Formal

 Glide through your Assessment of Professional Competence and gain more than a year’s worth of Formal CPD hours to boot with our coaching service.

Claims Preparation 

RICS CPD hours: 10

Type: Formal

Learn how to properly prepare a claim for your business. Correctly collect evidence and calculations in order to maximise your chances of the claim being accepted.

Construction Disputes and Avoidance 

RICS CPD hours: 10

Type: Formal

Examine what causes disputes in construction, how to avoid disputes and how to resolve them.

Project Audit and Evaluation

RICS CPD hours: 10

Type: Formal

A great little course for to improvement of yourself as a professional and your company through building your evaluation skills. This course will teach you to analyse your projects and work out how they could run better.

Risk Management

RICS CPD hours: 10

Type: Formal

Discover methods to predicts risks in construction projects that could cost your company and what to do to avoid them.

Health Safety and CDM Regulation

RICS CPD hours: 10

Type: Formal

Study the ins and outs of the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 law in order to make sure that your company is complying with legal health and safety requirements.

Project Documentation

RICS CPD hours: 10

Type: Formal 

Organise yourself and your company in order to maximise your efficiency and protect you against mistakes.

Tender Management

RICS CPD hours: 10

Type: Formal

Maximise your skills in preparing and delivering tender that will help you to win contracts.

Managing Projects with JCT Contracts

RICS CPD hours: 10

Type: Formal

 Familiarise yourself with contracts from the Joint Contracts Tribunal and learn how to use them to your advantage.