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College of Contract Management United Kingdom
College of Contract Management
United Kingdom

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Training By Venue:

Dubai,  UAE

Course Code TitleDateFeeApply
9711Digital Marketing and SEO29 and 30 Jun 2018£599Register
9712 Claims Preparation & Dispute Management15 Mar-23 Mar 2019£1,090 Register
9713Site Contract Management & Change Management30 Sep-08 Oct 2018£1,090 Register
9714Forensic Schedule Analysis 22 and 23 Feb 2018£890 Register

Doha,  Qatar

Course Code TitleDateFeeApply
9741Site Contract Management & Change Management19 Aug-27 Aug 2018£1,090 Register
9742Digital Marketing and SEO11 and 12 May 2018£599Register
9743Claims Preparation & Dispute Management30 Nov- 8 Dec 2018£1,090 Register
9744Forensic Schedule Analysis 1 and 2 Feb 2019£890 Register

London,  UK

Course CodeTitleDateFeeApply
4401Claims Preparation & Dispute Management19 Oct-27 Oct 2018£1,090 Register
4402Forensic Schedule Analysis 07 and 08 Dec 2018£890Register
4403Site Contract Management & Change Management09 Nov-12 Nov 2018£1,090 Register
4404Digital Marketing and SEO14 and 15 Sep 2018£599Register

Bangkok,  Thailand

Course CodeTitleDateFeeApply
6601Forensic Schedule Analysis 23 and 24 Nov 2018£890Register
6602Claims Preparation & Dispute Management03 Nov-06 Nov 2018£1,090 Register
6603Site Contract Management & Change Management07 Dec-10 Dec 2018£1,090 Register
6604Digital Marketing and SEO01 and 02 Dec 2018£599Register