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Level 5 BTEC HND in Business Management | Live online course

HND in Business Management

HND in business management

HND in Business Management

Live Online BTEC Level 5 HND Course (awarded by Pearson)HND

HND in Business Management (Full-Time and Part-Time)
Total Course Fee Per Year: £2,990
Study that Fits your Schedule
Guaranteed University place with up to 2 years’ exemptions

Monthly Direct Debit Payment Plan: £279 upfront fee and £279 x 24 months (Starting from Month 1 to Month 24 inclusive).





Firstly, managing a team is not as simple as telling people what to do. Most importantly, it takes a particular mindset and skillset to do the job well. Further, a great manager strives to do what is best for their team members, helping them to reach their individual potential and work as a team to meet the business’ goals. Many people possess the personal qualities it takes to be a good manager, such as being nurturing, empathetic and able to trust in others’ abilities. Also, with the right training, such people become strong and effective leaders.

The BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Management is aimed at people who want to train in management but may not have the time or inclination to attend a three-year degree course. The HND is roughly equivalent to the first two years of a degree and many universities are happy to accept HND holders into the third year to top up to a full degree. However, the HND in Business is a prestigious qualification in its own right and highly valued by employers. It is accredited by Pearson Education, the largest awarding body in the UK.

Moreover, the online nature of this course means that is accessible to everyone irrespective of work or personal commitments. Undoubtedly, it is an economically favourable alternative to attending a university course that will raise your profile and salary in the long run.


Your Skills

Indeed, the HND in Business Management will hone your managerial traits into transferable skills. These include but are not limited to:

Academic and Business English

As a representative and leader of your team, it will be vital that you are able to communicate effectively and professionally during your career.

Exam and Academic Writing Skills

Learn how to compose and structure essays, emails, letters and reports that set out information clearly while engaging (and even persuading) the reader.

Interpersonal Skills

As mentioned above, a good manager must be able to relate to their team. Undoubtedly, interpersonal skills will teach you to understand what your team and your employers expect of you.

Intra-personal Skills

Managers need the humility and self-reflective ability to critically analyse their own performance as well as that of their team. You will also learn how to review your work, deal with rejection or failure and how to organise yourself.

Computer Literacy

Also, as a management professional, you will need to be literate enough in IT to understand exactly what your team members are talking about. This course will further fill the gaps in your Microsoft Office knowledge and polish your technical terms.


Your Pathway

The HND in Business Management is your most valuable tool in carving a career in management. Whether you are looking to move up your current career ladder or you are just beginning, these are a few of the positions you could reach:

  • Project Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Business Adviser
  • Business Development Manager
  • Management Consultant

Key Benefits

A Flexible HND Course that Works Around You

So, studying online is the perfect solution for you if any of the following apply to you:

  • If you are currently working:

The fact is, working full-time is non-negotiable to most of us and takes a large chunk out of our week. However, studying online allows you to maintain your job and income without spending too much of your precious leisure time travelling to lectures. Indeed, all our lectures are held live online at weekends and recorded so that you can always catch up. This also allows you to get qualified while still getting paid.

  • If you don’t want to travel:

Travelling to lectures and seminars can be inefficient in terms of time and money. Furthermore, it also takes you away from other commitments you may have at home, such as childcare. Studying online offers you a sustainable solution, especially with road traffic and endless train delays to contend with. You will be able to do all of your lectures, resources and assessments from the comfort of your home.

  • If you reside overseas:

An HND in Business Management is as valuable to overseas students as it is in the UK. Gaining a real UK qualification can really impress your current or future employer and put you a cut above the competition.

The HND also gives you the opportunity to enter a real British university to gain a full degree. Many universities accept the HND as the equivalent of the first two years of university, meaning you could jump straight into the third and final year. This would allow you time to work and save money before coming to the UK, while still earning a fantastic qualification. Tier 4 Student Visas limit the amount of hours an overseas student can work while studying in Britain so this is a lifeline to many ambitious international students.

Technology Brings the Classroom to You

Many students go to university for the social aspect as much as the qualification they’ll receive. While we can’t hope to match campus life, we can bring the social advantages of the university seminar room to you.

Using our interactive technology, including shared screens, smart boards, forums and live video presentations, you and your classmates will take your HND journey together. You will be able to speak to your lecturer and ask questions during the lesson, discuss topics with classmates and offer your ideas. Many of our students find these resources more enjoyable and effective than traditional book learning.

Real University Lecturers Deliver a High Standard of Teaching

We decided that the best way to bring you a quality of education anywhere close to that which you’d receive at university was to use the same teachers. The same teachers, teaching the same subject using the same methods. While online learning may never quite be on a par with a face-to-face university education, we only hire real lecturers in order to make sure it’s fiercely close. We guarantee your lecturer will be an experienced and qualified professional in the field of business management.

Furthermore, your HND in Business will show employers and universities alike that you’ve got the drive and skills to one day manage a team, department or even your own business. Also, getting qualified online is becoming more and more commonplace as busy people look to further their careers without sacrificing their work or personal lives.

The College of Contract Management is approved by Pearson Education and we designed this course to meet their standards. This means your HND in Business Management will be awarded by Pearson; a worldwide recognised institution.

An Economically Favourable Option

Above all, since we don’t need to pay the gigantic fees it takes to maintain and staff a university, we don’t make you pay university costs either. Because our prices are reasonable and a practical investment for the career (and salary) benefits you’ll get off the back of your HND in Business Management. Furthermore, add that saving to what you’ll save on accommodation and travel, and you have an excellent reason to join us on your learning journey.

Guaranteed University Places with up to 2 Years’ Exemptions

This qualification is listed on Ofqual website and you can top up a bachelor’s degree such as BA (Hons) Business Management,  BA (Hons) Business Studies, BA (Hons) Management Accounting. Similarly, many universities will allow you to directly enter the second or third year. Also, it is worth noting, this is an assignment (open book online exam) based course.

Course Content


The HND in Business Management is made up of two parts.

Part 1: BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate (HNC)

Part 2: BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma (HND)


HND Modules

Each module or unit you take is worth credits. You must earn 120 credits at Level 4 to achieve your HNC and a further 120 at Level 5 to receive your HND.

Each module will be marked as either a Pass, Merit or Distinction, according to the quality of your work. Each credit you earn is given a value according to your grade, the total of which will make up your final grades for HNC and HND.


Level 4 Modules 

Unit 1: Business & Business Environment (15 credits)

Unit 2: Marketing Processes and Planning (15 credits)

Unit 3: Human Resource Management (15 credits)

Unit 4: Management and Leadership (15 credits)

Unit 5: Accounting Principles (15 credits)

Unit 6: Managing a Successful Business Project (15 credits)

Unit 8: Innovation and Commercialisation (15 credits)

Unit 13: Human Capital Management (15 credits)


Level 5 Modules

Unit 19: Research Project (Pearson Set) (30 credits)

Unit 20: Organisational Behaviour (15 credits)

Unit 24: Understanding and Leading Change (15 credits)

Unit 25: Global Business Environment (15 credits)

Unit 26: Principles of Operations Management (15 credits)


Level 5 Modules (Additional)

In addition to the 5 compulsory units you will study in your level 5 qualification, you are also required to study 2 further additional units. Allowing you to tailor your learning to best suit your needs.


The units available are from the Business Law and Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management pathways. You are required to pick one unit from each pathway.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management:

Unit 27: Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities (15 credits)

Unit 28: Launching a New Venture (15 credits)

Unit 29: Managing and Running a Small Business (15 credits)

Business Law:

Unit 38: Law of Contract and Tort (15 credits)

Unit 39: Company Law and Corporate Governance (15 credits)

Unit 40: Consumer and Intellectual Property Law (15 credits)


HND Assessment

At the end of each module you will be assessed on what you have learnt so far. As with our course content, all our assessments are designed under Pearson Education’s guidelines and requirements.

Entry Requirements

In order for us to consider your application for the HND in Business Management you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old, and
  • Be a fluent English speaker. Overseas students for whom English is not their mother-tongue will need to provide evidence that their English is good enough to keep up with the course. This can be any one of the following:
    • IELTS 5.5, with a minimum of 5.5 in both Reading and Writing
    • CEFR level B2
    • PTE 51
    • Or approved equivalent.

Pearson Qualifications

Pearson are a leading assessment body in the UK and their qualifications are highly respected across the globe. In particular, UK Russell Group universities including Oxford and Cambridge regularly accept Pearson qualifications in their admissions process. Importantly, Pearson is industry-focused with emphasis on its course providers (including the College of Contract Management) teaching vocational and also transferable skills which students can take directly into employment or further education.

Course Delivery

How You’ll Study

To help you organise your studies, you will have access to a virtual study platform called our Moodle. Your Moodle account will be where you access your live online lectures, your timetable and learning resources. You will also be able to add friends from your course, chat in forums and message your lecturer with any questions you may have about the lessons or assignments.

We will send you an invitation to each live online lecture. This will be an email link that you click on to access the lecture at the scheduled time. If you miss the lecture or particularly want to watch it again, you will be able to find recordings of all your previous lessons on Moodle.


How Often You’ll Study

The live online lectures are held on Saturday and Sunday evenings. They last for 2 hours each. You will do 1 or 2 lectures a week but we’ll send your timetable well in advance so that you can plan your activities accordingly.

To achieve a high grade for you HND, you will need to set aside a few hours every week for independent study.


How You’ll Be Taught

Despite the more advanced technology they use to teach with, our university lecturers aim to use the same teaching methods that they do in their lecture halls. Furthermore, these include class discussions, interactive presentations, case studies and assignment planning.


How You’ll Be Assessed

To conclude, we will send you an email when it’s time to get started on your assignment. We will also send you an assignment brief that will tell you what is expected. For Level 4 it will also give some suggested essay titles, whereas for Level 5 you will choose your own with the approval of your lecturer. All your assessments will be written essays and it is these that will be graded as Pass, Fail, Merit or Distinction.

Period of Study

Most importantly, you have the option to study the HND in Business Management full-time or part-time.

Part 1: BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate (HNC)

Full-time: Year 1

Part-time: Years 1 and 2

Part 2: BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma (HND)

Full-time: Year 2

Part-time: Years 3 and 4


HND Course Fees

In conclusion, the fee for this course is £2,990 per year, so £5,980 in total.

We have two payment options to make payment as easy as possible for you.

You can either pay a one-off payment. Alternatively, you can split the cost over 2 years via a monthly direct debit. Monthly Direct Debit Payment Plan: £279 upfront fee and £279 x 24 months (Starting from Month 1 to Month 24 inclusive).

Lastly, we accept all major credit and debit cards. Additionally, we can provide account details for banks transfer and cheques should be made payable to The College of Contract Management.

How to Apply

To apply to study for your BTEC Level 5 HND in Business Management, simply follow this step-by-step guide to the application process.

  1. Call or email our UK team to ask any questions and discuss your eligibility for the course.

Telephone: 01420 481 681

Telephone (International): +44 1420 481 681


  1. You will receive an application form via email. Please fill it in thoroughly and return it. We recommend you keep a copy.
  2. Send photos or copies of your documents, such as a CV and ID. These documents must be valid. We do a webcam identity and validity check before we release your diploma.
  3. Let us know which payment method you will be using. We will generate an invoice and send it to you.
  4. Once we have received your payment, we will enrol you on course and give you access to your Moodle account so you can prepare and begin.

Awarded By


Head of Admissions

Rebecca Reid
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681 Ext 206

Ohnmar Thaung Tin
Founder and Managing Director / SQS- Engineering Vocational Training School

Excellent lecturers and perfect teaching methods

CCM is an online College that is very helpful to achieve professional growth and success through effective techniques. Thanks to excellent lecturers and perfect teaching methods, I have gained valuable knowledge in my career and all courses have contributed to my professionalism better than ever. As for me, I am the Managing Director at QS Company, able to share my academic knowledge and technology in my field of work. Especially after the Covid 19 pandemic and the global crisis, there are too many disputes and problems for Claims in the parties involved in the Construction Industry. Thanks to the academic knowledge in the CCM course I can make perfect solutions with good results. Although CCM Lectures are online courses; we can learn as an in person class with live stream section. The CCM department is knowledgeable in very effectively using the online nature and techniques of the program and every team member always provides a promotional response. I have achieved Dip in PPM, Pro Dip in FIDIC and Certificate in Claims Preparation and Dispute Management  from CCM. Thanks much to all of the CCM team and lectures, I Wish the CCM great success.

Daniel Woolley

Recommend this Route

I have been delighted with the level of service and professionalism received from the CCM and I would recommend this route to Chartership to others who are considering gaining membership through CIOB. This route cuts out the need to rely on colleagues and peers for support and if you are willing to put in the work, you can really gain membership in as little as 2-4 months.

Imran Shaikh Iqbal

In a forensic delay analysis course, participants learn how to analyze delays in construction projects and determine the cause and effect of those delays. Testimony in such a course may involve presenting a case study where a delay occurred in a construction project and explaining how the delay was analyzed and resolved. In addition, cover the legal aspects of delay analysis, including the role of delay analysis in resolving disputes between parties involved in a construction project. Participants may also learn about best practices for conducting a forensic delay analysis and how to present their findings in a clear and concise manner. Overall, the goal for a forensic delay analysis course is to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the process of analyzing delays in construction projects and to provide practical skills for conducting such analysis in real-world scenarios.

Ahmed Mohamed Elassar
Contract Administrator / Qatar University

Highly Recommend the Course

I have benefitted from the course by correcting some significant concepts about the construction industry. Learning how to achieve successful project management for the benefit of all project parties, preserving rights and avoiding disputes where possible to consolidate good relations that help develop business internationally. I highly recommend the course for persons who work in construction projects.

Dr. Ghulam Murtuza Qureshi
Operation’s Manager & Clinical Governance and Quality Lead / Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

I have been able to apply my new skills and knowledge in my current role

I am proud to be able to provide a testimony for my successful completion of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership Practice course. This qualification has allowed me to develop my knowledge and understanding of business strategy, leadership and management techniques to a higher and more advanced level. Through this course I have been able to develop my ability to think strategically, use effective decision-making techniques, and understand the challenges that leaders and senior managers face in the modern business world. I have been able to apply my new skills and knowledge in my current role, which has enabled me to contribute significantly to the success of the organisation. I have been able to identify opportunities for improvement and develop plans to help the organisation reach its goals.

Feras Nakeshbandy
Senior Planning Engineer / Khatib & Alami

I advise people interested in studying delay analysis to attend this course

It was a nice experience; I advise people interested in studying delay analysis to attend this course for the following reasons: Competitive price, qualified trainers, distinguished lecturers with practical experience, and proactive course administrator, in addition to flexibility in attending lectures

Rosa Santos
Small Works Commercial Manager / J&J Fire Engineering

Rosa Santos

I really enjoyed this course and the overall information and support is really good. I could do it on my own time and be able to work and have a family life, which sometimes is not easy but so worth it. Specially now that I have finished it. This course gave me so much insight that I was able to put in to practice straight away.

Ankon Raj Sarkar
Infra Interface Engineer / Alstom Transport SA

My experience was truly amazing

My experience was truly amazing. I have learned professional templates and processes for applying my subject knowledge and work experience. This course is truly exciting and assisting, which gives the opportunity to know the construction industry in standard process-oriented way. Before this course I had bits and pieces construction knowledge, however upon completion of this course I have now solid knowledge which can be implemented in my future endeavours. Course administrator and assessors were knowledgeable and supportive which made the course more attractive.

Ahmad EL Hassan
Wastewater Process Engineer / Public Works Authority PWA

Just superb!

The content & the depth of the course material, the knowledge of the lecturers & the way Moodle is set up, is just superb!  For a working person like myself, I could access Moodle with the lectures any time. I could even choose from the recorded lectures of previous seasons’ modules or go with the live lectures. The material in each module is holistic. There is adequate reference and links to books, articles, design codes…etc. The lecturers were easily accessible. The assignments were prepared in a manner that served to test the understanding of concepts as well as a recap of the course material.

Zahid Ayub
Contracts Manager / Descon Engineering

The course is great for practicing professionals

The Contract Management course was suitable for me to compile my practical knowledge and structuring them to use effectively as flaws and doubts prevailing are eliminated after this study. This course covers knowledgeable material and individual can develop employable skill and having bright chances to be employed. The course is great for practicing professionals who acquired practical knowledge but lack theoretical understanding and require certification of their skills which is formally endorsed by CIArb.

Ahamed Zumail
Project Planning & Controls Lead / Granada Europe Engineering Construction LLC

Thank you so much CCM

Thank you so much CCM for providing such amazing lectures and discussions. I really enjoyed the lectures and was excited to attend every lectures. I would like to thank our lecturers for their passion and all the depth and application they go into with the topics. I greatly appreciate the assistance provide by the CCM throughout the course.

Mohammed Magdy Mohammed Lotfy
Senior Planning Engineer / Mott MacDonald

It was a wonderful and enjoyable study experience

It was a wonderful and enjoyable study experience that lasted for one year with the College of Contract Management. I hope to benefit from other courses in the near future due to the great benefit provided by the college as well as the flexibility provided by the method of study that suits most professionals.

Hady Berjaoui

Excellent course full of real life scenarios from experienced lecturers

Excellent course full of real life scenarios from experienced lecturers. The course covers the basics of planning all the way to conducting and writing delay analysis reports. Highly recommended for those wishing to continue their careers as delays analysts.

Andries Pelser
Schedule Analyst

Will definitely recommend the college and its courses to my friends and peers

Positive feedback only, all materials were clear, the lecturers are all very experienced and skilled. All administrative issues were immediately dealt with and had an overall pleasant experience, thank you! I am generally very happy with the course content, the lecturers and the administration. I look forward to taking future courses with CCM and will definitely recommend the college and its courses to my friends and peers.

Firoz Ahmad Khan
Quantity Surveyor

Thank you for giving me the zest to learn new things

I got the chartered membership (MCIOB), and I would like to thank you for your support. To get the chartered membership was challenging for me, but the CCM team were always there supporting me and ready to help. Assessor feedback was excellent. I have not only gained the Chartered membership but also a confidence to appear for better job opportunities. Thank you for giving me the zest to learn new things. I look forward to taking further guidance for another professional membership.

Mark Nelson
Senior Quantity Surveyor

I will be forever appreciative

After careful consideration on whether to undertake the CIOB professional review direct with the CIOB or go through the College of Contract Management UK I choose the excellent service provided by CCM. My decision was based upon the impressive fact that the CCM has a 100% pass rate in the professional review coaching service. My result supports this fact as I passed on my first attempt. CCM helped me achieve my professional goal for 2020 and for that I will be forever appreciative.

Shahab Ahmad
Project Control & Planning Manager

The support and collaborative approach by CCM has made it possible for me

Very often, we take steps towards our desired goal but sometimes we might fail and sometimes we see the bright light of success with the guidance from the right people. The support and collaborative approach by CCM has made it possible for me. The succinct details for the professional review were clearly defined by the institute and I feel it was a value for money. My application has succeeded and finally, I am felicitated with MCIOB. Many thanks to the instructor and Rebecca for being part of my success story.

Fawad Ahmed MCIOB
Planning Manager

Very impressive, helpful and highly recommended

College of Contracts management very well organized as an institution, and the courses are well focused. I have been very happy with the service your College offers. In particular, CIOB Professional Review Coaching has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learnt so much from all your constructive input and guidance throughout sessions. Very impressive, helpful and highly recommended

Muneez Mahmood MCIOB
Technical Manager / AE7-Dubai

I would strongly recommend their services for CIOB PR coaching

College of contract management is a very professional college; I would strongly recommend their services for CIOB-PR coaching. I selected online services during COVID. Their techniques/ slides quality/ webinars assisted me very well to understand competency requirements of CIOB. They were very proactive in their communications and approachable that bonded and helped gain confidence to successfully achieve my MCIOB in the very first attempt. A very big thanks to college and all associated in supporting me achieve prestigious chartered membership.

Wael Samain
Construction Program Director

I thoroughly enjoyed the course

I thoroughly enjoyed the course material as it is comprehensive and covers in-depth FIDIC contracts conditions in the  Yellow, Silver and Red book latest editions 2017.  It is highly recommended that Project Managers, Quantity surveyors as well as Commercial and Contract Managers attend this course to keep abreast of FIDIC contracts development in the industry. The course is presented by an experienced Legal and Claims Consultant to the construction industry.

claims course
Daniel Polgar
Senior Quantity Surveyor / Linesight

I would strongly recommend

I would strongly recommend using the services of the College of Contract Management to gain MCIOB status. I found the online seminars very informative and the professionalism of all to be excellent throughout, always responding quickly to any questions that I may have. The review of my submission enabled me to pass at the first instance and also ensured I achieved the certification in a quick timeframe. I am pleased to have achieved the chartership and would use the colleges services again for future courses.

Asif Kader
Quantity Surveyor / MPH Technical Services WLL

Thank you CCM!!

I am a very honoured to get my application for MCIOB approved in a very short time and in a single submission. To prepare a Professional Review report meeting the CIOB requirements is a real challenge and with the guidance from CCM lecturers and their internal review process it was done with accuracy. I endorse the CCM's claim of 100% success rate in MCIOB submissions considering the quality of services provided to me and my friends. Thank you CCM!!

Dina Mohamed

I am now a chartered surveyor

I would like to share with you the very happy news that I successfully passed my APC and I am now a chartered surveyor. I wouldn’t have done this achievement without the great APC couching from CCM which helped me a lot and was the reason behind my success. I will definitely recommend your program to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you very much again and I wish all the success to all the other candidates.

Nancy Khalifa
Project Quantity Surveyor / Engineering Consultants Group

Thank you for the amazing support

I declare my greatest appreciation to the College of Contract Management as their staff has given me valuable guidance, good practice and advice during the preparation of my Professional report. It was my pleasure to enrol in the coaching service which has helped to achieve my goal to become a Chartered Member in CIOB. Once again thank you for the amazing support.

Patrick Murphy
Area Building Manager / Mitchells & Butlers Plc

I would have no hesitation in recommending CCM

After reviewing many course providers, I chose the College of Contract Management for the MCIOB course. Their communication, delivery of webinars and most importantly the support they provide, both for the exam and subsequent Professional Review service, was fantastic. Even during the Covid--19 lockdown, their ongoing support level never dropped. I would have no hesitation in recommending CCM to anyone wishing to further their qualifications and career’s.

Omar Awata
Senior Construction Manager / Urbacon Contracting & Trading

I highly recommend the college

To become a CIOB member you will have demonstrated that you have built professional competence upon a foundation of academic expertise and will give you greater encouragement to acquire more knowledge and enable you to better prove your skills. The college of contract management provided me professional advice to complete my competition report with professional review. I highly recommend the college

Mario O. Tolentino
Quantity Surveyor / HBK Contracting

Claims Preparation and Dispute Management Training Programme

The 4-day training had been very impressive and effective that made me grow personally and professionally, with the presenter being consistent in imparting the information in a manner that all participants are learning and actively participating in all the tasks during the course of the training and I can proudly say that it had exceeded my expectation. Many thanks to our course presenter for being very approachable and kind.

Biju Jacob MCIOB
Sr. Project Control Specialist / Qatar Kentz W.L.L

It is with great pleasure

I announce my greatest appreciation to the College of Contract Management, during the preparation of  Professional  Report, CCM teacher and staff gave me the valuable guidance and advice which helped to achieve my determined goal for the year. One of my ambitions to become Chartered Member in CIOB, the milestone achieved.  Once again thank you for amazing help!

Michael J Cullen
Technical Manager / KEEBS / WK Plasterers Ltd

I would highly recommend the college

I was very apprehensive prior to starting the course, not knowing what to expect, but from the first online lecture I was made to feel part of the class. The structure of the lectures are easy to follow and enable full interaction. The lecturers are all very helpful, providing guidance and direction where needed along with very descriptive explanations of all aspects being studied. Discussions throughout each lecture helped me to understand and retain what was being taught. A very big thank you to the College and all involved who helped me achieve a Distinction in the Chartered Membership Programme.

Kingsley Okoro MCIOB

CIOB Chartered Membership

Producing a good professional review report that meets the requirements and standard for chartered membership of CIOB can be quite challenging. However, with the professional advice of College of Contract Management, I was able to write a good professional review report that earned me my MCIOB in a single submission. I strongly recommend the College to whoever that is seeking to achieve chartered membership.

Michael Whittington MCIOB
Building Surveyor / Peabody Trust

Support from the college was first class

Thanks for providing an excellent service, the support from the College of Contract Management was first class.  I also found the online webinars very informative and useful. I have already recommended the College of Contract Management to my fellow work colleagues, who are now looking at becoming MCIOB !!!.

Sajid Husain
Senior Quantity Surveyor / AKTOR

I would recommend the college and the CMP course

Before joining the lectures I had my unknown fears that how would I understand the subject and study materials because of online lectures. But really I appreciate the lecturers who made lectures so descriptive, explanatory and to easily understand. During the lecture I like one thing most that after explaining each topic they put a question for us to know our concentration and understanding towards the lecture. I would recommend the college and the Chartered Membership Programme.