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Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and SEO Course | Study Online

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Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and SEO Course

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and SEO Course

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and SEO Course
7-month live-online course based on practical skills
Study that fits around your schedule
Easy payment plan available


Digital Marketing is big business these days. The rise of online shopping, social media and limitless information have undeniably changed consumer experience forever. While the internet is saturated with competing businesses, it is the role of the Digital Marketer or SEO Expert to ensure that their website grabs attention.  If you are a digital marketing professional, content writer or anyone trying to bring more traffic to your website then this SEO course is for you.

The College of Contract Management‘s Digital Marketing and SEO course is a practical training course primarily focused on raising your website’s search engine rank. It’s a live online course that will guide you week-by-week through the (organic and white hat) tricks of the trade. You will explore the digital marketing process, organic SEO, onsite and offsite optimisation and plenty more. By the end of the course, you will be able to optimise your website and therefore increase your sales and grow your business.

Our live online lectures mean that you then get the interactive benefits of a classroom environment from the comfort of your own home. You can ask questions during the lecture and discuss topics with your classmates. Despite the huge benefit of this, the primary benefit of studying your SEO course online is that your study is flexible. Therefore, we record all of our live online lectures so that you can watch them at a time that suits you. The flexible nature and manageable hours of this Digital Marketing and SEO course mean that you can continue to work full time while you study.

Key Benefits

  • Boost your search engine results page (SERP) ranking.
  • Increase in traffic and sales.
  • Increase readership to your content or blog.
  • Earn a qualification in Digital Marketing and SEO that will show employers your professional skills.
  • Live online lectures give you an interactive, classroom experience from home.
  • Flexible schedule and manageable hours minimise the impact on your work and home life.

Course Delivery

  • Upon payment, we will give you access to Moodle. This will be your course hub, from here you can access your lectures, lecture recordings, timetable, course materials and messages.
  • We will send you a link every week to the latest live online lecture.
  • Your lecturer will deliver interactive live online lectures using shared-screen software.
  • You can speak to your classmates during the lecture and add them as Friends on Moodle.
  • Towards the end each module you will be required to complete a written assignment.

Course Content

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and SEO course is made up of the following 4 modules:

  • 1.  Offsite Optimisation
  • 2.  Onsite Optimisation
  • 3.  Search Engine Marketing
  • 4.  Social Media Marketing

Learning Objectives

Throughout the Digital Marketing and SEO course, you will:

  • Learn how to use digital marketing strategies to increase sales and grow your business.
  • Gain the ability to apply organic SEO through white hat methodologies that will then bring high traffic to your website.
  • Obtain skills in the basics of inbound marketing, SEO, landing pages, blogging, conversion optimisation, lead nurturing and email marketing. Also, learn how they all work together to create a cohesive and effective inbound marketing strategy.
  • Learn how to apply digital marketing tactics to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Audit your organisation’s current website and recognise the fundamentals of web analytics. Learn how to create a Google Analytics account in order to glean insights into your traffic and audience.
  • Gain the ability to build and publish a well-structured, high-performance optimised website through on-site SEO techniques.
  • Understand organic search marketing strategies that will boost conversions, stand out against competitors and ensure the best possible Return on Investment.
  • Utilise and understand paid search, how it differs from organic search and the key benefits of both.
  • Plan and execute a content marketing strategy in a cost-effective manner in order to obtain the best results.
  • Learn how to apply digital marketing methods then select the best digital and social media tools for your target audience.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and SEO course. However, you must be at least 18 years old. The course is designed for, but not limited to, digital marketing professionals.

If you have any queries about the SEO course, please email [email protected] or call 01420 481 681.

Period of Study

The Digital Marketing and SEO course is a 7-month programme. The course schedule includes live lectures, exercises and open book online exams (assignments).

Each of the 4 modules will take approximately 8 weeks to complete.

You will have the opportunity to revise or retake any unsatisfactory assignments.


The total course fee is £1,188.

Alternatively, you may choose a monthly payment plan. This will be an upfront payment of £169, then a monthly direct debit of £179 for 7 consecutive months.

Please note that paying in full comes at a discounted total price compared to paying monthly.

Please speak to one of our Course Administrators about payment options.


Additional Information

If you need to discuss anything, please contact the College or our International Centres/Career Advisers directly. The start date of your course is dependent on the enrollment date of your module. The enrollment date will be the date of your full payment or module payment.

Course Administrator

Krista McLay
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681
Email: [email protected]