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Interview Coaching and Resume Writing | College of Contract Management

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Interview Coaching and Resume Writing

Job interview

Interview Coaching and Resume Writing

Interview Coaching and Resume Writing

Online CPD Programme
10 hours, Course Fee £ 89
You can learn while you are working


Companies are looking to fill vacancies with suitable candidates, these vacancies might include your dream job, this course will help you to secure your dream job by teaching you the necessary skills to conduct a successful interview.

Interview Coaching and Resume Writing will teach you to interview techniques and strategies that will improve your chances and make you excel compared to other candidates. It will increase your confidence and teach you to give impressive answers to the interviewers’ questions and ask the right questions when encouraged to do so during an interview.

CPD Hours

This course will assist you in gaining your CPD hours. If you are hoping to become a chartered member of any professional institutions, you will be required to provide records of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). You are required to keep records of the time spent accumulating CPD hours. The course provides 10 CPD hours which will count towards your Continuing Professional Development. After completing the course, you will receive a signed certificate stating the CPD hours gained.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion, candidates will be able to:

  • Improve your job search skills and make your search more efficient
  • Utilise LinkedIn in your job search
  • Maximise your LinkedIn profile’s impact
  • Write an eye-catching and impressive resume
  • Write the perfect covering letter
  • Succeed in the interview process
  • Gain interviewing skills, tips, techniques
  • Display the correct body language for interviews
  • Follow up after an interview

Course Administrator

Krista McLay
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681