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Advanced Diploma in Construction Management


Construction Management Course (Live Online)

Construction ManagementConstruction Management Course – Advanced Diploma
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A Construction Manager is one of the most fundamental members of any building project. From choosing the location right through to the grand opening, the Construction Project Manager is involved in the entire process of building a new structure. Construction Managers earn an average starting salary of £27,000 while experienced Construction Managers’ average income £70,000, according to the National Career Service. If you think you could lead a construction team but don’t have the experience or qualifications you need, consider this Construction Management course.

An Advanced Diploma is a great way to begin your career. Whether you want to go straight into work or progress to university, this qualification will help you there. The aim of the course is to give you a varied and thorough understanding of all aspects of Construction Management and to set you apart from the rest in the eyes of future employers. Advanced Diplomas are well-respected industry qualifications and employers value the skills that you gain on the programme. The Diploma can lead to a rewarding professional career for men and women in the construction industry.

The Construction Management course will help you to become a qualified professional with in-demand, vocational skills. It takes more than a rounded knowledge of construction to become a Construction Project Manager. You need to be able to communicate, negotiate and make decisions for the benefit of both your team and your project. On this course, you will build these lifelong skills that will benefit you throughout your career.

Course Overview

This is a Level 5 course and is worth 240 credits. The College of Contract Management offers live online courses styled for those who want to continue to work full-time while they gain their qualifications. You can ask the lecturer questions during the session, as you would in a classroom,  via voice or on-screen chat. If you have missed any lectures, you can rewatch them from the recordings which will be available on our Moodle.

Whether you have family responsibilities or want to get some money in the bank before you progress to university, the Advanced Diploma in Construction Management is a valuable asset to your CV. The majority of universities accept these awards in their admissions process. This well-established UK qualification is set at an intermediate, undergraduate level and places academic theory within a practical context. Working at this level can similarly prepare you to study for a degree in a British or overseas university.

The Advanced Certificate in Construction Management can be achieved upon successful completion of your first year. You’ll then receive your Advanced Diploma in Construction Management once you finish your second year. It is possible to expedite the course completion to 12-18 months, please speak to a Course Administrator to discuss how.

Key Benefits

  • A global skills shortage in construction.
  • Plenty of job opportunities with higher pay.
  • Lucrative career path.
  • Improved employability.
  • You can progress to a Bachelor’s Degree at university.
  • Flexible study schedule that means you don’t need to sacrifice work or family.
  • Studying live online course saves your time and money.
  • This Construction Management course meets employers’ needs.
  • Gain a wide range of knowledge and transferable skills.
  • The lectures will be conducted by first-class British lecturers who teach at UK universities.
  • You will receive the highest possible quality of teaching.
  • You can learn anywhere, all you need is a computer or tablet and a good internet connection.

Course Content

The course takes 2 years to complete. Each academic year will be made up of 6 core modules. Your performance will be assessed by open-book online exams (assignments). Please see the list of modules below.

Year 1:

  • Fundamental of Engineering Drawings
  • Construction and Civil Engineering Technology
  • Managing Sustainable Construction
  • Project Management
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Tendering and Procurement

Year 2:

  • Commercial Management
  • Measurement and Estimating
  • Contract Administration
  • Cost Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Claims and Dispute Resolution

Entry Requirements

In order to apply for the Advanced Diploma in Construction Management course, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old, and
  • Have a minimum GCSE Grade C in both Maths and English (or international equivalent), or
  • Have a Level 3 qualification in Engineering/Science, or
  • If you feel you have relevant experience or qualifications that do not appear on this list, please don’t hesitate to send your most recent CV to [email protected]  One of our Course Administrators will be happy to advise you.

Course Delivery

  • We will give you access to Moodle, our virtual study platform. From here you will be able to access your timetable, lecture recordings, source material and messages.
  • Each of our lectures is held live online. This maximises your learning experience because it allows you to speak to your lecturer and classmates as you would at university or college.
  • We generally hold our live online lectures in the evening at weekends but you can catch up at any time via Moodle.
  • Our software allows you and your lecturer to share a screen so that you can work through the course topics together.

Period of Study

This Advanced Diploma in Construction Management course generally takes 2 years to complete, with each module being 8 weeks long. We will invite you to 2 or 3 live online lectures a week but attendance is not mandatory, you can catch up at your convenience. We strongly recommend spending a few hours a week on individual study.

The College will assign you an open-book exam for each module which you will then have 6 weeks to complete from home. Sometimes we do allow extensions if you have a valid and provable reason. If you fail to submit an assignment, you will be offered a maximum Pass grade rather than Merit or Distinction. You will have the chance to revise or retake your exams if you fail. We offer you a second attempt free of charge however further attempts will cost extra. Additionally, around assessment time the College will organise revision sessions and group study to help develop your writing and presenting skills.


Total course fee per year is £2,736 so total fee for the 2 year course is £5,472

Full Payment

Year 1 – £2,736

Year 2 – £2,736

For full payment, we accept most credit cards, cheques or bank transfers.

Alternatively, we do offer a monthly direct debit plan.

Monthly Direct Debit 

For the monthly payment plan, we require an initial upfront payment of £270, then a monthly direct debit £270 for 23 months.

However, paying in full offers you a discount compared to the monthly payment plan.

Additional Information

Each of our modules is stand-alone and thanks to our lecture recordings, you can start immediately. The start date of your Construction Management course is dependant on the date of your enrolment. The enrolment date is the date that we receive your agreed payment. You will not be awarded for any partial or module completion.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat, email or telephone. Alternatively, you can contact our Admissions Administrators or Course Administrators through LinkedIn or any other source of contact.

Course Administrator

Saji Ib
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681
Email: [email protected]