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College of Contract Management
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COVID-19 Updates | Online CPD Course on COVID-19 in Construction

COVID-19 – CPD Course





Introduction & COVID-19 Updates


Firstly, with COVID-19 updates consistently trickling through news streams, it’s no wonder many people around the world are filled with uncertainty. It’s important we use the knowledge we have to equip ourselves for these situations. This online CPD course is aimed towards those working within the construction industry and how they can adapt to these uncertain times of coronavirus. Moreover, the course itself will be over 4 hours, and will follow best practice for recording and understanding scenarios in line with COVID-19 updates. This is a great and valuable course if you are working in Claims Management, Quantum Analysis, or other similar disciplines. Most importantly, the course is taught by an industry professional who has decades of experience in claims and delay analysis.

This College of Contract Management CPD course will be excellent for your professional repertoire and proves your ability to adapt within the industry. Furthermore, it will help you to understand methods of tackling delays and suspensions caused by the worldwide pandemic. The information is given in light of recent COVID-19 updates so you’re getting current knowledge. Consequently, you can return to work with up-to-date methods and resolutions of how to best tackle the situation.


CPD Hours


When you complete CPD, known as Continuing Professional Development, you utilise new methods of learning. It is often used by professionals around the world to improve their expertise. CPD is an important way to learn new methods and techniques within your industry. Within construction, it is especially important since it is vital to keep up with health and safety regulations. Also, keeping up with new techniques will help make a workplace more efficient. This is great for productivity, efficiency and morale.

Similarly, you have to show proof of CPD hours to join a chartered institution. This way, they can prove your competence and commitment to development. They can be greatly beneficial for this exact reason. There will be no formal assessment for this course, just interactive learning. Furthermore, there will be a question and answer session at the end in relation to the session outcomes and Covid-19 updates. Make sure to ask the industry expert running the course for any advice or queries you might have.


Successful Outcomes


  • Keeping records throughout the pandemic to manage delays and suspensions, including cost reports
  • Understand how COVID-19 updates are affecting the main forms of contract, FIDIC, JCT and NEC
  • You will learn the difference between suspension of work and disruption of work
  • Updating records with COVID-19 impacts, as well as revising schedules
  • Re-baseline projects to forecast effects
  • How to make sure future tenders include COVID-19 updates and provisions
  • Contractual and financial issues regarding the effects of COVID-19.

Course Administrator

Kirsten Weissenberg
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681 Ext 200

Mario O. Tolentino
Quantity Surveyor / HBK Contracting

Claims Preparation and Dispute Management Training Programme

The 4-day training had been very impressive and effective that made me grow personally and professionally, with the presenter being consistent in imparting the information in a manner that all participants are learning and actively participating in all the tasks during the course of the training and I can proudly say that it had exceeded my expectation. Many thanks to our course presenter for being very approachable and kind.

Biju Jacob MCIOB
Sr. Project Control Specialist / Qatar Kentz W.L.L

It is with great pleasure

I announce my greatest appreciation to the College of Contract Management, during the preparation of  Professional  Report, CCM teacher and staff gave me the valuable guidance and advice which helped to achieve my determined goal for the year. One of my ambitions to become Chartered Member in CIOB, the milestone achieved.  Once again thank you for amazing help!