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Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Contract Management

Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Contract Management

Contract Management Course Live Online 

Contract Management Professional Practice Course
Total Course Fee £1,788Contract Management
Total Credits 50 under ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation)
No. of Modules 8
Study that fits your schedule

Accredited by the CICES, the CIArb, the CMI and the QSi.
Direct Entry to become an ACIArb upon successful completion of the course.


The Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice Contract Management course will give you the skills you need in order to start your career in Contract Management. You will therefore build the competencies you need to become, for example, a Contract Manager, Project Manager, Claim Consultant or Project Control Engineer. This course is specifically designed  for construction professionals working in managerial positions, such as Site or Project Managers. It’s also tailored towards Quantity Surveyors, Civil Engineers and Lawyers working in Construction or Oil and Gas. The Advanced Diploma is equivalent to a Postgraduate qualification so will therefore boost your Bachelor’s Degree and lead to a rewarding career in construction, oil and gas industries.

The course content provides you with a thorough knowledge, understanding and skills base in contract management. This will help you to work as a successful contract management professional in order to maximise profit for the companies your work with.

If you’re looking for a higher salary, greater responsibility and believe you have the traits of a great manager, then the Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice Contract Management course is ideal for you. Above all, our live online course fits around your schedule.

Key Benefits

  • 50 credits under European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).
  • Postgraduate level Advanced Diploma.
  • 6 – 9 month programme.
  • Live online lectures.
  • You can fit learning around your working life.
  • You can learn from home.
  • All lectures will be scheduled at non-working hours such as weekday evening and weekends.
  • Senior British University Lecturers who have over 40 years’ industrial experience in this sector.
  • Value-added and economically favourable.
  • Progress your career towards more senior roles and a higher salary.
  • Enable you to take advantage of a global skills shortage in Contract Management.
  • Take a step towards becoming a construction leader.
  • Maximise profit for your employer.
  • Learn to mitigate risks and protect your project from losses.
  • Qualify to become an ACIArb.
  • Qualify to become an ACInstCES.
  • Gain a through knowledge along with the essential skills needed to work as a successful Contract Management professional.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Quantity Surveying / Engineering / Management / Law / any Construction Studies, OR
  • NVQ Level 6 and a minimum of 2 years’ work experience in construction projects, OR
  • Diploma (Level 4 or 5) and minimum 5 years’ managerial experience, and
  • English language proficiency.

Course Structure

The modules of this course are:


  • CM210 Contract Structure and Documentation
  • CM220 Construction Financial Management and Procurement
  • CM230 Construction Law
  • CM240 Construction Site Operations
  • CM310 Forms of Contract
  • CM320 Construction Claims
  • CM330 Construction Planning and Scheduling
  • CM340 Construction Dispute Resolution

Method of Delivery

We will deliver your course through our online virtual study platform, called Moodle. From Moodle you will access:

  • Your live online lectures. You and your lecturer will have a shared screen so that you can work through ideas together.
  • Your Contract Management course resources.
  • Recordings of the live online lecturers that you can watch at any time.
  • Your assignment briefs and submission links.
  • Your results.
  • Messages to and from your lecturer and classmates.
  • Your friends list.

Period of Study

The Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice Contract Management course is a 6 – 9 month programme. Altogether, it includes 760 hours of learning.

You will be required to complete assignments at the end of each module. You will then be able to revise or resubmit your assignments if your results are unsatisfactory.


The total course fee is £1,788.

You also have the option of using our monthly payment plan.

This consists of an upfront fee of £275 then a monthly direct debit of £275 for 6 consecutive months.

However, paying in full offers a discounted fee in comparison to the monthly payment plan.

Additional Information: The start date of your contract management course is dependent on the enrolment date of your course. The enrolment date is effective from the date of your full payment, or partial payment to a particular module.

Accredited By

Course Administrator

Chris Munns
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681
Email: [email protected]