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Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Course

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Human Resource Management Course (Part-Time)
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The Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management (HRM) is a level 5 course. This course will give you a progression route into employment as a professional HR/ Learning and Development Manager or Recruitment Manager and also lead to higher education including university degree programmes. Our programme is a well-respected industry qualification for business students. It can lead to a rewarding professional career for men and women.

The course is designed to help you to become a highly skilled HR professional. The course content provides the main aspects of international business and human resource management skills and talents to work as a successful Human Resource Management professional who needs to have a strategic approach to the effective management of the people in a company or business organisation.

This well-established qualification is set to an intermediate undergraduate level and places academic theory within a practical context as well as enabling you to pass a degree with honours or distinction in any university in the United Kingdom or overseas.

This course is valuable to anyone who is looking to further their career in the field of HR/ Learning and Development and you can easily find employment both locally and overseas. The college of contract management can help you achieve this world-renowned qualification by guiding you through each step.

The Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management will give you the classroom environment without you having to be in an actual class. What’s more, you can safely leave the task of scheduling your live lectures up to us so that you can follow the course during your time off work. The students can even ask questions and clarify any unclear areas during the live online session via voice or chat. The lectures are scheduled in a way that is convenient for you where you can continue to work and take part in the lectures at a time that is convenient for you. If you could not take part in the live lectures you also have the option to catch up with them through the Moodle, which is a virtual study platform.

Key Benefits

  • Skills shortages worldwide
  • Quick employment opportunities
  • Possible step to successfully continue the degree program
  • This course will fit in with business’s needs
  • Your role will be of higher value to your employer’s business
  • You will gain a wide range of knowledge in Human Resource Management
  • You can gain the standard qualification through a part-time and weekend learning opportunity
  • You need an only a good internet connection and a computer to gain the valid UK qualification

Course Content

The course is made up of one year. The course consists of 6 core modules. Students performance will be assessed by open book online exams (assignments). This is a one year programme.

  • Employment Law and Managing Employment Relations
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Employee Resourcing and Talent Management
  • Leading, Managing and Developing People
  • Human Resource Management Practice
  • International Human Resource Management

Entry Requirements

  • At least 18 years old, and
  • At least a Grade C in GCSE in English and other two subjects (or Equivalent), or
  • Level 3 qualification in Human Resource Management or equivalent, or
  • If you have the relevant experience please contact us on with your updated CV

Course Delivery

  • Course materials and recording of lectures will be available in our Moodle
  • Live online will be scheduled at weekends or weekdays evenings
  • You can ask questions during your lectures
  • You can enter into the forum of course followers in our Moodle
  • You will learn from wherever you are living
  • You can see lecturer’s computer screen and whiteboard during the live lectures

Period of Study

The course follows a two-year programme. The following course schedule includes live lectures, exercises and open book online exams (assignments).

  • Each Module will be carried for an 8 weeks period

There will be a number of revisions or re-submissions of unsuccessful exams, which should be allocated at the end of each module. All our lectures are experienced and PhD qualified British lecturers who also have Human Resource Management professional experience. Further, the college will organise group study and develop the presenting skills of students if required. In addition, each student is required to carry out independent study for a minimum required hours.


Total course fee is £2,370 or alternatively, you may choose monthly payment plan

  1. Full Payment


  1. Monthly Direct Debit 

Alternatively, you may pay £189 per month through monthly direct debit for a total of 12 months and the upfront fee £189.

However, the full payment is discounted than the monthly payment plan.

Additional Information: If you need to discuss anything, please contact the college directly. You can contact us on or +44(0) 1420 481681 or live chat during working hours. You can start the course immediately as this is a rolling module by module deliverable course. You will not be awarded for any partial or module completion. At the successful completion of 6 modules, you will be awarded an Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management.

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