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Claims Preparation


Claims Preparation

Claims Preparation Online CPD ProgrammeClaims
10 formal CPD hours, Course Fee £ 89
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It is not uncommon for construction workers of all levels to have to handle claims during the course of their career. This CPD short course will make you aware of the process of making claims in construction. It will also teach you how to present your information and evidence in a way that will maximise the chances of your claim being approved. You’ll learn to implement effective construction project administration in order to safeguard your company for any future claims.

This Claims Preparation course is a valuable addition to your professional profile that fits conveniently into your schedule. The College of Contract Management teaches through online lectures.

The course lectures will be conducted by Senior Consultants who have expertise in the field of construction claims and extensive experience as General Contractors.

CPD Hours

Anyone hoping to become a member of a professional chartered institute needs to build Continuing Professional Development hours. This course will provide you with 10 formal CPD hours. These break down to 4 CPD hours spent attending your live online lectures and a further 6 hours of independent study using the supplementary reading material we will provide for you.

Once you have completed your 10 CPD hours, we will issue you with an electronic, signed Certificate of Completion that will confirm the CPD hours you’ve obtained. This does not require any formal assessment.

Successful Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be aware of the causes for and process of making claims in construction.
  • Have the ability to recognise claimable situations and therefore maximise project income.
  • Recognise contractual entitlements and obligations.
  • Identify and document delays or issue relating to project schedules.
  • Organise an effective filing and documentation system.
  • Understand which events need to be noted throughout projects in order to later support claims.
  • Develop analytical methods and evaluation techniques to use in your claims.

Course Administrator

Kirsten Weissenberg
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681
Email: [email protected]