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MRICS Chartered

Being MRICS Chartered (Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) is a major international chartered qualification that significantly enhances employability and professional advancement. Employers around the world acknowledge it as a sign of competence. With this certified qualification, you have a greater likelihood of working in the sectors most sought after by the professionals. The initials ‘MRICS’ on your visiting card contribute to your specialist skills and provide a mark of confidence and achievement. Employers across the globe are therefore looking for RICS-qualified experts. This achievement will significantly enhance career prospects and advancement.

You’re already on the correct path if you’re about to begin, or are preparing for, an accredited qualification. To become a member of RICS, you must finish your Assessment of Professional Competence (APC), which includes finishing a structured coaching period with an employer.  Generally, structured training requires two to three years and comprises of on-the-job teaching and evaluation. The APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) is the practical education and knowledge that contributes to becoming MRICS Chartered and gaining chartered surveyor status when coupled with other educational credentials.

Becoming an RICS member to become an MRICS Chartered

The primary distinction between each path is the number of organized instructions that you have to do prior to the actual final evaluation of the APC. To join RICS as an Associate Member or a Chartered Member, you will have to pass a series of assessments. We offer different flexible ways through the assessment process and will support you throughout your journey to qualifying as a member.


Graduates with a job experience of fewer than five years generally pursue Graduate Route 1:

  • Complete a degree (or postgraduate degree) certified by RICS.


  • Join a company as a trainee surveyor, gain knowledge and receive organized instruction from your APC (sometimes in combination with a postgraduate course). Training requires at least 23 months and generally lasts from 2 to 3 years.


  • Complete your APC and bring the final evaluation of the APC.


Not only do MRICS Chartered surveyors enhance their job opportunities with a globally recognized standard of professional achievement, but they also gain more. The 2014 wage study of Macdonald & Company revealed that chartered surveyors gained 20% more than their unchartered peers.


Continuing professional development requirements of the RICS to become an MRICS Chartered

RICS practitioners (AssocRICS, MRICS Chartered and FRICS) are required to finish at least 20 hours of continuous professional development per year. This program guarantees that participants retain their abilities and skills and fosters an ethos of ongoing learning.


What does RICS offer students?

RICS provides free registration for students. Student affiliation benefits include career guidance, a comprehensive teaching and research materials library, work opportunities for students and professional surveyors, and access to the RICS network.


RICS Education Trust research funding

RICS has an RICS Education Trust. The Trust provides grants of up to £10,000 for participants conducting study initiatives, so it may be interesting to check out, particularly if you’re targeting a research-based field of study.  The Trust does not give financial assistance to undergraduate or postgraduate learners – preference is given to full-time practitioners and academics.


APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) leading to MRICS Chartered status

At the College of Contract Management, our APC Assessor will be your private advisor to assist you through the phase. The most suitable way to become MRICS Chartered on the skills and knowledge of an individual. We would, therefore, start by evaluating your curriculum vitae and guiding you on the easiest path to become MRICS Chartered .

Our service is extremely effective, and the level of achievement is very high. To help you or your business attain more in the future, we would like to use our expertise. The APC training provided by our experts will save you money and time as they operate with you to prevent pitfalls and guide you on the most effective way to achieve your goals.

We also understand that keeping a structured and clear focus on the many and diverse procedures and records. Your manager and advisor will, therefore, work with you to guarantee that you are effective. Our training facilities offer live, versatile internet meetings that fit your schedule for the job. You can participate from anywhere in the world.

The four pathways

There are four accessible choices, the first of which is offered by the College of Contract Management. All others should be undertaken directly through RICS. These evaluations require completing an online module. Submitting written statements to show your knowledge and concluding with a formal online interview.

  1. Assessment of Professional Competence (APC): Suitable for people with qualifications at the degree stage and work-based knowledge.
  2. Senior Professional Assessment: We give an evaluation specifically intended for senior practitioners in positions with leadership and management duties in recognition of outstanding professional accomplishment.
  3. Specialist Assessment:  Accessible to those who provide enriched services within a discipline of RICS and are acknowledged for their impact and competence.
  4. Academic Assessment: Appropriate for those in education or learning, this is a degree-level program requiring a bachelor’s degree and appropriate learning experience of at least 3 years.

Benefits of becoming an apprentice-chartered surveyor

  • You learn from your peers as well as from leading chartered surveyors on the job. Providing something extremely useful that you simply cannot get in the classroom.
  • It’s often who you know, not what you know that matters. You’re going to have the chance to network with a broad spectrum of experts from many distinct areas. Build your network soon and it will stand you in excellent stead for the future.
  • Earn a reasonable wage and be financially autonomous while you are studying. Offer yourself the greatest start in your working career by getting money available to assist you in finding possibilities for private and professional growth.
  • Five years plus work-based knowledge will enable you to acquire a broad range of abilities. In a multitude of distinct industries- when you enter you will be miles ahead of the competition.
  • Gain regard for others by demonstrating the abilities needed to work and study — commitment, time management, leadership, and hard work.
  • You will acquire an industry-recognized qualification that is locally, regionally, nationally and globally in heavy demand.