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The Benefits of Online Distance Learning | UK Qualifications from Home

Online distance learning courses are growing in popularity. As all things online are becoming increasingly accepted, the benefits of studying online are growing. The College of Contract Management offers a range of Diplomas and Certificates, including NVQs and HNDs.

Studying online is the perfect solution for you if any of the following apply to you:

If you are currently working

After a long day at work, traditional evening classes can be extremely unappealing. By learning online, you can get your qualification from the comfort of your home. We organise all your lectures around your schedule so it doesn’t matter if you work shifts. You can even study in your lunch break.

Working while you study means you’ll have no loss of income, making the online course a sound investment in your future. It could even mean you have the time to gain industry experience while studying, which will make you stand out from other graduates in the job market.

If you don’t want to travel

You may have children, be a carer, have health issues or simply not be ready to move away to university. Whatever your reason for not wanting to or being able to travel to face-to-face classes, learning live online will allow you to study comfortably. We understand that people have commitments and responsibilities outside of their education and do our very best to accommodate everyone.

If you reside overseas

Many people who would like to study for their degree in the UK cannot meet the financial requirements they need to get a Tier 4 Student Visa. Students with this type of Visa can only work limited hours, so for most, it is simply not an option.

Live online learning means you don’t have to travel to the UK to earn an exact UK qualification. This will allow you the opportunity to work and save money, then come to the UK to study the third year at university and get your degree.

Alternatively, UK qualifications are respected all over the world. Studying online with us will help you get an impressive qualification that will further your career and raise your salary, all while maintaining your work and family life.

Thanks to the College of Contract Management’s unique method of recording live lectures, the time difference for overseas students is not a problem. You can take your lessons at a time that suits you.


 online distance learning

Technology Brings the Classroom to You

Modern technology is moving faster than traditional university teaching methods. The more prestigious the university, the older and dustier the source material. Technology has transformed our lives so why wouldn’t we use it in education?

Lecturers use engaging presentations, shared screens, live videos and smart boards to bring lessons to life. All lectures are live so you will be able to talk to your lecturer and ask them questions during the live lessons. This can be either verbally or through the typed chat onscreen. We record all of our lectures so that if you miss one you can access the recording via Moodle and catch up.

While many universities offer online courses, they are not interactive but far removed from a real classroom experience. Our courses give you the chance to get the most out of every lecture.



Real University Lecturers Deliver a High Standard of Teaching

We can’t deny that a full-time university education will always come out on top, but we strive to deliver the highest quality courses possible. We only hire lecturers from top UK universities, so you receive the same teaching as classroom students. Other students will be taking part in the live lectures and you can talk and discuss. This helps in creating a real classroom environment.

Once you qualify, you’ll find that employers really aren’t concerned with how you’ve received your qualifications. An online course qualification is as valuable to your career as a face-to-face course. In fact, given that you’ll likely be working alongside your studies, employers will be impressed by your experience, work ethic and drive to succeed.

The College of Contract Management is accredited with some of the largest awarding bodies and chartered institutes in the UK. These include Pearson, NCFE, CIOB, CICES, CMI and the CIArb.


An Economically Favourable Option

Not only will you not have to pay the travel or accommodation costs that you would for university, but the course itself is considerably cheaper. Delivering courses online means we don’t have to pay for maintenance, utilities or an ever-expanding campus. Consequently, neither do you. You will instead receive the same qualification for a fraction of the price a university would charge.

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