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The Benefits of Online Learning

The 6 Main Benefits of Online Learning


Prior to 2020, online learning wasn’t as widespread as it is today. Although its popularity was steadily growing, it was still a clear second place to alternative methods. However, as necessary changes took place to protect the safety of students, online learning seemed to come into its own. Now accepted worldwide as a viable learning option, we can easily see the benefits of online learning and why, despite no longer needing to isolate, online learning has come into a league of its own.


The Benefits of Online Learning




Learning from home provides much more freedom than face-to-face classes. When learning with online classes, you don’t need to worry about commuting to a physical campus. In addition to that, you can access lectures and coursework at a time that suits you. Many courses will have live lectures that you will need to attend, but any additional work can be completed when you think is best.


Reduced costs


One of the major benefits of online learning is the reduction in costs in comparison to other learning styles. Due to its delivery style, online course providers can offer much lower costs than face-to-face learning. The reason for this mainly being the decrease in spending required to run the course. There isn’t the need to pay for the learning space and resource of a physical campus, so the prices can be significantly lower.




In addition to the flexibility of online learning, it’s also much more accessible. Watching a lecture online means you can access it from anywhere in the world. All you need is a stable internet connection and a device to access the lectures. This access can really open up possibilities for students looking to expand their skillset. Removing the limitations makes learning something new much easier.


Work whilst studying


After a long day at work, traditional evening classes can be extremely unappealing. By learning online, you can get your qualification from the comfort of your home. We organise all your lectures around your schedule, so it doesn’t matter if you work shifts. You can even study in your lunch break.

Working while you study means you’ll have no loss of income, making the online course a sound investment in your future. It could even mean you have the time to gain industry experience while studying, which will make you stand out from other graduates in the job market.


Greater access


Previously, unless you were willing to travel long distance, your options were limited to what was around you. Through online learning you now have a much broader spectrum of courses available. In fact, one of the lesser considered benefits of online learning is the possibilities it gives you. Students no longer need to worry about travelling miles away from home to study for their dream career. Making everything seem that little bit more achievable.


Work/Life balance


Finally, learning online is arguably the best way to manage a healthy learning and life balance. Giving you the freedom to learning from home means a great reduction in the time spent commuting. Not only this, but most courses will work around your current weekday schedule. This means the time you have to spend dedicating yourself to your studies can be worked around your current commitments.


The Benefit of Online Learning With The College of Contract Management


As more students become aware of the benefits of online learning, the demand for its supply grows. Here at the College of Contract Management, we understand the importance delivery method has on online learning. Therefore we focus on delivering live online lectures that you can access from the comfort of your own home. Not only are these lectures accessible, but we also focus on keeping them affordable. The world of construction and engineering relies of professionally trained individuals to keep up its high standards. We offer courses that can help you reach those standards regardless of your location and commitments.

The College of Contract Management is accredited with some of the largest awarding bodies and chartered institutes in the UK. These include Pearson, NCFE, CIOB, CICES, CMI and the CIArb. Making the courses practical and affordable, but also excellent in quality.


In addition to all of this, you will be joined by fellow students. Despite the fact they will also be joining form their home environments, this gives the lectures a classroom environment. You will be able to openly join discussions with both your lecturer and your fellow students. This not only promotes growth but also helps you network. Learning alongside others lets you meet likeminded individuals with similar goals. This can open up to endless possibilities in your working life.

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Kingsley Okoro MCIOB

CIOB Chartered Membership

Producing a good professional review report that meets the requirements and standard for chartered membership of CIOB can be quite challenging. However, with the professional advice of College of Contract Management, I was able to write a good professional review report that earned me my MCIOB in a single submission. I strongly recommend the College to whoever that is seeking to achieve chartered membership.

Sajid Husain
Senior Quantity Surveyor / AKTOR

I would recommend the college and the CMP course

Before joining the lectures I had my unknown fears that how would I understand the subject and study materials because of online lectures. But really I appreciate the lecturers who made lectures so descriptive, explanatory and to easily understand. During the lecture I like one thing most that after explaining each topic they put a question for us to know our concentration and understanding towards the lecture. I would recommend the college and the Chartered Membership Programme.

Michael Whittington MCIOB
Building Surveyor / Peabody Trust

Support from the college was first class

Thanks for providing an excellent service, the support from the College of Contract Management was first class.  I also found the online webinars very informative and useful. I have already recommended the College of Contract Management to my fellow work colleagues, who are now looking at becoming MCIOB !!!.

Michael J Cullen
Technical Manager / KEEBS / WK Plasterers Ltd

I would highly recommend the college

I was very apprehensive prior to starting the course, not knowing what to expect, but from the first online lecture I was made to feel part of the class. The structure of the lectures are easy to follow and enable full interaction. The lecturers are all very helpful, providing guidance and direction where needed along with very descriptive explanations of all aspects being studied. Discussions throughout each lecture helped me to understand and retain what was being taught. A very big thank you to the College and all involved who helped me achieve a Distinction in the Chartered Membership Programme.

Muneez Mahmood MCIOB
Technical Manager / AE7-Dubai

I would strongly recommend their services for CIOB PR coaching

College of contract management is a very professional college; I would strongly recommend their services for CIOB-PR coaching. I selected online services during COVID. Their techniques/ slides quality/ webinars assisted me very well to understand competency requirements of CIOB. They were very proactive in their communications and approachable that bonded and helped gain confidence to successfully achieve my MCIOB in the very first attempt. A very big thanks to college and all associated in supporting me achieve prestigious chartered membership.

Fawad Ahmed MCIOB
Planning Manager

Very impressive, helpful and highly recommended

College of Contracts management very well organized as an institution, and the courses are well focused. I have been very happy with the service your College offers. In particular, CIOB Professional Review Coaching has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learnt so much from all your constructive input and guidance throughout sessions. Very impressive, helpful and highly recommended

Shahab Ahmad
Project Control & Planning Manager

The support and collaborative approach by CCM has made it possible for me

Very often, we take steps towards our desired goal but sometimes we might fail and sometimes we see the bright light of success with the guidance from the right people. The support and collaborative approach by CCM has made it possible for me. The succinct details for the professional review were clearly defined by the institute and I feel it was a value for money. My application has succeeded and finally, I am felicitated with MCIOB. Many thanks to the instructor and Rebecca for being part of my success story.

Mark Nelson
Senior Quantity Surveyor

I will be forever appreciative

After careful consideration on whether to undertake the CIOB professional review direct with the CIOB or go through the College of Contract Management UK I choose the excellent service provided by CCM. My decision was based upon the impressive fact that the CCM has a 100% pass rate in the professional review coaching service. My result supports this fact as I passed on my first attempt. CCM helped me achieve my professional goal for 2020 and for that I will be forever appreciative.

Firoz Ahmad Khan
Quantity Surveyor

Thank you for giving me the zest to learn new things

I got the chartered membership (MCIOB), and I would like to thank you for your support. To get the chartered membership was challenging for me, but the CCM team were always there supporting me and ready to help. Assessor feedback was excellent. I have not only gained the Chartered membership but also a confidence to appear for better job opportunities. Thank you for giving me the zest to learn new things. I look forward to taking further guidance for another professional membership.

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