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What Is the UK Average Salary for 10 Different Careers?


For those who are deciding which industry to go into, knowing what the UK average salary is for that area can be beneficial. It is also insightful if you are deciding to change career path. You can work out how much potential that job can give you and also weigh up job satisfaction with your pay. If you want to have a secure future in terms of income, reading this article may give you some idea of which careers would be most financially stable.

This article will outline various different career sectors and the average pay for jobs in those sectors.

The data in this article has been taken from the Office of National Statistics on Employee Earnings in the UK. This is the statistics for 2020 and due to Coronavirus, it is thought that these statistics could be altered in the UK. However, hopefully, after economic recovery, the salary figures will stabilise and not be too badly affected.

All statistics can be found on their website and the average salaries have all been researched through this report.

Let get onto some of the different career areas.


1. Construction Careers 


The first sector that will be discussed in this article is the construction industry. There is a wide range of different jobs that go into this industry with varying salaries. Some jobs are more labour focused, whilst others are office-based or management focused.


and other labour positions have an average salary of £27K per year. In starter positions, construction workers will likely be on a lower salary. However, when they are highly experienced their pay will go up considerably. The salary will also depend on the type of project that the worker is involved in. If the labourer works on a large scale project which is highly expensive then they may get paid more for their services.


Project Managers

Project Managers of businesses have an average salary of around £50K per year. There are many project managers within the construction industry. The reason their salary is so high is that they have a huge amount of responsibility in their hands.

The College of Contract Management offers an Advanced Diploma in Project Management. This is specifically for construction professionals. This can help you reach your goals and earn a high salary that a project manager does.


Chartered Surveyors

Chartered Surveyors earn around £37K+ a year. The College of Contract Management can also help individuals enter into these positions. We offer a coaching service for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. This is the RICS APC Coaching. The APC allows you to become a member of RICS and progress to become a Chartered Surveyor.


Construction Supervisors

Construction Supervisors on average earn £38k a year. We offer courses to help construction professionals develop their skills and advance in their construction career. Therefore, we also have a course for those wanting to become construction supervisors. The Diploma in Site Supervisory, this allows individuals to qualify as supervisors with the relevant experience. 


There are positions which would pay more than this, but there are also positions paying less. Most of the time it is about your experience, level of skill and where you work in the UK.


2. Medicine Careers 


The UK average salary of those in medicine positions is usually some of the highest-paid. If they work privately, then they will get paid even more.

For medical practitioners, the average pay recorded was £62k. They are very highly trained in the healthcare sector and are able to diagnose both physical and mental problems as well as prescribe medicine.

Technicians and secretaries will earn considerably less, secretaries at around £21k and technicians £27k.


3. Engineering Careers 


For engineering professionals, the average salary is around £44K a year. Engineering technicians earn less, with an average of £35k.

We offer an Advanced Diploma in Structural Engineering. This is a level 5 qualification which will allow individuals to begin their career in the engineering sector.

With this course, you are able to reach these high salaries.



4. Hospitality Careers 


Waiters and waitresses earn around £17.6k per year on average. For those who work as managers will earn higher.

Event planners can also earn more than this, especially if they own their event planning business.

Hospitality is one of the lowest-paid careers when working at a low level. Individuals can however work in some very high up roles and earn more money.



5. Finance and Accounting Careers


Another industry which earns a lot is the finance and accounting careers. They directly work with money, savings and investments. The UK average salary is as follows.

Finance Advisors and Investment Analysts earn £37K on average.

Financial and Accounting Technicians earn around £46K on average.

We offer an HND in Accounting and Finance. This is a Level 5 qualification which is the equivalent level to the first 2 years of university. With this qualification, individuals can progress to become a part of an accounting organisation and become an accountant or an individual who works in finance with things such as investments.


6. Aircraft Careers 


Aircraft Pilots earn a lot of money. They earn £90K plus on average. They have a huge amount of responsibility to keep people safe and the work can be very stressful and technical at times. Therefore, the salary reflects their high level of skill and responsibility.

Aircraft maintenance jobs earn around £38K on average.


7. Legal Careers 


Many legal careers have high salaries. This is due to the complex nature of the role and the responsibility to protect clients legally and provide accurate legal information. They may also be involved in representing clients.

Legal professionals earn £77K on average and above. Legal Associates earn £28K. In addition, legal Secretaries earn around £22K.

We offer an HND in Business Law. This could help you progress into a law degree by taking 1 year at university. This can then help you to progress into a legal role, likely as a secretary or an associate position first. If you wanted to be a solicitor then you would likely need to take the LPC, Legal Practice Course that would qualify you as a full operating solicitor.

For those who wish to become barristers, the BPC, Bar Practice Course is the course they would have to take after a law degree. There are also positions in law such as a legal advisor in court or a judge.


8. Marketing Careers 


There are many different roles within the marketing industry.

Marketing associate professionals earn £28K on average. Those who are marketing and sales directors earn £80k on average.

We also offer an HND in Marketing which could help you land a position marketing for a business or become a digital marketer.

In addition, an individual may start as an associate and progress to a marketing executive and earn considerably more.


9. Police Service Careers


There are many jobs in the police force with varying levels of responsibility and ranks.

The UK average salary for Police Community Support Officers is £25K a year. Police Officers earn on average, £40K once they have experience and are in positions such as sergeant.

In a similar field is the Probation Service and Probation Officers earn an average of £30K. Prison Officers earn around this amount too, at a recorded average of £31K.

10. Social Workers and Social Services Careers


The last career that this article will note is the work of social workers and social services. These individuals work to help people in need. This can include young children to ensure they are being cared for appropriately or helping an individual with homelessness. A social worker earns around £36K on average. Additionally, social services managers and directors earn around £40K on average.

Those who work as youth and community workers, which involves a great deal of helping those in the community, earn around £26K.

All of these positions are usually government-funded so that they can provide help to individuals without cost to them.



What Are the Benefits of Seeking a High Salary?


Although having a high salary is not everything and does not guarantee us happiness, it can benefit us in many ways.

Firstly, if you wish to get a mortgage for a house, you are able to save more money for a deposit. Secondly, you are more likely to be approved for a mortgage with a consistent income.

A stable and high income can also help us to have children and provide for them. It can also allow us to pay off debts and feel less anxious about money.

You can have great holidays and do things that you enjoy.

Seeking a high salary also helps you to develop your career which can be rewarding in other ways. Aiming for high up positions and increasing your level of responsibility in a business can help your mental health and create job satisfaction.


How Can You Get Into a High Salary Industry?


The key to entering a profession in this high salary industry is to gain the right qualifications and experience. As an online college, we are committed to helping individuals to develop their experience and education. We have many different courses which will provide you with accredited qualifications. A wealth of experience could come from volunteering, internships or related jobs. Some individuals find that they can enter an industry easier if they take a placement with them. During a placement, individuals are paid considerably less than they would in a permanent employment position, but it allows individuals to join an industry with little previous experience.

Networking is also very useful to find those who are working in the industry you are interested in. Networking can also allow you to find companies that you would like to work for and to search for jobs. Sometimes getting into an industry is about people you know as well as the experience that you have.

Progressing your career can take dedication as well as a plan to consistently improve and develop your experience. Therefore, getting into a high salary industry will take a lot of work as well as the passion for consistent improvement.


Final Thoughts


The average UK salary ranges from £15k per year all the way up to £70K-£90K. However, the majority of professionals work around the 20-30K range. It seems that the more responsibility or complexity in a role, the higher the pay for the work is. It is also reflected that with more experience in a role, individuals can expect higher pay. Furthermore, It is common for a government-funded organisation to pay less to their employees than private companies. If you take the prison and probation service for example, or doctors who work in NHS they get paid less than private companies.

This article also discussed the many benefits of seeking a stable and high salary. From the ability to feel less stressed about money to be able to save for a mortgage and kids, there are many benefits to reaching your full potential. Finally, this article discussed how you can progress into your dream job. It found that dedication and lots of experience will get you there.