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Opportunities for Surrey Adult Learning


There are many different opportunities in Surrey for adult learning, but one of the most exciting opportunities is online learning. The College of Contract Management is an online learning college who are based in Surrey. Surrey is in the UK and just outside of London, boasting its beautiful countryside. This article will discuss what we offer and how our online college can boost your skills and advance your career.

Although we are based in Surrey, we specialise in online courses that can be taken wherever you are in the world. This remote working was highly valuable for adults who had to adapt their learning to fit the new norm of Coronavirus. When Coronavirus has been managed we will be able to re-open our opportunities for face to face teaching. Our face-to-face training sessions can be taken in London, Dubai, Doha and Bangkok. However, we are planning on expanding the different countries that we can offer training sessions. Therefore, if you would be interested in taking courses with us online or face-to-face in the future, get in contact.


The Different Courses We Offer


In terms of the types of adult learning courses that we offer online whilst we are based in Surrey include:

  • Construction courses from professional practices and advanced diplomas.
  • Training courses for reputable memberships.
  • Business, Accounting, HR, Administration and Marketing courses. HNDs to Advanced Diplomas.
  • IT courses.


The above are only a few of the courses that we offer. We offer many more courses that you can find on our website. Everything from Engineering to Business Law.


How Does Our Adult Learning Work?


Our online courses are flexible so that they can fit in with your day to day life. They are usually on weekends or evenings and you can access them with an internet connection and a computer. We will hold live lectures where you will get to talk with lecturers and listen to the content alongside presentation slides. You will then be expected to do some independent work between sessions so that you are well prepared for assessment. Additionally, all of our assessments are operated online, usually with coursework that you will securely upload.

Furthermore, you will get the chance to network with others and have conversations with those doing the same course as you. We aim to make the online experience equivalent to the standard of face-to-face teaching that you would have been used to.

Our lecturers are also highly experienced with a wealth of years experience meaning they are in the perfect position to give you expert knowledge.

In addition, you will have access to Moodle when you enrol onto the course of your choice which will allow you to access learning materials.



What Can Our Adult Learning Offer You?


There are many adult learning course benefits.


You Have a Variety of Choice 


One great benefit of our online courses is that we specialise in construction courses but we also have a variety of other subjects that we provide courses in. We also provide a variety of levels so that we can help you progress with your career beyond a singular course.


A Career Advisor 


We have fantastic advisors who can help you decide which course is best for you depending on your experience and qualifications. We can also advise you how you can progress your career or reach a particular job role if your queries are related to our courses.


Reputable Qualifications 


The adult learning courses that we offer lead to a highly reputable qualification on completion. From HNDs (Higher National Diplomas) to Advanced Diplomas and Level 6 NVQs. You will receive a certificate in the post and they will enable you to win some of your dream jobs.


Gain a Membership with Associations  


Furthermore, our adult learning courses can help you to obtain membership. There are many Chartered Institutes in the UK including the CIOB, CMI and CICES. These are in construction and business-related industries. We have many courses which coach you through the membership process. Many help you to create a professional review or other similar documents. We have assessors who are educated in the criteria required and can assure you that you will achieve membership.

We also offer courses that can allow you to receive direct entry into an association such as APE, the Association of Planning Engineers. This is the Professional Diploma in Forensic Schedule Analysis. This gives individuals direct entry to become ACPENG.

CPD Courses 


Moreover, the College of Contract Management offers a large range of CPD courses in a number of construction areas. This helps to improve your skills but also make up the required CPD hours needed for some memberships.


Final Words


Our adult learning online college in Surrey has a lot to offer. Not only are we dedicated to helping individuals develop and make big progressions in their career, but we also value customer relations. If you want to know more, get in contact.