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Management Courses London

Management Courses in London are an exceptional addition to any professional repertoire. It can be extremely beneficial to invest in an online course. This is because management is a very important discipline of any business. Here at the College of Contract Management, we have an excellent selection of online and face-to-face management training programmes to help you. Management is a discipline that generally denotes that experience is success. This is not necessarily the case; so long as you have the skills and appropriate managerial knowledge, there’s nothing to say you can’t succeed right out the gate. Our courses give you all the tools you need for your career in business management to prosper.


Our Management Courses


Taking London management courses online is a great way to continue working full-time while working on your career in management. If you are certain which discipline of management you are interested in, you might already know which course is best for you. However, if you aren’t sure, feel free to contact us at for more information. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a personal experience you can always contact us for a custom in-house training course. We can tailor your course to your business’ needs.

If your employees need team building tips, professional confidence training or something more specific, we can custom create a programme to your requirements. There is no limit to how big or small your team needs to be for custom courses.


Our management and leadership courses can be seen below, click on any to find out more:


Many of our courses are accredited by and recognised by the CMI, as well as looking excellent on your CV as a sign of commitment to your career. The knowledge you learn in any of these courses is valuable and will support yourself as an individual and as a professional.

Why is Management Important


Imagine any business without any management. Chaos, right? Well, it takes a good manager to motivate, keep track of and discipline their employees. Being a manager is easy, but being a good manager is very difficult. It takes years of experience and hard-work to make it in the world of management. For all businesses to run smoothly and productively, it is down to the managers to motivate employees about their jobs. Charismatic and powerful individuals will find this easy.

A great manager respects their employees while at the same time keeping them disciplined. It is a ratio that many struggle with, but a successful manager will earn the respect of their employees without having to enforce unreasonable measures. Owning your own business will also require you to be your own manager. You must also have the authority to delegate managerial duties to others at times.

Who Can Work in Management?


Anybody can work in management, but it usually takes a while to work your way up through the ranks of a company to a managerial role. You will need dedication to learn and motivation to push yourself further as a manager in order to get the best results for your business and your team. This process is a learning experience for everyone looking into managerial duties. In order to make sure that jobs are effectively completed, delegation skills are needed. Therefore, those looking into applying for management courses must have excellent leadership skills.

What Types of Management Are There?


There are so many branches of management, there is a sector for everybody. Examples include event management, contract management, project management, artist management. The possibilities in management are abundant, and there will be something for your career path, it just takes some research. For example, if your career aspirations are within hospitality management, you may benefit most from our HND in Business Operations Management or our Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (CMI accredited).

Why Are London Business Courses Popular?


Business management courses in London are popular due to the bustling population of the city and its endless opportunities. Many businesses have their headquarters in London. It is not only the geographical capital but the business capital of the UK. There are so many opportunities to enter the world of business in London which is why many choose to look for courses there. Ultimately, the reality is that studying in London is much more expensive than any other city in the UK. With business one of the most popular industries to train in, high-quality courses are in high demand and many will travel from across the globe in order to study business management courses London.

Best Management Courses London


London, being the capital of the UK, has a plethora of management training courses, business courses and other project management courses London. This means many travel to the capital for the best ways to improve their career pathways. However, travel into and around London and courses themselves can be more expensive. Choosing a course online means you won’t have to give up your full-time job in order to study. Our courses being provided online mean that we don’t have to pay for large college campuses or big cohorts of staff. We charge you much less than traditional physical universities or college, with the same result – industry recognised management qualifications.

Online Management Courses


By choosing to study your business management or project management course online you can continue to work and gain on-the-job experience while studying in your free time. We know that your work commitments teach you valuable lessons through experience and therefore we deliver our management courses on weekends.

It is also possible to catch up on our lecture videos in your spare time if you miss any. The benefits of our live online lectures are that you can speak directly with your lecturer and classmates in real time, giving you the feel of a classroom from wherever you choose to study. It also means you can study from wherever you are in the world.

Management Opportunities for International Students


By providing our courses online, this means we can offer UK qualifications to people all over the globe. This way international students can benefit from high-quality management courses from the comfort of their own home. Many of our courses are accredited by professional bodies. Money can be saved by reduced visa and travel fees and students still have the benefit of asking lecturers questions in real time and asking for help. The authentic classroom approach through distance learning is one of the reasons our courses are so successful. Many international students find our courses really helpful and easy to understand.

Managerial Skills and Traits


It is vital that as an aspiring management professional, you understand there are many skills you need to develop and refine in order to be successful. If organisation is not your strong suit, you might want to work at it. Organisation is one of the most important ways of being an effective manager. Key skills you need to be a good manager include:

  • Organisation and the ability to effectively manage your work.
  • Confidence in your own leadership.
  • Showing your team you are assertive but respectful.
  • Experienced and dynamic to be able to deal with situations under pressure.
  • Resilient in order to bounce back from obstacles and difficulties.
  • Excellent at communication and negotiating.

Many skills you will learn through study and online courses. However, you will need to gain other skills through experience and practice in your role. Management is a skilful discipline which requires a great deal of experience. This comes with time but will be sped up with help from our quality courses. These skills will be aided through case studies and examples in the course.

Studying Online


Studying online is an excellent and time-efficient way to gain industry recognised qualifications without sacrificing your work or home commitments. You’ll escape the hustle and bustle of regular London business courses by being able to study from home. This method has proven successful for many people. Realising that you don’t have to give up any of your life commitments is a big relief in the busy world we live in. It makes getting your qualifications and on-the-job experience at the same time even easier. You can even spread the cost of our courses throughout a flexible payment plan too. We try and make the process as easy for you as possible.

Why Choose the College of Contract Management


The College of Contract Management is a key player in the online education industry. We provide quality lectures delivered live online with UK based expert lecturers. The qualifications you will receive from our online college are recognised worldwide. They are issued in the UK. You can study in your own time and ask for help when needed, just as you would with a conventional college or university. Our lecturers are from established UK universities deliver you university standard education that is flexible around your schedule. Each week lectures are held live on a weekend, during which you can ask questions and discuss ideas with your coursemates.

Institute of Leadership and Management


When you have become established as within the management discipline, you can prove your abilities by becoming a chartered member of the Institute of Leadership and Management (InstituteLM). The InstituteLM offer consistent guidance and well as benefits to their members. Most members will benefit greatly from improved career opportunities. This is because chartered membership is recognised throughout the industry as a stamp of confidence and capability. By becoming a member you will also gain access to dedicated courses and learning resources which are invaluable to your educational career.

Chartered Management Institute


Similarly, the Chartered Management Institute is another professional awarding body. Gaining membership with the CMI is another highly-praised achievement which will greatly help you in moving up your career ladder. The benefits of this professional body are well worth the investment. You will gain mentoring, career support and access to many accredited courses and qualifications. It is another great addition to any manager’s CV.

Careers in Management


Business management careers are hard-work. They require great strength and patience to deal with difficulties. There will be times when you have to deal with large teams and lots of issues. However, these careers can be extremely rewarding. Seeing projects through from start to completion can be extremely satisfying when all runs smoothly.

An effective manager can’t necessarily ensure every task is perfect every time but they make sure they deal with difficulties appropriately and quickly to mitigate any further issues. Management courses London available online are the best step forward in your career. It’s worth investigating the courses we offer to see which one could benefit you the most.

How to Apply


If you are interested in any of our business management courses, we would be delighted to have you! Contact our admissions team on to apply. Similarly, if you have any questions regarding your eligibility for a course, do not hesitate to contact us at

Furthermore, if you’d like to call us to discuss in more detail, you can call us on:

Telephone: 01420 481 681

Telephone (International): +44 1420 481 681.