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How To Become a CAD Technician


What Is a CAD Technician?
What Requirements Are There?
Which Steps Should You Take?
Benefits of the CAD Technician Role


What is a CAD Technician?

A CAD Technician (often referred to as a draughtsperson) works with computer software that enables them to design in 2D and 3D. They often work for the construction industry or other manufacturing industries. A CAD Technician working within construction will often design structures, plans, blueprints, assembly manuals and more. These can then be used by a variety of those working on the project to navigate the building process. Furthermore, CAD can also be used to work out the costs of a construction project. Moreover, it is often used to show clients how a project will look upon completion.

CAD Technicians often work with architects and other related professionals to understand what is needed in a design. Once they have a basic plan, the technician is able to make accurate 2D and 3D drawings which can then be passed on to manufacturers and construction teams.


CAD Technician Daily Tasks

What do they do, day-to-day?

  • Create 2D and 3D models with various software
  • Provide scaled drawings and designs
  • Prepare costs estimations
  • Creating surface and solid CAD
  • Making changes on designs as per client instructions


CAD Technician Salary and Working Hours


The average salary of a CAD technician is said to be £37,500. This can range from the low end of £30k  a year up to the high end of £40k a year.

In terms of the general working hours of a CAD technician, this is typically between 37 and 40 hours Monday to Friday. The majority of hours will be spent on a computer carrying out the design process. However, some construction CAD technicians may be asked to make site visits from time to time. Therefore, the role will generally be an office-based one.


What Requirements Are There?


Educational Requirements

In order to become a CAD technician, you will need some qualifications and experience.

One route is the Apprenticeship route. Once you finish school, an Apprenticeship may be the best option for you. You can study via this route if you have 4 or 5 GSCE’s grade A-C.

Moreover, you could choose to take computer-aided design courses at college. There are many courses such as design technology. Here at the College of Contract Management, we offer a Professional Diploma in Computer-Aided Design (CAD). This is a 6-9 month course delivered entirely online. This course can be a fantastic starting point to enter the career path, or it can be perfect for those wanting to change career paths. We would strongly suggest this route as an easy way to become a CAD Technician. Not only is it flexible which means you can study in your free time and from your own home, but it is also far cheaper than going to university.

If you would like to know more about the Professional Diploma we offer, get in contact with one of our team.

The final way that you could enter this job role is with a university degree in construction, CAD, engineering, product design and many other related degree qualifications.

Clearly from the array of options that enable you to qualify for this role, you shouldn’t feel that your options are limited.


Required Skills 

Becoming a CAD Technician will also require a set of skills. For example, being good at mathematics will be a huge advantage due to the need to understand and create precise measurements. Furthermore, having great attention to detail is important. As a CAD Technician, you will need to design everything perfectly down to the precise measurements. This ensures that manufacturing and building run smoothly without any errors in regard to measurements.

Of course, being comfortable using a number of computer software is important. As you work through multiple companies or with multiple projects, you may be challenged with new software. Moreover, having an interest in how things are constructed will allow you to excel in the role. With great interest, comes great performance at work.


What Steps Should You Take to Become a CAD Technician?

The ideal steps that you should take to become a CAD technician will vary depending on if you want to undergo a career change or you are just starting out and want to build this as your first career route.

Many of those who already have experience in construction can theoretically transfer to the field of CAD technology fairly simply. Once you have a degree in construction you will have some background knowledge in structures and how they are designed. You may have even worked with designs before, as a construction worker. Therefore, you will be able to take a CAD course or two and be on your way to securing your job in this pathway.

However, if you are just starting out from coming out of school your route would look rather different. A stated in the requirements above, you could choose to take an apprenticeship, degree or college course. Aside from the steps that you should take in regard to gaining your academic requirements, you should also consider work experience and taking CPD courses. All of these things will help you to obtain experience when you haven’t started your career yet. They will put you in good standing throughout your entire career. 



Benefits of the CAD Technician Role

When thinking ‘how to become a CAD technician’ you should also consider the benefits of the role.

Job Stability

Although CAD is a fairly new concept, ever since its introduction it has become an extremely important part of construction planning and designing. Therefore, job positions are opening frequently. The demand for this job area means that you can feel secure in your job.

High Pay

The obvious benefit of this career is the high pay that you can expect. As mentioned above, you can earn up to around £40k a year on average, and this number can rise if you are highly skilled and designing for some of the most reputable construction projects.

Great Opportunities for Progression 

Working within construction CAD, there are many opportunities to progress your skills. After many years of working in the position, you can obtain a senior position. Furthermore, you could decide to work freelance which can increase your salary. In addition, many CAD Technicians go on to obtain EngTech status by registering with the Engineering Council.

There is even the chance for you to branch out of this role. As you would have had lots of experience designing for construction projects, you could start working on site of a construction project with just a little bit of training. Furthermore, you could take some additional qualifications and become a structural engineer as you would have been working alongside these professionals on a daily basis.



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