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Taking an AutoCAD Course | What You Need to Know

autocad course

Taking an AutoCAD Course | What You Need To Know


This article will outline what AutoCAD is, the features, the different AutoCAD courses that you can take and the benefits of an AutoCAD course.


What is AutoCAD?


AutoCAD is computer-aided design software. It is created by Autodesk and was released in December 1982. It is used to create 2D and 3D drawings for professionals in a variety of different industries. These professionals could be:


AutoCAD is one of many CAD software used by these professionals. It is one of the most popular choices. In fact, it is thought to be used in over 85% of businesses and schools that carry out design work. Additionally, its growing popularity led to the introduction of AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD LT.

With the large number of professionals who use the software, taking an AutoCAD course is highly beneficial. Knowledge and understanding of the software are likely to be required for a number of job positions. Therefore, taking a course will increase your employability.

Before software such as AutoCAD, the above professionals would have to draw designs by hand. Not only is this complex for 3D drawings, but it also lacks accuracy. It is very important to learn AutoCAD. This is because, in today’s competitive market, paper drawings will not suffice.



What Are Some Features of AutoCAD?


Create 2D geometry and 3D models

The main feature of AutoCAD is creating 2D and 3D designs. If you choose to take an AutoCAD course, you will be taught how to use the software for this purpose.


Data Extraction 


AutoCAD allows users to extract information for each individual part of a design. This can be especially useful for construction professionals. It can allow professionals to create lists for building materials or schedules in relation to a specific part of the design.


Solid, Surface and Mesh Modeling


The different methods of modeling make it easy to design all aspects of 3D objects.


AutoCAD Mobile App


The mobile app is one of AutoCADs newer features. This allows users to access the software wherever they are, and even on the move.


Others include…


  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • Cloud Storage



AutoCAD Course Varieties


What is the best online AutoCAD course?


There are a large variety of different courses that you can take on AutoCAD. Some of them will be dependent on the edition of AutoCAD. For example, you can take a 2019 course or a 2016 course and so on. Moreover, there are beginner courses and advanced courses.

As well as courses for the original AutoCAD, you can also find courses for AutoCAD Electrical, LT, Architecture and Civil 3D. Although these applications do have common functions, it may be better to learn specific software if you are working in a specialised area.

There are also other CAD courses you can take such as diplomas which will give you a professional qualification rather than just training.


 Professional Diploma in CAD 


The College of Contract Management offers a Professional Diploma in CAD. It is a 6-9 month-long course. In addition, it is taught live online. Moreover, this is a great choice for those who would like to become architects, engineers and other related professionals. This is because most of these professions require the use of CAD in their day to day work.

We also offer a BIM course. This is also a great choice for these kinds of professionals who want to learn about Building Information Modeling.



Benefits of Taking an AutoCAD Course 



Increases Employability 


AutoCAD course training appearing on your CV will be highly beneficial. It is a great addition to a construction professionals CV as this software is used by many companies and allows you to create in-depth designs.


Draw Accurately 


AutoCAD allows professionals to draw to scale and it also offers the option to use coordinates to that every element of the design is accurate. Accuracy is especially important in construction to ensure that there are no errors.


Makes Modifications Easy 


Another benefit is that AutoCAD makes it easier to make changes to designs. Construction designs will be modified throughout and several drafts will be made. Therefore, having software that makes this process easy is essential. AutoCAD allows changes to be made without having to draw the designs from scratch. Traditional methods such as paper drafts are difficult to alter down the line. Therefore, learning an AutoCAD course is a great way to make the design process more efficient.


Multiple User Access


Moreover, taking an AutoCAD course as a design team will give all members the ability to access the designs. AutoCAD allows for multiple user access which can increase workflow efficiency and allow individuals to access the designs from anywhere.


Efficent Processes


Learning AutoCAD allows individuals to work faster. Many of the software features are designed so that this process is quick and efficient. This saves time and money throughout the project.