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Giftcard alternatives with the College of Contract Management


Treating yourself at a time like this seems unnecessary. With Christmas just around the corner, spending is usually reserved for others. That being said, when the sales roll around and you are searching through shops for the right gift, you always come across something for yourself. It can be hard to curb your spending, and it usually doesn’t end well for most. I for one, always end up with the odd giftcard and a few personal treats after each shopping trip. Here at the College of Contract Management, we have come up with an alternative way to treat yourself. Using your additional spending to invest in your own skills and competencies is a great way to treat yourself whilst improving your prospects. So, with that in mind, we have a few offers available to help you widen your horizons.


Black Friday Discount – The annual giftcard alternative

This Friday the 25th of November we are offering a fantastic 5% discount across a range of our services. Sign up to any of our courses today and receive 5% off the total price. Each year, people across the country trawl the web for the best Black Friday discounts. At the College of Contract Management we thought it best to offer a discounted rate on our courses. If you are interested in our black Friday discount, email in to discuss further!


Referral discount

Next on offer is our referral discount. As with many of our courses, networking plays a huge part in your future progression. Meeting people with similar mindsets and goals can help you further your career through increased opportunity. Much better than a giftcard, if you refer a friend you get £100 discount per candidate! This discount can be used to further your progression, and help you take the next steps in your career.


Testimony discounts – way better than a giftcard!

In addition to the black Friday and Referral offers, we also offer testimony discounts. If you submit a picture and a written statement you will receive a £50 discount on your next course with us. Furthermore, if you submit a video entry with feedback on your course, you are entitled to a £100 discount! These savings are easily achievable an only take a moment of your time. Letting us know how we did helps us to continue to provide excellent services to our students globally. We want to reward you for your feedback. Get in touch with us via email if you have a testimony to submit and we will help you take the next steps.


Student discount

Finally, we offer student discount to anyone enrolled on our RQF approved courses. TOTUM discount scheme is a great opportunity for those who are looking to make savings in the long run. With discounts ranging over a variety of different services, you will be sure to find the saving for you. You can even buy yourself a giftcard and save at the same time! We are proud to be working alongside TOTUM, especially in a time like this, where every penny helps. If you are currently studying an RQF qualification with us, or would like more information on what RQF courses are available, please get in touch.

Please note, some of our courses are also ELCAS eligible, please contact us on livechat for more information.

Stay away from the giftcard with the College of Contract Management

With all that being said, I think it is fair to say that this Christmas, you can put the giftcard down. Take the spare socks out of your basket and treat yourself to something that future you will appreciate. The cost of living crisis is effecting all of us, and we at the college understand that treating yourself may not be your top priority. Therefore, the College of Contract Management want to make it as easy as possible for you to afford our courses. In addition to all these great savings, we also have our monthly payment plan, helping you spread out the cost of learning. One of the best presents you can by yourself is the chance to increase your skills and in doing so, your job prospects. If progression is something that interests you, or perhaps a career change, check out our courses to find your next steps.