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ELCAS | Everything You Need to Know


Who Are ELCAS?


ELCAS are the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services. The Ministry of Defence brought in this scheme with the aim to help resettle ex-forces members into a new career. To do this, they are helping to fund their career education courses after or during their service in the military. When enlisting in the forces you will be asked whether you want to opt into the ELC scheme. However, you may be eligible to apply for ELC even after retiring from service.

You can also continue to claim ELC for a decade after leaving your role in the forces. The scheme was set up in order to help ex-forces’ settlement into work life and help them with career goals and personal development.


What is ELCAS Funding?


ELCAS funding in the format of ELC (Enhanced Learning Credits). These ELC can be used on numerous types of academic courses throughout education. These credits serve as a boost to help retired service personnel a chance at a new career outside of the military. This is an excellent incentive to learn new skills and pursue a career that you’ve always wanted. If you’re no longer in service, you’ll have to provide your last full day of service and other information such as your address. You’ll also need to include information such as which course you’re planning on taking.

Further Education Funding


Another incentive offered by ELCAS is the opportunity to have either a Level 3 or equivalent or undergraduate degree. This is under the Service Leavers scheme and the course fees are paid directly by the Ministry of Defence. This service is different from ELC. This Further Education scheme is subject to eligibility conditions. Furthermore, it requires an application with information regarding the chosen courses and candidate information. It is worth considering if you are missing key educational grades. ELC funding is more aimed towards those with specific career training goals in mind.


Why Do You Need Funding?


One of the many benefits of working in the armed forces are the educational benefits, such as ELCAS funding. This scheme provides service personnel with the reassurance that when they leave the forces they have a career opportunity waiting for them. It also gives reassurance to current forces personnel that if they do want to leave, they have an opportunity to enjoy a new and exciting career when they do It can take a massive strain off of those who have just left the military and are settling back into normal life.

This funding can dramatically help with adjusting to life after serving. It is also a nice incentive to join the military even if you know your true passion lies in construction or another sector.


Who is Eligible?


If you have served over a total of 6 years in military service, you are eligible to apply for ELC claims. Leaving the military before the 31st of March 2016 means you may have to check the expiry of your ELC funding if you have already applied. Unfortunately, if you haven’t yet completed 6 years of service in the armed forces, unfortunately you won’t be eligible for funding. If you are no longer in service or still in serving in the military, you have to apply through ELCAS with all the relevant forms and information as laid out in their claims forms.

You can make a total of three ELC claims in your lifetime, this allows for a maximum of three academic years of funding. This will cut your costs dramatically when training in a new career sector.


Benefits of ELCAS Funding


The ELCAS funding scheme is a great initiatives to get ex-forces back out there into the career world. Not only this, it also helps to develop their skills to add back into the skill pool of the country. By taking these often vocational courses, ex-military are helping to fill skills shortages in the UK and qualify for jobs that are in high-demand. This benefits both them and the industries. In turn, a good salary can be achieved while also benefiting the employers and industries in which they have chosen. Many sectors benefit from the introduction of a funding scheme which helps talented and disciplined individuals to develop new career goals.


How Much Funding Can I Get?


If you have served over 6 years within the military, you are eligible for the lower tier of £1,000 per academic year for study. You are eligible to the upper tier of £2,000 per academic year if you have completed over 8 years of military service. These figures will be claimed through ELCAS themselves once you have completed a claims form. Depending on how much funding you get, you will still have to pay up to 20% of your course depending on how much it costs.

This is because ELC funding only covers up to 80% of your course fees for one academic year. This should still cover a fair portion of your course fees. Unless you wish to take an undergraduate degree, in which case you will have to pay more.

You will also be responsible for any travel, food and materials expenses throughout the course. Unfortunately, you will not receive funding for this during the ELC scheme.


What Courses Can I Take?


The ELC scheme allows individuals to take any courses that are Level 3 or above on the National Framework Qualification scheme. The process when choosing a course can be difficult. However, it is important to note that you can only use your ELC funding with an institution that has been approved by ELCAS itself. The subjects of courses can involve many different sectors, such as personal training, management or construction. The courses you pick are entirely down to your career choices and how you wish to spend your time studying.

Here at the College of Contract Management, we specialise in online courses. Our courses are focused within the construction industry to help develop your career as a site manager, quantity surveyor or structural engineer.


How Do I Apply?


In order to claim ELC funding, you must first make a ‘claim’ through ELCAS. This is the first step in applying for funding. You will then have to submit all your claims information. Following on from this, you’ll need to provide which learning institution you’re planning to study with, and what the course is. For this, you will need to use the dedicated search provider on the ELCAS website in order to find a course which is approved and is part of the funding scheme. Y

ou’ll also need to contact your Single Service Representative (SSR); this person will help fill out the relevant parts of your claim and you’ll need to find their relevant contact information here. This is the longest process and will take time to accurately fill out the claims application.

Once your claim has been accepted or declined, you can apply through the learning institution to begin your course.


Online ELCAS Courses


Below are some live online courses which may provide you with some inspiration as to the courses available to you. These are all courses that are offered by the College of Contract Management. We are an institution approved by ELCAS that accept ELC funding towards our courses. If you’re interested in a construction related career, you may find looking into these courses beneficial. Some of these courses are accredited by the CIOB and others are well-recognised within the construction industry.

These are a few examples of the courses you could take with ELCAS funding. We provide all of our courses online and with UK university lecturers. Three of the listed courses are accredited by the CIOB; this means they have been approved by the CIOB, they have assurance of quality and expert knowledge needed for the construction industry. Before you apply to one of our courses, if you are receiving ELCAS funding, you’ll need to supply a CAN (Claim Authorisation Note) once your claim has been approved. This will let us know that your funding has been successful and you are ready to start your development with us.


The College of Contract Management Courses


Courses provided by the College of Contract Management are provided live online with industry expert lecturers and professionals. We pride ourselves on our high quality and innovative learning techniques. The lecturers we use for our courses are professionals within the industry. This means that you will gain the best possible start in your career with us. By choosing us, you’re guaranteeing quality knowledge and competency by the end of your course.

We’re happy to help you every step of the way. Our online college will provide you with a sophisticated online virtual learning platform and you will receive guidance throughout your courses with us.


Benefits of Online Courses


Taking courses online is a new great time-efficient way to study while working full-time. A lot of individuals miss out on qualifications due to the need to work. Luckily with excellent technology we can now provide to you a quality educational qualification which you can achieve from the comfort of your own home. Studying online saves travel expenses too and this will help you to save money while you work and study at the same time.

With modern technology it is now as easy to gain high-quality education without having to take time out of your job. Many are scared of the impersonal approach of many online courses. Rest assured you will be able to chat with lecturers in real time to ask questions throughout our courses.


A New Career Route


The idea of ELCAS is to help service personnel adjust to a new career by financially aiding them. There are many services online which will help you decide where to best focus your next career move. It’s important to think about these decisions carefully, it’s not something you want to be rushing into. The benefit of ELCAS is that you have the flexibility of time. You can use your claims in order to gain funding up to 10 years after finishing service. If you aren’t sure what course to take straight after leaving the forces, that’s okay.


Construction Institutions


If you’re looking into a career in construction, surveying, site management, or are just looking for a membership to an accredited institution like the CIOB, the College of Contract Management can help you. Not only do we offer courses which are accredited by the CIOB, we also offer a membership programme.

Additionally this will help you to become a chartered member (MCIOB). This membership programme will help you through the process of being a member, which involves a lengthy ‘Professional Review’. This is a summary of your knowledge and experiences within the construction industry and will need to prove your competence.


Construction Careers Through ELCAS


Finding a new career can be challenging. With our dedicated construction courses it is easier than ever to gain qualifications online. You won’t miss out on any of the classroom atmosphere either. Luckily, you can ask you lecturers questions online in real time. These lecturers will help guide you and give you any advice you may have on your chosen career.

In conclusion, after leaving the forces, you have so many options regarding furthering your career paths. The ELCAS funding is a helpful tool to push you towards your goals. It is up to you to pick a course and development path that adds value to your life and gives you the best chances at success.