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Women in Construction


Women in construction are not an alien concept. There are around 300,000 women in the UK working in construction, which makes up around 2% of the UK female workforce. The first two recorded women in construction were aristocrats 400 years ago. However, they did not begin to become a staple part…

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Construction Training

Construction is a vast and ever-growing sector. As the population swells and the standard of living heightens, the industry is booming. There are places in the construction sector for people of all skills and talents. Whether you’re interested in manual labour, advanced craft, maths, law or management, there’s great potential…

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Counselling Courses

Mental health has been a major talking point around the world in recent years. In Britain, the traditional stiff upper lip is being replaced by an increasing awareness and understanding of mental health issues. Long gone are the shackles of early Victorian asylums and diagnoses such as hysteria. The Crown…

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Photography Courses


Photography, like any profession in the arts, is a highly competitive business. Gone are the days when only real tech wizards could navigate their way around a camera. With camera phones in our pockets all the time, appreciation and willingness to pay for real photography talent is decreasing. It’s very…

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Quantity Surveyor Courses


The UK is grappling with a housing crisis. The swelling population is outstripping the amount of housing available. Despite common grumblings about mass urbanisation, the BBC reported that as of 2012, just 2.27% of England’s land had been “built on”. What does this mean for the building industry? A lot…

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Forensic Schedule Analysis Dubai

Forensic Schedule Analysis Dubai

This two-day Forensic Schedule Analysis Dubai training program is a must attend for all construction professionals. To illustrate this further, I will be elaborating my personal experience in attending the wonderful two-day Forensic Schedule Analysis programme. Which was held in Dubai recently, facilitated by the College of Contract Management. I…

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Quantity Surveyors

Quantity Surveyor

  What’s quantity surveying? Quantity surveyors operate on initiatives varying from office buildings, colleges, hospitals, factories to bridges, railroads. Additionally, growth of petroleum and mining, shipbuilding and large-scale process technology functions like petroleum refineries. Quantity Surveyors got their title from the Quantity Bill. Which is a document that sets out…

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Professional Practice Courses 2014-12-14 21:30:00

Major manpower shortfall in Dubai’s construction and real estate sectors

Dubai’s construction and real estate sectors are facing a combined manpower shortfall of up to 500,000 heading into 2015, according to the `Workforce Planning Study’ commissioned by Dubai International Academic City (DIAC).

Conducted by Deloitte, the study revealed that building and construction project management skills are most lacking among senior levels, according to 43 percent of companies surveyed. Likewise, 54 percent of companies believe that design engineering skills are lacking among mid-level professionals, followed by civil engineering skills. Among entry-level employees, health and safety skills were identified as most lacking.

Real estate project financing, property pricing and appraisal, real estate evaluation, property market analysis and brokerage are also cited as key skills in demand. The resurgent construction market has also provided a need for skilled trades such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical engineering.

The study is aimed to help empower students and graduates by providing a better understanding of employment prospects in the UAE market. Similarly, it should inform employers about where there are potential skills gaps, enabling them to make decisions around recruitment and training programmes.
Contributors to the economy
The real estate and construction sectors contributed 21 percent of Dubai’s growth in Q1, 2014, according to the `Dubai Economic Outlook’ report and accounts for 7.8 percent of overall GDP. Current forecasts show that Dubai expects to add 100,000 new residents per year, according to the Dubai Statistics Centre and annual tourist arrivals are expected to more than double to at least 20 million under Tourism Vision 2020.
Dubai Expo 2020
Dubai winning the bid to host Expo 2020 is expected to be a major catalyst for development across all segments. HSBC estimates that about 45,000 new hotel rooms would be needed for the event, at a cost of more than AED 31 bn. The total infrastructure works is estimated at AED 12.54 bn, producing a large demand for talent and skilled workers in the UAE for job opportunities.
Oxford Economics estimates that more than 277,000 job opportunities would be created in the UAE between 2013 and 2021, with the majority of new jobs being in the construction and tourism sectors.
Ayoub Kazim, managing director of DIAC and Dubai Knowledge Village said: ”The growth in the property and construction sectors is driven by strong economic and demographic fundamentals and robust government spending. Yet, high attrition rates among the expatriate labour force and lack of skilled labour are causing an increased labour cost, which amounts to up to 25 percent of construction costs.”
(Source: on Apr 20, 14 • by )

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