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College of Contract Management United Kingdom
College of Contract Management
United Kingdom


Tips and News for a Construction Enquirer and Job Seeker


What this article will cover: Tips for job seekers in the construction industry Securing jobs in these uncertain times General construction industry updates Advice for those in uncertain times The future for construction firms In conclusion   The Construction Industry Throughout Covid-19 With the disruption of the construction industry and…

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Digital Marketing Courses: Why Your Small Business Needs Them


Digital Marketing Courses: Why Your Small Business Needs Them Understand current trends Find individual strategies Engage with your ideal clients How to conquer online marketing Brand building and identity Growth tactics and tracking Niche knowledge Confidence and communication Traditional vs digital marketing How are digital marketing courses taught? Why are…

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The Ultimate Guide to Access Courses


 The Ultimate Guide to Access Courses   What are Access Courses? Why are They Important? How Much do They Cost? Entry Requirements for Access Courses Types of Courses What is an Access Course Equivalent To? Pathways to University Construction Courses and Programmes Business Access Courses How to Achieve Your MBA…

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2020 Guide to SMSTS


2020 Guide to SMSTS   Today we’re discussing SMSTS and the commonly asked questions surrounding it, as well as some updated information regarding the certificates during COVID-19. We’ll also be discussing site management courses, CITB certificates and SMSTS refresher courses. Follow our handy index guide below to find what you’re…

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ELCAS | Everything You Need to Know


ELCAS | Everything You Need to Know   Who Are ELCAS?   ELCAS are the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services. The Ministry of Defence brought in this scheme with the aim to help resettle ex-forces members into a new career. To do this, they are helping to fund their career…

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Women in Construction


Women in construction are not an alien concept. There are around 300,000 women in the UK working in construction, which makes up around 2% of the UK female workforce. The first two recorded women in construction were aristocrats 400 years ago. However, they did not begin to become a staple part…

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Construction Training

Construction is a vast and ever-growing sector. As the population swells and the standard of living heightens, the industry is booming. There are places in the construction sector for people of all skills and talents. Whether you’re interested in manual labour, advanced craft, maths, law or management, there’s great potential…

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Counselling Courses

Mental health has been a major talking point around the world in recent years. In Britain, the traditional stiff upper lip is being replaced by an increasing awareness and understanding of mental health issues. Long gone are the shackles of early Victorian asylums and diagnoses such as hysteria. The Crown…

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