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The construction sector is one of the wealthiest and fastest-growing industries in the UK. Thanks to the housing crisis and the national skills shortage, there has never been a better time to get into the sector. With jobs to suit every interest, there’s something for everybody and a lot of money to be made. Are you good with your hands? A wizard with numbers? Whatever your talents, there is a place to suit you in the construction industry.

Construction often gets a reputation as a noisy, manual sector. On-site, it certainly can be. However, the buildings, roads and railways that we use every day don’t just appear on a whim. The hands that build them are trained and skilled professionals including labourers, plumbers, electricians, stonemasons and carpenters. Before them comes the planning stage. Architects, structural engineers, quantity surveyors, lawyers and project managers all work together to plan a structure that is functional, sustainable and safe.

The construction sector is changing significantly. A large proportion of construction jobs are now in offices. Women are becoming altogether more common in the industry. There are numerous Chartered Institutes who validate and celebrate your achievements in the field. BIM technology is also changing the way construction workers plan and communicate, for the better.


How can you get involved?

Whether you want to climb the ladder higher or enter the construction sector for the first time, as with any profession, qualifications are a huge leg-up. The College of Contract Management offers a host of courses, including NVQs, HNDs and Diplomas. We develop most of these with Chartered Institutes, including RICS, CIOB and ICE. We deliver these through live online lectures. This method means that you can fit your study will fit around your work schedule and from your own home, in Britain or overseas. The benefits are plentiful and your potential is uncapped. For more information, please speak to a member of our team.