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Strategic Management and Leadership  

Strategic Management and Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute to the effectiveness and accomplishment of the organization. There are several leadership ideas appropriate in different organisations in a separate situation. The notion of description and prescriptive, private and contingency was classified as Leaders and supporters.

Whether the assumption depends on the leader or supporters that there is a characteristic that distinguishes their behavior, it is easy to understand the kind of remarks by attempting to differentiate the thoughts in these concepts. Most concepts are shaped without any involvement with the followers by rulers. Another location to differentiate concepts is to understand particular methods in which a chief utilizes regular work and disciples follow him whereas a leader tries to accomplish the result by motivating his supporters in prescriptive respects.

Whether it is coherent or descriptive in every scenario, while corrective action ideas are used only under specific conditions. Leadership is a technique where a leader guides a specific team of people to achieve the common goals of the organization and obtain the skills because there are many management models that distinguish between supporters and leaders.


Transformational leadership in Strategic Management and Leadership


The theory of transformational leadership says that people follow those leaders who really encourage them. An individual who has the ability to inspire and to instil enthusiasm is capable of achieving great goals and working under such leadership is a valuable experience because you have the opportunity to learn and experience more as part of good leadership. The leader provides the vision for their followers in transformational leadership and informs them about the goal and their ability to do it.

Thus, the leader puts the energy into the group and everybody tries to do their utmost. In Strategic Management and Leadership the transformational theory says that the leader should be able to guide his team and therefore should have a clear vision of the path to the goal. There may be mistakes in moving forward, but as long as progress is continually made, then business continues. The leader will be front and centre of the business, providing assistance to the rest of the team and leading by example.



As a leader, you will probably have a team like-minded people sharing your view and helping you attain your objectives. However, if you don’t believe in them and give them the chance to shine, you will make no progress. Delegating is a vital component of team growth; without distributing tasks you will quickly find yourself frustrated and swamped by jobs that could be better done by other people.

Delegating is identifying and capitalizing on your colleague’s strengths and assigning them duties appropriately. In addition, daily conferences or frequent check-ins with employees are an excellent tool. In order to guarantee that everyone is on the same page and progressively going forward.


In establishing yourself as a mentor and guiding a bigger team communication is crucial. Without strong communication abilities, you risk distracting others and distorting your own view of things. Be confident that you can define clearly and efficiently what needs to be achieved, what assistance is needed, and what the goal is. In both verbal and written communication, you should be prepared to communicate your ideas.

Make the most of your interaction and strategic management abilities by encouraging others to interact with you efficiently and freely. If you have an open-door policy or frequent discussions, make every effort to make room for your group leaders. To voluntarily and publicly address thoughts, issues, progress reports, etc.

Show confidence

Appearing timid and unsure will stop you from succeeding as a reliable leader. Instead, maintain trust and encourage team members to do the same. Even if you have trouble reaching your end goal, remain calm and secure in your team to avoid any anxiety or questions. If needed, have group meetings to reassess your objective, investigate weaknesses and strength and redistribute duties

Your approach

You will be coping with several distinct kinds of people when guiding a team. Some individuals may well react poorly to harsh criticism and strong reviews.  Assessing your team and customizing how you address each person is essential. Take social views, language obstacles, instructional histories, personality traits, and career abilities into account, and address each individual appropriately. This ability will be a major factor in getting the best out of your team.


Whether establishing a corporate strategy or planning the tasks of the day, it is crucial to strategize how you will achieve your goal. Strategic management planning and problem-solving will help you to create a credible path and implement your strategy. If and when you meet setbacks or problems, it will be extremely helpful for you to be able to think strategically and properly solve problems. Be imaginative, build on previous memories and use the resources accessible to solve any possibly harmful problems.


If you establish your personal key principles of honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct. Then your team will follow suit and your strategic management practice will represent your morals. Consider publicly listing the main values and opinions you reflect. Connect and communicate this list in the community with your team leaders. Add something significant to your group and pick up this list in the department. Refer to it often to make sure that everyone is culturally on the same page.


Develop yourself as a leader for Strategic Management and Leadership  

You can always improve yourself and get even more out of your team, regardless of how efficient your management is. Development of leadership is a lifetime journey – it is never too late to start, and you are never so clever that you cannot learn more.


The link between strategic management and leadership

Leadership is the bridge between strategic management and its goal. An organization achieves its goals because of leadership Management is being accountable for individuals and assets, according to the established principles of the company while leadership is setting a path for a group of individuals.

Through this example, we can understand the connection between strategic management and leadership. Good leadership and effective management are often the key to success. Which applies to any establishment, so the elements of both of them are vital. Without management, leadership can only fulfil its function for a short period of time, and vice versa.

By combining excellent leadership with efficient management, you can create a path and be able to allocate funds as you like. Not only that, your skills in both planning and implementation will help you to achieve your objectives.