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Reed Courses | How to Better Your Career with Online Courses

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How to Further Your Career with Reed Courses


1. Choosing Reed Courses Online
2. History of Reed
3. Types of Reed Courses
4. Benefits of Online Study
5. Courses in Construction
6. Courses in Business
7. Courses in IT
8. Courses to Start Your Own Business
9. College of Contract Management Courses
10. Grow Your Career Opportunities
11. Flexible and Saving You Money
12. How to Apply for Reed Courses
13. Still Not Sure What to Study?


Choosing Reed courses online

Reed is a popular jobsite, offering thousands of positions across the UK in all industries. Reed courses also offer those looking for new skills the chance to study in many different sectors as a gateway to new careers. The online platform offers over 40,000 different courses, all differing in specialism. Across their website you’ll find categories and sub-categories which define the areas you can learn in. For example, you could earn a diploma in dog grooming, beekeeping or quantity surveying.  Whatever your goals in life, there is probably a Reed course to help you get there. Simply use your Reed login to view and save courses, and you can even compare the costs and criteria of ones you may enjoy. You’ll find many of our courses and training programmes on the Reed courses section if you search College of Contract Management.


History of Reed

Reed was set up by one man, named Alec Reed over 60 years ago with the idea of a recruitment agency in bustling London. His idea became quickly successful, and he began acquiring more public offices which escalated in popularity around the 1970s. In the late 1990s, Reed was able to launch the website we all know today. Originally it functioned solely as a recruitment service, however soon after it began advertising all sorts of jobs, even from outsider companies. Furthermore, this helped them to monopolise the job market like never before. Since then, Reed has gone on to employ countless individuals in jobs across the country, before expanding to offer courses from independent providers which has proved extremely beneficial to those who are looking for a career change.

We’re pleased to offer our courses through Reed, since we are passionate about you and both your personal and career growth. Taking new courses and refreshing old skills can help you get the jobs you desire and hopefully increase your salary at the same time.


Types of Reed courses

There are so many different types of courses on Reed that can seem dizzying, which is why it’s important to tackle the prospect of taking a course with preparation. You’ll need some prior idea as to what you’re looking for. Are you willing to travel to a local or far away course? Would you prefer an entirely online course? What about lecturer-student contact time, would you like to be able to chat in real-time with a lecturer, or are you happy with pre-recorded videos? These are all important factors to consider when applying for a course. After all, it’s important you choose a course you will find enjoyable, so pick methods of study you know you learn best from and find beneficial.

There are all types of course available on Reed, the courses we offer are live-online, meaning you can study from wherever you are, with the ability to interact in real-time with your lecturer. This is a huge help for those who can’t attend physical classes for any reason.


Benefits of online study

You don’t need me to tell you that studying online is a great way to maintain your work-life balance. Sometimes it’s just not viable for people to go back to university or college to study, maybe because of time or financial limitations. Online courses are generally much cheaper in comparison, this is due to fewer overheads such as buildings and classrooms. This will reduce money spent on transport too, since you won’t have to commute further than your living room to enjoy quality education.

Online studying is increasingly popular, due to the constant hustle and bustle of life, with many individuals feeling like they just don’t have enough time in the day. This is a great way to study flexibly, around a full-time job or doing the school run. It allows a more focused and designated experience, with our courses taking around 1-2 hours each week, meaning you only need to dedicate a few hours out of your week to achieve your qualification.


Courses in construction

Construction courses are becoming increasingly popular due to the rapid expansion of the construction industry in recent decades. With Reed’s career guides, you can learn how to enter many industries with little to no prior experience. You can find many construction pathways through Reed courses, such as our Advanced Diploma in Construction Management. You could also choose to specialise in Quantity Surveying, or maybe you’d like to specialise in management, and want to work your way up in a firm. If that’s the case, a course such as our CIOB Level 3 Diploma in Site Supervisory is advertised on Reed courses as a great stepping stone into management. After this Supervisory course, you can go on to take a Site Management course, gain a CSCS black card, and really earn your stripes in the construction industry.


Courses in business

Business is an incredibly popular sector to venture into. Whether you’re working in accounting, human resources or you’re simply starting your own business, business courses can be extremely useful. There are Reed courses which advertise the College of Contract Management’s business courses, such as the HND in Business Operations Management course. On the other hand, the HND in Marketing is perfect for those looking into a more hands on and strategic approach to growing a brand. Our Marketing course is awarded by Pearson, which is an internationally recognised education board. This is great because it shows potential employers that you’ve taken an initiative to learn new skills with a high-quality course.


Courses in IT

IT courses and technology based courses are one of the most popular types of course to take in the digital era. With more and more jobs now technology-based, it’s important to find courses that can provide people with the skills to fill these gaps in the job market. Our courses in Web Development, and our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and SEO are great examples of IT based courses. These are excellent for technically complex information in a course which starts at a beginner level. This can help people get entry level jobs to careers they maybe wouldn’t have considered before.

If you’re looking into a career in IT, think about which sector of IT you’d like to specialise in.We can help you pick a great course which will help you succeed. Whether it’s Cyber Security, Web Development or Digital Marketing, there’s bound to be an online course that teach you all the knowledge you need. Having IT courses based online too means that new information is available and can be updated year-on-year, meaning you’ll always be learning fresh and relevant content.


Reed courses to start your own business

The Reed courses which contain our popular business courses, include our HND in Business Management or our HND in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. These sort of courses are perfect for you if you’re looking to start your own company or try and make a living out of your passion. These beginner level courses give you a great scope of how to manage a business and what you can do to make sure your venture is successful. You will learn from industry professionals who have experience in their sector. Moreover, you can ask them for advice and any questions you might have. This is a great way to learn first-hand through real-life case studies and hands-on experience.


College of Contract Management courses

Here at the College of Contract Management, we offer many different courses in construction, IT and business disciplines. We also offer CPD courses and face-to-face training in certain areas. Our dynamic course range makes us happy to be a part of Reed’s extensive database. We are passionate about helping individuals achieve their career goals. We are constantly adapting to the ever-changing world around us. Since all our courses are provided online, we can update information if it changes. This is great for providing real-time updates on new and emerging technologies, regardless of the industry. This isn’t always possible with traditional university courses. Information is often outdated and stale, unlike online courses.


Grow your career opportunities

Many career sectors offer lucrative opportunities and courses can help you cash in on these opportunities. You can learn specialist skills through our courses, as all of our courses are delivered by industry expert professionals with years of experience in their subjects. This is to provide you with the same level of course quality you would receive at a top UK university institution. By paying less, you won’t have to worry about compromising on quality just because your lectures are delivered online. We use specialist software so our lecturers can share their screens in real-time. Even better, you ask them questions that can further your understanding and knowledge.


Flexible and saving you money

Everybody wants to save money, right? By studying online you can avoid the huge fees of studying  and not worry about the burden of student debts. Here at the College of Contract Management, you can study our courses from wherever you are in the world. This is great for those who want to gain a UK qualification but are unable to justify the cost of visas or accommodation. It’s also no secret that UK qualifications are highly regarded around the world. Furthermore, this means it’s a great way to improve your employment opportunities. All without having to travel further than your computer desk.


How to apply for Reed courses

If you like the sound of our courses and would like to apply, you can do so through our website. Similarly, you can apply through the Reed website. If you apply through Reed, you’ll be required to make an account and add your personal details. You’ll also need to provide your method of payment, and contact information. Reed states that usually within 2 working days the course provider will get in touch. We will contact you regarding your College of Contract Management course and get you enrolled as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of the course, you may be able to start straight away. This information will all be provided to you when you sign up for the course. Similarly, if you have any concerns about the course fees, start date or assignments, you can contact


Still not sure what to study?

There is a whole world out there to explore, and so much knowledge to learn. One of the excellent things about the internet is the availability of knowledge at our fingertips. Sometimes the abundance of choices we have is what makes life exciting; if you’re not sure what to study, sometimes it can be beneficial to try something totally new. There are courses in Fashion Design. If you’ve always dreamt of creating unique designs and showcasing your artistic talent, this may be for you. If you’ve always been passionate about animals and their welfare, you might take an animal behaviour course. Unfortunately, nobody can tell you which course you’ll enjoy the most. You’ll have to simply do some research and find out for yourself.

With so many options out there, it’s important not to rush; take your time and discover what there is on offer. If you’re interested in any sectors of business, construction or IT, we will be more than happy to assist you in deciding which course is best for you. Simply email for more information. Similarly, you can browse our online courses here.