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NVQ Courses Online

NVQ Courses Online

NVQs are intended to test the workplace skills of a student and provide a robust way to qualify in a particular profession like construction site management. With our NVQ Courses Online we are assisting you to explore this qualification, available in the UK as the NVQ Level 6 Diploma in “Site Management” offered by the College of Contract Management.  Students are taught practical, job-related tasks to help them achieve the knowledge and skills they need to do an on-site job efficiently. The NVQ level 6 Diploma in Site Management can be taken by full-time or part-time job employees. All the students should have relevant work experience to qualify for the NVQ Level 6 assessment and by doing NVQ Courses Online, it saves them a lot of money and time.


How NVQ Level 6 Site Management Diploma is evaluated

The NVQ Level 6 Site Management Diploma assesses the workplace skills of a student. They are evaluated in two aspects: through evaluation and observation. The portfolio is the evidence of whatever the student has accomplished while a competent evaluator observes and asks the student about all the work activities performed, set in a realistic work environment. Assessors test the performance and knowledge, as well as the understanding of the nature of work. When students have achieved the standard required, they will sign off the NVQ Level 6 stage as competent. NVQ Courses Online does not need to be finished in a specified time period and there is no need for examinations, theses or complex written assignments to qualify.


Completing an NVQ Level 6 in Site Management can lead to gaining a CSCS “black card” or “chartered membership” with CIOB through the “Professional “Review Service” route. An NVQ demonstrates that the student has achieved a national standard which boosts employability and transferability.  An NVQ can develop employees to a nationally recognized level, allowing the employer to recruit with credibility and provide proof that they can do their job professionally.  NVQ Courses Online provides the fact that coaching is on the job means less time away from the workplace and not spending a lot of time at an institution of higher education.

NVQ Courses Online

Role of an Assessor in an NVQ qualification

To be an Assessor can mean providing and evaluating NVQs, or evaluating NVQs where somebody else has taught the theory, but an Assessor would be a person who comes to your workplace to help you create a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that you are proficient in your role when you want to complete an NVQ qualification.


Why do you need an NVQ Courses Online?

While experience is essential, one of the objectives of the construction sector is to strengthen standards of health and safety, on construction sites in the UK. This is why customers, employers and contractors want their construction workers to obtain a nationally recognized qualification for the job in which they work. Employers are increasingly using CSCS cards as a means of checking that employees on their sites have the right qualifications for their job.  In the relevant construction management job, you are required to complete an NVQ  level 4, 5, 6 or 7 related to the construction site job role. The qualification you have to get depends on what job you are doing on a construction site.


Why do you need a CSCS Card after completing the NVQ Level 6 Diploma?

Having a CSCS card confirms your identity and demonstrate to employers that you have the training, skills and experience you need for the type of work you do on a construction site. Many major contractors and homebuilders require a valid CSCS card from employees in order to work at their sites. The CSCS black card is available for construction site managers once they have successfully completed the NVQ Level 6 Diploma in Site Management from the College of Contract Management. CSCS has approved membership of some professional bodies as equivalent to a qualification they accept. As part of their membership, these professional bodies evaluate their member’s competence.


What do you do if you have an Overseas Qualification and need a CSCS Black Card?

If you possess a construction-related qualification that has been awarded outside the United Kingdom. Furthermore, if it is not currently recognized by CSCS,  then you should contact UK NARIC. They will evaluate your overseas qualification. And decide if it is comparable to an NVQ or an authorized qualification that is suitable to your construction site occupation. The College of Contract Management can offer assistance and guidance during this process and they are one of the best providers of NVQ Courses Online.


What do you do if your CSCS card gets rejected?

If your application for a CSCS card was rejected and you can appeal against such a decision. You will have to submit all the documentation required to the CSCS Appeals Panel. Including any additional supporting documents that you feel may assist in supporting your application. You must ensure that all documents are up-to-date and relevant to the appealed card/occupation. Appeals are normally examined on internal criteria and all decisions are final.


How an employer can check online if a person has an NVQ Qualification?

Now Employers can check with “Qualification check”. To find out if a potential candidate for employment has an NVQ qualification or not. These services are to offered to educational institutions as well. Register with “Qualification check” for a one-time fee or subscribe to one of their search packages. And you are on your way to checking the credibility of potential employees.


Where to study NVQ Courses Online?

College of Contract Management is a top online college for NVQ Level 6 Diploma in Site Management offering NVQ Courses Online for students around the globe. It also provides live online courses to students around the world as a global organization. Therefore the online attendance course means you don’t have to leave your workplace. And you don’t have to leave your home and family for studies. From your home or our learning centres abroad, you can participate in live online lectures and tutorials. The College brings a unique advantage and an affordable course fee to learn standard British education. With online attendance courses, you’ll feel like you’re in a classroom environment. The College can open doors for future job opportunities and career progression for students taking NVQ Courses Online.