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Google Digital Garage and The Progressive Digital World


As of July 2020, around 59 per cent of the global population is using the internet. That is a huge progression since the digital revolution started around 1980. In the 10 year period from 2010 to 2020, internet users went up by 2.74 billion people. Many different types of digital technology have been created within the revolution. From cameras to cloud computing, there is certainly more digital creations still to come. During these periods of time, many businesses strived to make the digital space even bigger with more opportunities, including Google Digital Garage.


What is Google Digital Garage?


It is a platform that is designed to provide you with the skills and tools to build your career prospects or grow your business. This platform is part of the realm of digital marketing which was developed in the 1990s and 2000s.

They have been recognised in a number of different ways, from creating new ways of learning to create economic growth across Europe.

The Google Digital Garage platform is part of a Grow with Google Programme. This is a  programme that has helped millions of people find jobs and contributed to economic recovery in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. They have also helped to digitise businesses.



What Do They Offer?


They offer tools and resources to help you reach ‘digital success.

These include things such as:

  • Online presence tools
  • Marketing and Advertisement tools
  • Social Media tools
  • Analytics
  • E-commerce tools

They also give you tips for managing time and creating plans for your business.

As well as the resources which can help you navigate this fast-paced digital world, they also help you with remote working and learning which is especially useful in light of the pandemic. They help provide you with the tips and skills you need to work from anywhere, learn from anywhere and teach from anywhere.

They have helped to develop the digital world by way of using digital learning instead of traditional face to face teaching. In addition, they changed the way that we find out our business analytics. With analytics, we are able to understand who looks at our sites. We can pinpoint where they are from and their age group. We can then tailor our content to attract more people. This is a highly advanced part of the digital world and will continue to grow.


The idea of the programme is to introduce people to understand more about the digital world and you could decide to take it one step further and take a professional diploma in digital marketing.



Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and SEO


The diploma in digital marketing is fantastic for developing and growing your business or becoming involved in a career in marketing.

Within this course, you will learn a lot about the digital world and how to optimise your websites, search engine marketing and social media marketing. It would be the ideal step up from learning about digital tools in the Google Digital Garage.

There are also some great benefits from taking this diploma.

  • You will be able to boost your SERP ranking.
  • It will increase your job opportunities in a marketing role.
  • Increase traffic to your business.
  • You can study it with flexibility online.

This diploma is offered online by The College of Contract Management. Due to the huge digital world, by taking this diploma you are almost guaranteed to find yourself in a digital marketing role. You could even become part of the future of the digital world and help to develop new ways of using technology to promote businesses. Digital marketing is only thought to increase upwards and continue to improve the ways in which businesses get recognition.


Google Skillshop


In a similar realm to Digital Garage, Google also offers Skillshop. This is different in the fact that Digital Garage is more focused on digital marketing whereas the Skillshop is mainly for Google Ads information.

The Skillshop offers:

  • Analytics Academy
  • Google My Business
  • Google Ad Manager


The whole purpose of the platform is to grow your business.



History of the Digital Revolution


Without all the fantastic developments within the digital world, businesses such as Google Digital Garage would not be able to exist. Therefore, let’s take a look over the way in which digital developments came about.

In 1988 the first fully digital camera was released and shortly after this, the Word Wide Web was created in 1989. After this was created the progression was fast. Smartphones, Bluetooth, Broadband and social media was created. Since then applications such as Skype, Facebook and YouTube were introduced.

The rate that the digital world progresses has meant that some individuals have found it hard to adapt to the changes. That is where taking courses and making use of the tools within Google Digital Garage come in particularly useful. In addition,

The digital world has developed so much that not only have things such as socialising and research been incorporated into the world, so has business. Businesses thrive on using the internet. This is because they can reach a vast number of different people. Billions of people are able to connect on single platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This has led to small businesses being able to reach so many more people than they would have using traditional marketing methods. For example, handing out flyers in their local town. Its no surprise, therefore, that the digital world is renowned for being extremely competitive with business and also loaded with ads.

Platforms like Google Digital Garage can help you to get ahead, boost your business and understand what tools will help you stand out. Furthermore, Skillshop also helps businesses to grow by using ads in the most optimal way possible.




The Digital World Since COVID-19


When the world was hit by the awful pandemic of COVID-19, we were in trouble. We were told that we could not go to work or school and we were confined to our homes. This is when the digital world really started to shine a light. The use of things such as video conferences and lectures were essential to keep people together and keep businesses running.

In addition, we were all drawn into social media platforms because they could keep us connected with our friends and family.

It became extremely obvious how much we were reliant on the digital world. Without it, we would have struggled to cope in the ways that we have.

Of course, there are some negative effects of the digital world too, so striking a balance is key. With too much digital involvement in our lives, we sometimes forget how beautiful the world is. We become out of touch with the things that matter right in front of us and can become lazy.



The Future of The Digital World


The digital world already has so much, but it is not going to stop there. There will be so many amazing progressions that we would never of thought of decades back. Things such as Artificial Intelligence will be developed drastically. Here are a few of the developments occurring at the moment which we will likely see put into effect soon. It is thought to be one of the best industries to go into as a career because of the fact that new ideas are being created all the time as well as being a wealth of opportunities.



Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is created to mimic the decisions and thoughts of humans to make something as similar to humans as possible. For example, in a car it is reacting to a situation on the road. In a phone call, it is deciding what to say in response to the person on the line.

Google AI has done a lot of work developing new ways to make life easier and provide solutions to problems in the world. They have even started Google Duplex which makes calls for you for appointments. For this you do not have to speak, it does the whole process for you. Its primarily used in the US but it is thought to be rolling out in other areas of the world.

AI is also being used to carry out repetitive tasks such as working in factories. Robots will be able to be programmed to do just about anything.

Artificial intelligence is also being used for self-driving cars. These have already been tested and can be used, such as Tesla self-drive cars. The Tesla car also encompasses many other digital elements such as the touch screen as the control panel and many other elements.

There are even ideas that AI could start producing houses for us.



AI in Marketing

There is also artificial intelligence that is used for marketing purposes. This can include things like automated chats and finding out trends for customer data.  It is becoming increasingly popular and can allow you to make smarter decisions. Now that other people are using it, you have competition. Therefore, it would be wise to check out how you can incorporate it into your marketing strategy so that you do not lose your customers to the more advanced companies.

You can learn more about AI on Google Digital Garage with an online session.

There are some concerns about AI. With AI we may not need workers to do labouring tasks such as work in a factory. This could mean that millions of jobs are lost and there may not be enough available jobs elsewhere for the growing population. AI could quite literally, take our places and perhaps even do tasks better than us. Computers do not need 8 hours of sleep each night or time off work to relax. In addition, some computers are actually more intelligent than us. There is, however, the criticism that they do not have emotion. They would not be in good standing to work in hospitals or be counsellors.



Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a quick progressive part of the digital world as it is useful for companies storing files to be accessible by everyone. It is much more convenient and can save more time. An example is how doctors and medical professionals now use the cloud to store medical records. This means they do not have to spend endless hours sifting through paper files. It also means patients records can be accessible to whichever doctors they attend. Of course, this requires a great deal of security and therefore digital security is being developed.

Cloud computing was pushed to its limits when coronavirus hit and everyone had to work from home and have all their files accessible. However, one thing is for sure, it will be highly developed over the next decade.




There are so many fantastic developments within the world of digital technology and they will continue to grow. The Google Digital Garage and all their related platforms have shown to be hugely beneficial for helping people navigate digital marketing and the digital world in general. You can even be a part of digital marketing by taking the diploma and starting your career in a growing industry. The history of the digital world, as well as its place during the pandemic and its future, are all very interesting topics.

What is talked about in this article will be drastically changed and the history of technology will grow. We can expect to see things such as improved AI and perhaps even a large involvement of AI in our everyday life.