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Forensic Schedule Analysis Dubai

This two-day Forensic Schedule Analysis Dubai training program is a must attend for all construction professionals. To illustrate this further, I will be elaborating my personal experience in attending the wonderful two-day Forensic Schedule Analysis programme. Which was held in Dubai recently, facilitated by the College of Contract Management. I made a recent business visit to Dubai. While I was making arrangements for this visit, I came across this two-day training programme in Forensic Schedule Analysis. As a result, I did my research on the programme and was convinced. Therefore I got my employer to agree to sponsor myself. And two of my colleagues since there was a group discount on offer.

The day I was waiting for


Today was the day in which the training program started. Now, myself and my colleagues were all excited for this day. Which we had been eagerly waiting for the past month or so. We had originally come for a business meeting with a customer where we were going to pitch our project proposal. However, there is a lot of competition nowadays when it comes to winning contracts in the construction sector. Due to various factors. Notably, the most looked-at factor is the ability to complete a construction project on time as planned. In recent times many projects have lost their customers’ confidence due to delays and in some cases. The customers have even gone to the extent of pulling out of the contracts or filing claims for these delays.


Due to these reasons, attending this training program which was held a few days before our project proposal meeting. Which gave me added confidence that we could pitch in some strategies learned from the programme to our customers. Moreover, I was clearly aware of my competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, I knew that having an edge in some different type of knowledge would help me win the project.

The arrangements for Forensic Schedule Analysis Dubai

With all this in mind, I went for the training program which was held at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah. The program was held during the weekend (Friday and Saturday), the timing was from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.. Which included two fifteen-minute coffee breaks and a one-hour lunch break. Once I arrived at the hotel with my colleagues. We were greeted by the staff of the College of Contract Management. In addition, the setting of the training hall was wonderful, there were twenty participants all together from various nationalities. Furthermore, the seating arrangements were very professional like in a proper conference session. I really liked the atmosphere as it created a feeling of being in a proper learning environment. Each round table was able to accommodate four seats and had note pads, pencils, pens and bottles of water.


The experience of Forensic Schedule Analysis Dubai

Then the time came when the training program started. The course presenter was a charming, qualified British gentleman whose posture, voice and body language were very positive. And he was able to connect with his audience immediately. I felt very comfortable with the course presenter and everything he discussed made sense in relation to the subject matter. Which was under discussion. The training was a two-way process.  As the participants were encouraged to ask questions of the course presenter whenever they had doubts. As a result, this made way for a lot of ideas to be shared within the training program.

Most of the audience were top industry professionals in the construction industry. And all of them had the same issues that I myself faced with construction projects. Accordingly, the course presenter was able to deal with each audience member’s doubts very professionally. Because some cases actually identify the root cause of their problem. Which resulted in the problem being resolved by applying the Forensic Schedule Analysis mechanisms.

Day one

Day one of the program was focused on the concepts of Forensic Schedule Analysis Dubai program. Therefore, I had to take down a lot of notes and write down my doubts which I had to clear. Although I wanted to question the course presenter during the sessions. I decided to talk to him during the break or after the day finished. Because a couple of my competitors also attended the training program. And they were in Dubai for the same reason I came for. They themselves kept quiet right throughout the two days. Having spotted our presence, and we followed similar tactics.


Day two

Day two was the most interesting day as a lot of case studies were discussed on forensic schedule analysis. With an interactive quiz session as well. I got my colleague to do most of the talking as he was a reputed toastmaster in his club. In truth I have always been a shy person when talking in front of an audience. Especially during a training session. To my surprise, we were able to win the quiz competition held. Even though we did not have all the educational credentials which the other members had. Our practical exposure in our day to day work helped us grind our way through with relevant answers. Against the questions that were thrown at us. During the end of the program, a certificate was issued to all the participants. Issued from the College of Contract Management United Kingdom.


Thus, I had got a recognized certificate from a United Kingdom course provider, which has accreditation with reputed professional bodies. Such as the Chartered Institute of Building, Chartered Management Institute and Pearson’s Edexcel. To mention, the food was great on both the days, of course, it’s a Hilton menu – something to always expect. As well as lunch, they provided us with some particularly good refreshments during the coffee breaks.


In conclusion, the two days of training of Forensic Schedule Analysis Dubai programme. Was an unforgettable experience for me and my colleagues. Equally important, I made several new friends from the audience present at the training program. I also registered for the Professional Diploma in Forensic Schedule Analysis as I was convinced. That I needed to learn this discipline in depth after the experience with the two-day face-to-face training program in Dubai.