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CSCS Card Checker – How to Check the Validity of Your CSCS Cards


This article is going to discuss the various CSCS card checker methods and the importance of getting your cards checked. If you are not well versed on the concept of CSCS cards, it may be worth referring to our Ultimate CSCS Card Guide before reading this article.


A Brief Introduction to CSCS Cards

A CSCS Card is a physical motif for intellectual competence. You are showing your excellent work ethic, your academic ability and your commitment to the industry you work in. Although they’re often not considered as a construction necessity, most employers will require all staff to have one. In fact, many construction sites won’t allow access without a valid card.  Application for a card is simple and there are a total of 12 variations of the card, depending on your level of qualification. As standard, cards are valid for 5 years. Upon expiry, you will be required to renew your card, again, a simple process. The best way to check the validity of your card and its expiry date is by using a CSCS Card Checker.



CSCS Card Checkers

With a validity of 5 years, keeping track of your card status isn’t likely to be a high priority. CSCS Card Checkers have been created to help you keep track of your renewal date. There are multiple ways of checking your card, each and quick and easy to do. The card themselves, although not a legal requirement, are very beneficial to have. Therefore it is important to renew your card once it has reached the end of the 5 year period.


Given that many sites require a valid CSCS card for site entry, failure to renew your card can result in temporary hiatus from a project or the site itself. Furthermore, a valid card is a great indicator of skill to your employers. If you do not hold a valid card at the time of employment, you may be putting yourself at risk of seeming less qualified than other team members. This can be greatly detrimental when applying for jobs, as candidate with valid cards will automatically appear more qualified than yourself.


How to Check Your CSCS Card

As each card has an expiry date printed on it, you may be wondering why you would need to check for its validity online. As CSCS cards have a significant influence on an employer’s decision in the hiring process, CSCS Card Checkers can help them verify the cards current status. Luckily, there are multiple tools available for checking the validity of a card. You can either use an app, designated websites or call a direct line. Each method has its own benefits and are suitable for both you and your employer.


Smart Check and Go Smart

Available on both the App Store and Google Play, the CSCS Smart Check app is a popular choice. Use of the app allows you to check both physical and virtual cards quickly and efficiently. You are able to either scan the card, use contactless technology or manually enter the details.


Go Smart is a similar style of application and is very popular with employers. The app itself is completely free and is compatible with phones, tablets, and desktop computers. This application is often used by employers on site to scan cards upon entry.


Online Account and CSCS Card Checkers Online

If you are less confident with the use of apps, or perhaps don’t have the right software to download them, you are also able to check a cards validity online. Firstly, you are able to log in to your CSCS account online to check your cards details and validity. From here you will also have access to multiple other resources regarding CSCS cards. This method tends to be most popular with individuals, as opposed to employees.


In addition to logging in to your user account, there are alternative methods for checking your card online. Through a quick google search, the term “CSCS Card Checker” will bring up multiple websites. Each of these websites has the option to enter your data to check your card. The most notable of which is the CSCS website. Although alternatives are available, many refer to go directly to the source.


Call Centre Checker

Finally, there is a direct line option available. This is primarily in place for those who don’t have access to any of the options mentioned above. Available for limited periods of team each week, this is perhaps the slowest way of checking cards. Upon calling you will be asked to share a number of details in regard to your card, that will then be verified by a member of the CSCS team.


Obtaining a CSCS Card

In order to check your card, you need to have a card to start off with. As mentioned before, we do have an article that goes into great detail about the CSCS cards. If you are new to the industry or would like a further understanding of the cards, I suggest giving that a read.

If you understand the concept of CSCS cards, or have one and are looking to upgrade, we have courses available to help. For example, the NVQ Level 6 Diploma in Site Management can give you the qualification you need to acquire a Black card. The CIOB Diploma in Site Management is a great all-rounder choice. This course gives you the opportunity to apply for both CSCS White and CSCS Black cards. Here at the College of Contract Management we value your time and custom. You’ll be in great hands with our industry leading lecturers, online learning platform and excellent customer care team.