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CSCS Card Checker | Ultimate Online Guide 2020

The Ultimate Online Guide to CSCS


Navigating the world of CSCS Cards can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The College of Contract Management’s online guide will help you understand everything there is to know. This article will follow a clear pathway in addressing all the common questions when CSCS Card members want to check their card, or if you’re considering applying for one and want to know more.

1. Who are CSCS?
2. What are the CSCS Card Types?
3. Is There an Online CSCS Card Checker?
4. Online Health, Safety & Environment Tests
5. Who are CITB?
6. Why Do I Need a CSCS Card?
7. How Much Does it Cost?
8. Online Courses for Access to CSCS Cards
9. Why Choose to Study Online?
10. Fill a Skills Gap in the Industry

Who are CSCS?


The CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) are a UK based qualification group that is overseen by larger institution CITB. Together they provide varying awards of professional competence throughout the construction sector. This comes in the form of different coloured cards to make it easy to distinguish between the ranks. It is a goal of many construction professionals to earn a rank within their Card scheme. Examples of the cards include the CSCS Black Card and CSCS White Card, which are their more familiar names. They are recognised throughout the industry for the professional status they hold, such as Manager or Professionally Skilled Person.

What are the CSCS Card Types?







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There are officially 12 types of CSCS cards available for award, however many are seen as more prestigious than others. This being said, anyone who owns a CSCS card is recognised within the industry as having quality skills and industry knowledge as well as fundamental health and safety training. It is a key distinction that sets you apart from competitors when seeking employment; accredited knowledge in the ever-changing construction industry is vital for success. Many construction sites now require you to have a CSCS card to work, so there has been no better time to apply for one and showcase your skills.

Green CSCS Card:

The CSCS Green Card is known as a Labourer card; it is a beginner rank for those fairly new to the construction industry but have adequately demonstrated basic labouring skills in order to progress in their career or CSCS card rank.

Blue CSCS Card:

This card is awarded to those who have completed a relevant apprenticeship within the construction industry. It is the next rank up form the Green card and is for those with more experience within the field. You’ll also need a Certificate from City and Guilds of London Institute.

Gold CSCS Card:

There are two types of CSCS Gold Card. There are two awards; one is for a supervisory role and another is for recognition as a skilled craftsman. Again, like the Blue Card, you’ll need accreditation from City and Guilds of London Institute as well as certificate in your specialist field.

Black CSCS Card:

The CSCS Black Card is a highly-recognised card held by experienced managerial professionals within the construction industry. This is one of the most well-respected cards you can achieve from CSCS as it proves your experience as an established manager. For the Black card you’ll need managerial experience and a relevant educational qualification. The NVQ Level 6 Diploma in Site Management can give you the qualification you need to acquire a Black card.

White CSCS Card:

This card is for those who are in a Construction Related Occupation (CRO), the holder of this card is academically trained and qualified to a high standard through courses accredited by institutions such as the CIOB. The CIOB Level 4 Certificate in Site Management can give you the qualification you need to acquire a White card.

Yellow/White CSCS Card:

The Yellow/White CSCS Card is a card that represents individuals endorsed by a professional construction company. The term given to holders of the Yellow/White card is a Professionally Qualified Person; this title proves their competence has been assessed and is at a high standard. It also proves their membership with the institution they are a part of and it also backs their credibility with them.

Yellow CSCS Card:

A Yellow Card doesn’t hold any skill value, although it is still important when on-site during a construction project. The Yellow Card is simply a ‘visitors’ card, that is for regular visitors of a site. The CSCS no longer provides these cards, but currently issued ones are valid until August 2020 and the holder will have adequate CITB safety knowledge.

Red CSCS Card:

There are three types of CSCS Red Card. These are Trainee, Graduate and Experienced. These are all temporarily issued for the duration of a particular project. The Experienced card is for those with field experience but are working towards a qualification or accreditation. For all of these cards to be awarded, participants must pass the CITB health and safety training.

There are of course individual requirements for each Card award. Each individual applying for any CSCS card will have to prove thorough knowledge of health and safety requirements through the Health, Safety and Environment Test. In many instances, you can prove your eligibility through your current profession, providing it is relevant! Quite often, CSCS views industry experience as very high-value and this will help towards gaining your card. The more experience you can have, the better! All of these cards can be revised online with a CSCS card checker.

Is There an Online CSCS Card Checker?


There are ways you can check your CSCS, CPCS or CISRS card with the CITB’s free online CSCS card checker. This is a simple and easy tool that will tell you if you have an existing card that is due for renewal, expired or will no longer be reissued due to company changes. In order to view your membership, you will need to enter some personal information into the CITB’s website. This includes your surname, national insurance number and/or your registration number. This will then generate all the details you require, such as the card itself, further course facts and any tests that may be relevant to your card.


This is an overview of the CSCS card checker which can be found online here.







Online Health, Safety & Environment Tests


In order to attain any of the cards offered by the CSCS, you must pass a test showcasing your industry knowledge. Being a part of the construction industry means ensuring things are safe and follow all health and safety guidelines. This is why when applying for any CSCS card, you will need to undertake the CITB’s Health, Safety and Environment Tests. These are essential to delivering projects that minimise risk to yourself and others. There are many online mock tests which will allow you to practice before the real thing. It’s important to commit this information to memory too as it will be fundamental in your place of work.

Who are CITB?


The CITB (which stands for Construction Industry Training Board) are a globally recognised institute that sets a benchmark for construction health and safety as well as accrediting apprenticeships and courses throughout the UK. Anything emblazoned with the CITB letters assures quality and thoroughness. If you’re already considering a role in construction management, the CITB’s SMSTS course (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) is a must and essential if you want to progress and run a site safely. Not only is this course excellent to have regardless, it also allows you exemptions to some modules on relevant Site Management courses. The CITB website is also where you can access the CSCS card checker online.

Why Do I Need a CSCS Card?


The process of applying and studying for a CSCS card may seem bothersome to some, but in terms of career opportunities and strength against your competitors, you’ll thank yourself in the long run. The main priority of anybody in the By proving your willingness to study through tests, gain experience and learn quality information through self-development, you are proving a great deal more than you think to an employer. A CSCS Card is a physical motif for intellectual competence. You are showing your excellent work ethic, your academic ability and your commitment to the industry you work in. It’s really worth the investment.

How Much Does it Cost?


So, what is the catch? This all sounds too good to be true. Fear not, the price of gaining a CSCS card won’t break the bank. The cost to apply for any of the CSCS cards is £36, which – providing you’re accepted – will last you up to five years of membership depending on the card. You will have to pay an additional £21 for the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test. Once you pass this test it is valid for two years should you desire to study any courses, apply for any jobs or register for any other CSCS card.

Online Courses for Access to CSCS Cards


Here at The College of Contract Management, there are many options for gaining a CSCS card in your chosen enhancement. You can use the CSCS card checker if already have one but are looking to move up the ranks. In order to prove your managerial competence, a course such as the CIOB Diploma in Site Management is a great all-rounder choice. This course gives you the opportunity to apply for both CSCS White and CSCS Black cards, depending on whether you want to take a more managerial approach or not. Either way, it focuses in depth on all the fundamentals of being a site manager and their responsibilities for keeping everyone safe. The course itself will be one year for the Certificate and an additional year for the Diploma. There’s no rush though, our online lectures are available to view whenever you need. You can also ask any questions throughout the duration of our live lectures in order to make the very most of your learning experience. Here at the College of Contract Management we value your time and custom. You’ll be in great hands with our industry leading lecturers, online learning platform and excellent customer care team.

Why Choose to Study Online?


Studying online provides so many excellent opportunities to gain new skills or improve old ones. The main benefit is that you can study in your own time around your life commitments such as full-time work or even life as a new parent. This is a much more favourable option in the busy world we live in as it saves time as courses are delivered a few hours each weekend. You will also save on travel expenses and the fees you pay to campus universities and colleges. You don’t have to worry about compromising on quality just because a course is delivered online though. Our courses are brought to you by qualified lecturers from UK universities who have direct contacts to the industry. These lecturers will give you tips and knowledge and guide you throughout your course. You will gain first-hand insight into industry jobs and with this you can cash in on the skills shortage in construction.

Fill a Skills Gap in the Industry


With many skills shortages throughout the construction sector, it’s important that highly-qualified individuals have the relevant qualifications in order to provide excellent services in an ever-expanding industry. Live online courses give you the ability to learn while working, meaning you can put your theoretical skills into practice in the workplace. It is a known fact that practical application is the best way to learn and remember skills and by studying in your own time you’ll be putting your best foot forward.