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construction worker salary

Construction Worker Salary UK – Job Titles and Salaries


Construction Worker Salaries


The construction industry is made up of multiple roles. Each role has its own responsibilities, and in turn, has its own salary expectations. Within each specialist role there are specific skills and experience required. These skills and experience levels help to establish the average wage for each specific role. To give you an example, a newly hired labourer, with minimum experience, can expect to earn less than a site manager with a wealth of experience. In this article we are going to list a few of the common construction worker salaries and what you can do to elevate your career to that level.


Construction Worker Salary Expectations


Knowing the salary expectations within each role of the construction industry can be helpful when deciding the career path you want to take. Through knowledge of the salary expectations you can gain clear indication of the skills and knowledge you need to obtain to reach your goals. The highest earners within the construction industry are those who have not only experience, but also, higher education qualifications. We, at the College of Contract Management can help you achieve those qualifications.


Furthermore, having an understanding of the potential salary you could be earning is great when planning for the future. Everyone knows that money is of increasing importance. Knowing the expected earnings of your career can help you plan your future.


Earnings Within The Industry


As mentioned above, the average construction worker salary in the UK varies on the role you do. Those with higher qualifications and experience can expect to earn above and beyond those with little experience. Additionally, it is worth noting that construction is one of the few industries you can enter without previous qualifications. This can be fantastic for those looking to start the career but are concerned about the required academic history. Although this makes construction a great starting point, most progressive positions do require qualifications in order to perform in line with certain regulations. Here at the College of Contract Management, we offer a wider variety of courses within the industry to help you progress in your chosen field. These courses are available for anyone looking to step up their knowledge and understanding, and in doing so, increase their earning potential.


So, with all that being said, let’s have a look at a few key career paths within construction and the earning potential they offer.


Average Construction Worker Salaries




Average Salary Expectations: £23,400

Average Hourly Rate: £12.42


There are many types of labourers, for example, they may be working on building a house or laying out roads. For many, this is a starting job role before they progress into roles such as a site manager. However, of course, many individuals continue to work as a labourer throughout their entire lives.


Depending on the employer, some labourers are paid at an hourly rate as opposed to an annual salary. Although this may not seem ideal when trying to work out your annual earnings, it can be very beneficial.


You can read lots more about the role of a labourer, their career progression and more by reading our article: Being a Labourer – Guide to Success.


Site Supervisor


Average Salary Expectations: £33,000


Site supervisors have experience working on a construction site so have the additional responsibility of supervising construction workers. They must be professionally trained in health and safety and manage the construction tasks day-to-day.


If you would like to become a site supervisor and have some experience working on the construction site, we can help you to qualify for this position and increase your salary from £20k to £30-40k.

The course that we offer is the CIOB Level 3 in Site Supervisory. This will not only allow you to qualify for site supervisor positions, but it will also give you a qualification from the CIOB. Therefore, it is a highly valuable course for your professional development.


Site Manager


Average Salary Expectations: £45,000


A step up from the site supervisor is the site manager position. A supervisor oversees the operations on site, whereas a manager directs the operations. They ensure that projects get completed within a set time frame and have regular meetings with other professionals involved in the project creation.


We offer two courses for those of you who would like to become a site manager. The first course on offer is the CIOB Level 4 in Site Management which is the next course from the site supervisory course. We also offer an NVQ Level 6 in Site Management which is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. Not only will you qualify to become a site manager, but you will also qualify for the CSCS Black Card. This is a highly reputable status to have which is why salaries are so rewarding for this job role.




Average Salary Expectations: £32,000

Average Hourly Rate: £18.71ph


A Plumber has the essential role of installing hot and cold water supplies, sanitary needs, rain drainage, heating and more. Their role is really in demand because all facilities require plumbing work. Due to this high demand, they often get high salaries too.


It is also worth noting that, similar to those in labourer roles, it is not uncommon for plumbers to be paid hourly. This can be a great benefit for those who are happier to put in extra hours.




Average Hourly Rate: £50,000


Architects have the role of creating the designs for construction projects. Not only do they design buildings as per client wants and needs, but they also design them with maximum safety in mind. They may work with structural engineers and create 2 and 3D drawings for reference and for many other construction professionals to work from.


The average salary for an architect is actually quite difficult to define. Throughout our research we found that this average construction worker salary for an architect relies heavily on location. We found results varied from £40,000 to £68,000 as an average. Your total expected earnings will have three contributing factors: training, experience and location.


Quantity Surveyor


Average Hourly Rate: £47,500


Quantity surveyors are responsible for the budgeting and cost of a construction project. They will often be asked to calculate the costs of a project based on initial planning. They will then continue to work within the project to ensure the budget for the project is maintained.

For those who want to become quantity surveyors, here at the College of Contract Management we offer an Advanced Diploma in Quantity Surveying.

How to influence your earnings of the average construction worker salaries


At the start of this article we discussed the importance of training and qualifications. Both of these will play vital roles in helping you get the most out of your chosen career. As an online college, we offer a variety of courses tailored to help you progress in your industry. Each course is delivered online so as to maximise accessibility for construction workers around the globe. If you are interested in increasing your earning potential, enrol in an course and see where your qualification can take you.