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What is CIOB?

The CIOB, known as the Chartered Institute of Building, is a highly recognized association in the construction and building sector, with a strong record of excellence among its representatives dating back to 1834. The College of Contract Management is privileged enough to have affiliations with the CIOB and this most notably expressed in our Professional Review service.

This PR service enables those with the requisite skills to obtain support to become a member of the CIOB (or MCIOB) upon their request. Membership of such an organization is extremely respected and can make all the difference when it comes to obtaining a leadership position or when receiving a major contract.

Part of the reason for the recognition is that the MCIOB status shows you have true skills in your job, as the method of admission needs you to show essential skills to qualify. That’s where the Professional Review coaching service conducted by the College of Contract Management comes in. The PR coaching service helps you to display your skills best and to display the characteristics that best suit you. Many people have the skills and experience to achieve MCIOB status, but they cannot articulate and display this, particularly if English is not their first language, for instance.


The Chartered Membership Program- CIOB

The Chartered Membership Program provides you the rewarding chance to become an MCIOB for people with appropriate knowledge and skills. This course will provide you with proficient expertise to enable you to accomplish a position as a Construction Manager or Project Manager. The course was intended for experts operating at an important phase of the sector knowledge. It can contribute to a great professional life in the real estate and building sectors once you become an MCIOB. The course material offers you with a comprehensive understanding and the vital abilities and talents to operate as a good Construction or Project Management specialist who will perform the main part in large scale projects to mitigate losses and maximize project gain.


The course offers a straightforward understanding of the basic knowledge required to become a construction leader in each topic. Therefore, this course is the correct option if you want to attain a higher salary and a high-responsibility position.


Professional Review Coaching Service for CIOB

Professional Review Coaching Service is the final phase for most applicants to gain Chartered Membership. The Professional Review evaluates the three primary fields of expertise which are correct understanding, skills and experience.

You will become a Chartered Member after the CIOB have reviewed and accepted your application and have the right to use the MCIOB title.

The Professional Review is a paper-based evaluation of your study that should include the competency report, work description, action schedule, organization map of the business, CV and CPD record. The College of Contract Management, as an authorized CIOB provider, offers comprehensive training including guidance and help when completing your request for professional review. We also provide an original evaluation of your application that our CIOB-recognized Assessors will carry out.

The College of Contract Management trains more than 100 PR students every year. All our applicants have successfully passed the Professional Review Coaching Service and become MCIOB, meaning that we have a 100% pass rate. The Professional Review Coaching Service fee is only “£625+VAT, or £400+VAT if you have also taken the Chartered Membership Programme, which includes the Professional Review fee charged by the CIOB. Please note, however, that the CIOB will still charge a membership fee.


Outline of the PR Service 

The PR service starts with some online conferences with skilled field experts who are going to go through the implementation phase and what is required. Assistance will be provided to complete the PR Application. This is a very long paper in which, you will need to provide instances not only of what characteristics make you fit for MCIOB status, but also offer examples of when you have needed to bring them into action. You need to show a range of distinct skills, and you need to go into a lot of detail about how you showed the characteristics that create a successful candidate. It often takes several attempts to produce a proposal that will be approved by the CIOB and we do our best to make sure that this process is as easy as possible.

There are a range of supporting papers that are needed in relation to the primary application type, including aspects such as job details, organization graphs and your schedules for the upcoming CPD. The PR service will also help direct you through these requirements, ensuring that all the required papers are submitted. Lastly, the service will encompass the submission of both the application and the supporting documents to the CIOB, enabling you to simply sit back and let us handle the submission of documents.


The Value of the Professional Review Coaching Service

MCIOB needs both practical and academic understanding, which means that your job and educational experience are important. You will also need 3 years of appropriate experience and knowledge to qualify for the PR coaching service even if you have a bachelor’s degree. If you do not have an appropriate degree, you will need 5 years of appropriate knowledge as well as completing our Chartered Membership Program (CMP) first, which is intended to complement the PR. These demands are quite challenging, but that is part of the point–MCIOB is a designation that shows expertise and understanding and therefore should not be simple to acquire.

The online meetings are held over a weekend, with each meeting taking roughly two hours. They are provided live on the web, using the College’s conference software so all you have to do is engage from somewhere with a computer, headphones and speakers, and a have a fast internet connection.

Once the meetings are completed, you will need a PC and a considerable length of time to complete the application, as the questions you will have to answer are very comprehensive and require concrete examples from your own career. The method also requires someone who can verify your identification and competence. This should either be someone such as your line supervisor or someone who is already a member of the CIOB or a similar body.


Course details

The College of Contract Management conducts a couple of sets of meetings each month, so the waiting period for enrolment is never too lengthy. By contacting and requesting an enrolment form, you can make the enrolment at any time.

The cost of the service is divided into two parts–the first payment of £425+ VAT followed by a second payment of £200 + VAT when the request is submitted (although this can also be paid in advance or at the same moment as the initial payment). If you have completed the CMP course offered by the College of Contract Management, you will be given a discounted rate of £300 + VAT and £100 + VAT.