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The BSc Hons | Everything You Need to Know 

What Does BSc Hons Stand For?

Different Kinds of BSc Degrees

BSc Hons Classifications

Where And How Can You Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree?

Are There Other Options?


What Does BSc Hons Stand For?


BSc is a Bachelor of Science. This is a degree level qualification at Level 6. The BSc title is given to many degree programmes that are in the science or technology-related area.

In terms of the Hons, this is ‘with honours’. This is different from the ordinary BSc degree. Moreover, it is often thought that honour degrees are more reputable. This may be due to a longer syllabus, additional years, or the requirement to complete a dissertation. Further, it is thought that honours degrees are taught at a higher standard and may be harder to achieve than a BSc without honours.

In addition, BSc’s and BSc Hons are both offered around the world. In many different countries, they do not have the Hons or their BSc is equivalent to the BSc Hons in the UK. However, the UK bachelor’s degrees are some of the most popular, worldwide.



Different Kinds of BSc Hons Degrees


There is a multitude of different BSc degrees that you can choose. There is so many that here are just some of the most popular degree programmes.

  • Computer Science
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Criminology
  • Biology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Genetics
  • Maths

As mentioned above, BSc Hons degrees are primarily based within the science and technology realm of education. If you wish to have a career in this area, a BSc may be a great option for you.

There may be some BSc degrees that are in the list or that you know of that can also appear as BEng, B.Tech, BA or BBA. The difference between the BSc and the other degree types is that the BSc will be taught with more involvement in science-related topics. Furthermore, the BSc is a fairly theoretical degree type, whereas others may be more practical.

Many degrees will share similarities but the direction of education and the general focus on subjects will vary.


BSc Hons Classifications


In terms of the classifications, the honours degree usually follows a standard route.

First-class honours – 70% or above

2:1 – 60%-70%

2:2 – 50%-60%

Third-class honours – 40%-50%

If a student fails to obtain at least 40% they will not be awarded their honours degree.


Where and How Can You Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree? 


You can take a bachelor’s degree at many different universities across the UK and worldwide. Many people decide to stay closer to home, whilst others venture out to new cities to not only obtain their degree but also experience life there.


How Can You Get One?


Most universities require particular entry requirements to be able to join a course. The majority of those who begin university in the UK have obtained A Levels or equivalent beforehand. This is a level 3 qualification. We offer some level 2 and 3 courses which can help you to fulfil the requirements needed to start a BSc degree. For example, Certificate in Principles of Business Administration. In addition, many of our HND courses which are equivalent to the first two years of a degree are great entry routes.

In addition to previous qualifications, it is also expected that you write a personal statement. This covers why you want to take the degree and your goals for the future. Moreover, you can find hundreds of self-help guides for writing your PS.

Obtaining the BSc Hons once you are accepted is a different story. Honours degrees are thought to be harder degrees to obtain than others. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree takes a lot of dedication and time. You will find that to get a first-class degree you will have to put in many hours outside lecture times and a great deal of revision around examination periods.

The whole process of studying for a bachelor is too stressful for some, that is why it is always important to consider other viable options.



Are There Other Options?


There are many different options for taking a BSc Hons. There are many courses that are in the science and technology field which can give you a similar education to a BSc, without the huge price tag. Furthermore, as mentioned previously, BSc Hons can be a highly stressful and time-consuming degree to obtain. There is a heavy examination basis and long nights of studying are expected. For those who do not have time commitments or would prefer not to have examinations, there are plenty of other options.

The College of Contract Management offers courses in engineering, construction, IT, marketing and business. These are offered online so are a fantastic choice for those who cannot or do not want to travel.


HND in Accounting and Finance

This course can be a great way to save costs at university. This is equivalent to the first two years at university. Students can then spend the final year at university to top-up to a full bachelor’s degree. Not only is this a cheaper option, but it can also be good for those who cannot dedicate 3 years of full-time study at university. In addition, you can read our article on Accounting vs Finance if you want to know which degree to apply for.


Advanced Diploma in Structural Engineering 


For those who would ordinarily choose the BSc in Engineering, we have a level 5 qualification course that you can study entirely from your own home. Although this is not a course on the same level as a BSc, it is nevertheless, very reputable.


HND in Business Management

This course is a great option for those interested in the BSc Business Management degree. As with the Accounting and Finance HND, this too is equivalent to the first two years of university. This means that you can choose to top up your degree or you can start working with a reputable HND qualification.


IT Courses

We offer a range of IT courses which can provide an option for those who wish to take a BSc in Computer Science. Although they will not cover all of the topics within this degree, it could be a good option for those who want a more cost-effective and flexible education.

These courses include NetworkingCyber Security and Web Development



Benefits of These Options 


There are many different benefits to taking the online courses mentioned above as an alternative to the BSc Hons.

Firstly, the cost of education is significantly cheaper. Those who cannot afford to take out a loan for a bachelor’s degree could find themselves in a suitable position to take an online course. Secondly, the online courses mentioned are very flexible. The lectures are usually held at weekends or evenings and they are recorded. This means that you can work in a full-time job and take one of our courses.

In addition, although online courses are not on the same level as a BSc, these qualifications are still highly valuable and will have a highly positive effect on your career.

Taking the shorter online courses also allows you to take multiple different options. With a BSc, you are committing to three years of a specific subject area. However, you could decide to advance your skills with courses in multiple subject areas.


Final Thoughts 


This article has outlined what a BSc Hons is, how it differs from a non-honours degree and the different kinds of BSc degrees. Moreover, this article outlined the BSc classifications and how you can obtain this degree type. Finally, it discussed the numerous other options that you can take as an alternative to the BSc route.