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Site Contract Management & Change Management

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  • Face to Face Training Course
  • 4 Day Programme 
  • Recognised for National Occupational Standards (NOS) (Course Ref: R072)



Single Registration is only US$1,390 per participant
College of Contract Management UK 2014-12-12 22-36-45
Group Registration is only US$1,290 per participant

College of Contract Management UK 2014-12-12 22-36-45



A change will occur any stage of construction projects due to following primarily causes which are design errors and omissions, change in field conditions and owner initiated changes.

This training will enable you and your employees who are working as Construction Manager, project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Estimator, Contract Administrator, Commercial Manager, Architect, Site Manager, etc. to ensure that contract clauses how the change orders will be processed and assessed at early stage in multi-million dollar values construction projects.

Most contracts require you to perform extra work when authorized by the superintendent or client. Those contract clauses do not give you the right to delay the work until pricing is agreed to. Furthermore, delaying extra work until the pricing is agreed to would delay the project. Practically speaking that is not an acceptable outcome.

The course is primarily intended for (but not limited to) the following types of projects in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction sectors: Construction, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Infrastructure, Power Plants, Turnkey and Pipeline Projects.

Course Outcomes

Able to:

  • Establishing cost of change orders
  • Providing contractual and commercial advise on how to approach issues
  • Monitoring true field productivity
  • Establishing the cost of potential change orders
  • Pricing through front end estimating
  • Preparing Change Order proposal
  • Speeding up and streamline the change order process by using BIM technology
  • Knowing where you stand in real time financially
  • Concerning all potential liabilities
  • Concerning schedule overview of significant changes
  • Making money through change orders
  • Improving your contractual and financial position

Benefits to Employers

  • Avoiding loss by dealing issues at early stage
  • Avoid failing to procure a written change order
  • Awareness of your contractual entitlement to additional time and recover cost from loss
  • Ability to give advice for mitigating the losses
  • Skills to follow adequate documentation and record keeping for change order process
  • Ability to administrative for change order which involves creating, issuing or receiving various type of documents by the parties involved
  • Awareness of timeliness of notification and response without delay
  • Most litigation and construction disputes can be avoided or minimized if managing change orders
  • Maximising income of projects

Course Structure

Day 1

  • Basics and Types of Changes
  • Causes and Effects of Change Orders
  • Controls of Change Orders
  • Impacts and Costing Changes
  • Subcontractor’s Contractual Activities and Requirements
  • On-time Notifications and Dealing with Correspondence


Day 2

  • Chang Order Administration
  • Change Management Process
  • Change Management Approaches
  • Variation Orders at the Design Stage
  • Research Methods
  • Case Studies


Day 3

  • Defining Change Order Cost Components
  • Identify Potential Change
  • Preparing and Processing Changes/Variations
  • Engage Contract Correspondence
  • Issuing Notices of all Potential Claims under Contract Provisions
  • Case Studies


Day 4

  • Classifications of Claims
  • Preparing and Processing Applications for Extension of Time
  • Raising or Defending Claims and Process due to Forms of Contract
  • Negotiating Agreed Price and Terms
  • Effective Communication and Report Writing
  • Case Studies


Construction Managers
Site Managers
Quantity Surveyors
Project Managers
Project Engineers
Contract Administrators
Commercial Manager
All professionals who directly contribute to projects

Benefits of Participants

  • Formal CPD hours
  • Gain contract management knowledge and skills
  • Higher salary and demandable position
  • Develop your career as a Commercial/Contract Manager or Claims Consultant
  • Gain talents to work as a successful Commercial/Contract Manager
  • Leads to a fantastic professional career

Total Course Fee

  • Single Registration is only US$1,390 per participant
  • Group Registration is only US$1,290 per participant


All costs are subject to VAT. The Course Fee excludes overnight hotel stay.

You can make payment online at or alternatively by bank transfer to College of Contract Management, Sort Code: 60-01-13 Account No: 44129122 Bank: NatWest Bank (For International Payment-SWIFT Code: NWBKGB2L, IBAN: GB54NWBK60011344129122)

Course Presenter

Geoff Schmitt is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Fellow Member of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and the Chartered Institution of Arbitrators.

Geoff has over 50 years’ experience dealing with all aspects of contract management, claim submissions, claim defence, dispute resolution and presenting and defending cases in dispute resolution on behalf of Government, Developers, Contractors and Sub-Contractors in the UK, the Middle East, Far East,, Europe, and Africa.

This has been on a wide range of civil engineering and building projects including hydro-electric, water supply, sewage treatment, process facilities, pipelines, marine works, expressways, railways, reclamations, submarine pipelines and a wide range of building projects including commercial, retail, education and development projects.

Geoff is highly experienced in Commercial and Claims Management, quantum issues, contract documentation and Dispute Resolution both in the promotion and defence of claims including acting as a Quantum Expert Witness in arbitral and legal proceedings on Traditional, Design and Build, Management and EPC contracts. He is an experienced expert witness.

He has been involved as an experienced lecturer and trainer in a number of programmes.


The College’s website has easy access for registration, either single or group candidates, with secure online payments through the checkout process.

If you have difficulties with registration and online payment, the College also accepts registration via email and can offer easy payment options. If the course fee is being paid by a company, we can issue an invoice on receipt of a purchase order or email confirmation.

Our admission team is keen to assist visa application of overseas participants, airport pick-up and overnight hotel stay. Our admission coordinators will be contactable on or alternatively +44 (0) 1420 85999.