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Project Documentation


Project Documentation

Project Documentation Online  CPD programmeDocumentation
10 formal CPD hours, Course Fee £39

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Efficient documentation is a crucial habit for any construction professional working on any part of a project. As well as helping you to properly plan your project and maximise profit, proper documentation will protect you against misunderstandings and even claims. This short course from the College of Contract Management will teach you how to properly and efficiently document your work.

The CPD course takes just 10 hours to complete and is taught through live online lectures. Therefore, you can talk to your lecturer during the lesson just as you would in a real classroom. Your lecturer will be an experienced professional with expertise in project documentation. If you miss a lecture then you can catch up in your own time with recordings on our online study platform. The course will give you good practice in documentation and habits that will improve your professional life.

CPD Hours

Anyone hoping to become a member of a professional chartered institute needs to build Continuing Professional Development hours. This course will provide you with 10 formal CPD hours. These break down to 4 CPD hours spent attending your live online lectures and a further 6 hours of independent study using the supplementary reading material we will provide for you.

Once you have completed your 10 CPD hours, we will issue you with an electronic, signed Certificate of Completion that will confirm the CPD hours you’ve obtained. This does not require any formal assessment.

Successful Outcomes

Upon completion of this Project Documentation CPD course, you will:

  • Be aware of common types of documentation and their place in the project process.
  • Understand document circulation, tracking and security.
  • Successfully analyse paper vs. electronic documentation and know which to use in any given situation.
  • Know how to increase profit through documentation.
  • Be able to organise a file setup.
  • Understand how to document necessary events in a project in order to support any claims.
  • Be confident in making sure the correct documents are included within a contract file.
  • Have the ability to use modern software to locate documents and save time.

Course Administrator

Kirsten Weissenberg
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681