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College of Contract Management United Kingdom
College of Contract Management
United Kingdom

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The advanced diploma qualifications at Level 5 are set under the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). They provide learners with competent knowledge, standard academic skills and excellent work ethics. They are also intended to lead to recognised qualifications and enable learners to progress to their desired career path.

The College teaches through live online lectures and tutorial lessons. Learners can study while they work and wherever they are based. Live Online Education programmes provide a unique solution to delivering education to the world and are a great option for learners who are working but want to pursue higher education to acquire specialist knowledge and qualifications.

High costs of higher education affect learners, therefore live online programmes can be a more cost-effective alternative that adds value. Compared with other methods of learning it allows the college to provide education for everyone more easily, irrespective of their financial background. There is no need to attend face to face lectures, which helps learners as they do not need to take time off work as lectures are scheduled outside working hours at a time convenient for them. Candidates can ask questions verbally or via chat during the live lectures. This creates a closer interaction between lecturers and students. The live online lectures create a classroom atmosphere. Through live online lectures, our students from all around the world can study with top British lecturers who have extensive UK University teaching experience and are educated to at least PhD level.

The teaching and learning strategies for the subject are derived from the course outcomes. Collaborative live online teaching and learning methods are used to achieve the programme objectives which include: live lectures, lecture notes, tutorials, exercises, an online library, online group discussions, online discussions with lecturers, online question and answer sessions, group work and feedback on learners’ submissions.

The live online distance education model, which encourages collaboration in an interactive learning environment, has its focus on live online lectures, including the interaction between learners and lecturers, and an emphasis on independent learning. Independent learning is developed and nurtured through online research, tutorials, exercise work, group discussion and assignments.

Every module of study is designed with specific learning outcomes that also enables learners to develop the key graduate attributes of general literacy and academic literacy. Online learning resources have been developed to support independent learning. Lecture notes, reading lists, assignments and tutorials underpin independent online learning. Students will be expected to read extensively. Reading may be used to explore specific topics in depth, to explore a range of points of view, to develop questions and to identify possible answers. Group work is designed so that learners learn to organise and structure collective and co-operative work processes.